Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Another Klang One Day Tour

Once again, I invited my college friends to visit Klang! Haha. But this time we have 9 people in total. =)
Early in the morning, after I dropped my youngest brother at school I headed to Klang KTM Station, since it is still early and I was very hungry, I decided to have a piece of roti kosong first although we will be eating Bak Kut Teh later.
About 9.30am something they all reached Klang, they are Cordelia, Ka Yan, Elaine, May, Edmond, JunSheng, WanFong, Allen, and YiMing. And I was driving a Naza Ria at that time, imagine 10 person included me in a Naza Ria. *My dad nagged me for that, he said I could get fine if caught by police. =.=*

So, as planned, we go to have some Bak Kut Teh, which is a must to eat when you visit Klang!
Same thing as the first Klang one day trip, most of them shocked by the procedure of making Chinese Tea. Like clean cups, teapots, forks and spoons by boiled hot water and stuff like that. I started to doubt that I am Chinese or are they Chinese. =.=
Or this is just Klang's culture?? No idea. O_o
Ordered 2.5 person in 3 claypot, 2 soup 1 dry.

Most of them don't eat much, only me and Allen added rice. =.=

After that I brought them to South Port, Port Klang.
We stopped by specified port that go to Pulau Ketam, because that port is newest, cleanest and most organized compare to others. =.=
Well, didn't bring them go to North Port and West Port thought, if I do then I have to steal my dad's authorized card to get in there. Hahahaha.

So, nothing much about the port, hot weather, airplane boat, hot weather, rubbish, fish-smell and etc.

YiMing, WanFong, Allen, JunSheng, Cordelia, and me!
Hanged around there for 30min I guess, later then we off to the biggest Aeon JJ in the South East Asia.
Walked around in the mall, window shopping and finally, Aeon JJ have a pet shop!! Rabbits!! Ahhhhh!! Hamsters!! Ahhhhhhh!! Cute daoooooo, I behhhh tahannnnn!! I wanna visit that shop again!!! XD

And then, we decided to watch Toy Story 3. Finally!!! I was wondering who to watch with last few days. XD
I like the story line, touching, made me remind of my toys. Neglected them for N years already. =(

After movie, then we move to my future house, Ambang Botanic. Hahahahaha. Can't wait to move in. XD
Coincidentally, my parents were there too. Didn't really introduce each of them, I don't know why. O_o

Luckily, the lake opposite my house had just blossomed lotus flowers! It is so nice!
Without hesitation, I just walked directly to the pondok beside the lake.


They saying Hi to the fishes in the lake. XD

Love this! ^^

Walked around the residence area, viewed some of the houses, then next destination--PLAY GROUND!! Can you believe it. LOL

Spring season or what? Why suddenly got so many flowers blossom de? XD Love the environment!

Everyone enjoyed playing with swings, see-saw, slides, and others. We can hardly do this whenever we want right? XD Miss my childhood. =)

Too bad not everyone is inside. =( Or maybe I shall cut and paste your photo inside Edmond? XD

I planned to bring them to Eng Ann to eat Poh Piah and drink Tong Shui, but too bad that time already around 5pm the stalls already closed. And Ka Yan have to go back early. So plan changed, we go to the clubhouse to have some drink.

Looking at the menu, bla bla blaaaaa.

Anyhow, this cafe service sucks to the max! The waiter is like deaf or what de, we called for bill for zillion times he only response. And the worst part is he is very slow!! Grrrrr. Next time must complain.

After that, stopped by my house a while to say hello with Nicky. Good that Nicky is well behaved today. Hehehehehe. Later then, dropped them at Klang KTM Station, and the one day tour is ended.

All photos credits to Edmond Mok! Thanks for being the FOC photographer of the day! =)

Escaped from the boring job for one day and I enjoyed a lot! =)
I feel great to hang out with you guys, feel free to visit Klang again.
Next time, we shall visit this! I-CITY!

Wooooohoooo! One of my favourite place in Klang!!! =D

Sunday, June 27, 2010

I Am Straight.

"Are you lesbian?"

Like wth, what a question from my parents. =.=
Somehow they are worry than me for being single for 19 years already.
Which I don't care about it at all.

I sometimes tell my brothers:"Eh, that girl looks hot." and sometimes they will ask me whether that girl cute or not.
But seems like my parents couldn't accept this kind of conversation.
They will keep asking me, "Eh you are girl leh why keep looking at girls?"
But I kinda like this activity though. =.=

I mean, Mum and Dad, stop, keep looking at girls and being single is definitely not lesbian okay, must trust your daughter lah. They like so eager to see me in a relationship or whatever. So what if my brothers already have gf(s) before? Doesn't mean that I must have one right? =.=

Arghhhhh. I know. I have a pair of cute parents. Yay me? =.=

My so-called DARLING ^^

p/s: I am just sooooo bored, and so lazy to update about my degree studies, will be a super long post! Urghhhh.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Nice Statements! =D

Woot! Agree!

2.對于喜歡你但沉迷于游戲當中的人,离开他,当普通朋友 可以,情侣就免了,跟著他也不會有幸福的,天天罵架就有。
Okay okay lah.

Desperado =.=

Bwahahaha, so true!

5. 不要找一个只知道吃喝玩乐的人做男友,跟着他你会不知不觉的跟他一起堕落。
Sorta agree.

Feelings is more important! =D

Personally, I hate questions like that. Especially "If me and your mum fall into the sea, who will you save first?" MMD, STUPID QUESTION EVER!

8. 对于一天一条信息都没有给你发的男友,离开他,相信你自己应该很清楚,你对他而言,可有可无。
Seriously, I don't care whether text-ed or not. Don't really like stick to the phone everyday.

Yesh! AA Style rocks!

Bwahahahahaha, kinda like my style. ^^v

11.对于没有理想,没有斗 志的男人,再帅再有钱,那也是暂时的,只有真心对你,在心中发誓要让你比谁都幸福的男人,才会给你下半生的幸福~~
Strive together maybe? Hahahaha.

Like this!

Hahahaha, TRUE!

Forget is bliss. LOL So me.

15.总是忘记某 些重要日子的男人,离开他,那不是忘记,而是不在乎。
This is very stupid also, what for remember anniversary like first time hold hand or first time kiss? As long as happy together, don't need to argue because of forgetting stupid anniversaries like this.

16.虽说女生要有独立的经济能力,不能无限制的花男友的钱,但对于一毛不拔的男人,离开他,在某种心里科学上解释,“男人花钱的多少,和他爱这个女人的多少,是成正比的”~但记住,花不花是他的事, 但要不要是你的事,爱他就得替他省钱。
That statement sounds so stupid. I still go for AA Style.

No, this will make me feel disgusted. =.=

18.记得对他微笑,难受抱着他哭,每天睡前说晚安,wanan ~~ w a n a n ~~我爱你,爱你!
A bit over. =.= But I agree with the first sentence. XD

I don't get this.

Bwahahahaha, like this!!


22. 不要总是让你的他等你,迟到不是你的特权,他爱你,而不是他怕你~
Like hello, I am punctual all the time. =)

23.真心喜欢的人,努力付 出,也许会失败,但至少努力过,不丢人。
=.= *Kena shoot*

24.不要把时间都放在恋爱上,给朋友和家人一些时间,身旁的过客不断更换, 但唯有家人和朋友伴你一生,原谅你任何过错.
Yea yea yea, family and friends always the number one in my mind! =)

25.在网上认识的人,没有经过深入了解后,不要和他在一起, 不排除有时缘分就是这样安排,但请千万别草率.
No chance for net friends. LOL

26. 真正喜欢你的男生喜欢看你的日志而多于看你的照片,他想了解你的内心多一些,而不 仅仅是外表。
Like this!

Well, it depends on situation.

Good man as in? Ha!

29.不要玩弄别人感情,玩暧昧,每个人都不希望被玩弄,己所不欲,勿 施于人~!或许你会明白!
Is ignoring counted as playing? =.=

Copied from PohLing

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Never Knew This Kind of Guy Exist On This Planet

The convo starts on Facebook



chat la

chat what =.=

XXX de thg
u saw her partner at prom?

i saw
his name is XXX

tat should be me! *note this*


and she begin like him


she just told me

then good lor
you go fight for it lo

no tq
i prefer want u
*refer back to the highlight above, I know, this guy darn cheap right?*

XXX prettier XD

i prefer want u
liike la u want me

XXX smarter what

tat s why i want u


want me la~~~

want XXX la~~~

wan win shi...
like u want me

want XXX~~

she wun wan me la

she dont want me then you only come want me la?

whr gt last time i want u
u dun wan me

no reply de


no chance gv me?


im serious



can la
ok ma?

can what?

be ur bf


care u more lu


and dun wan let u be lonely
why wat ==?

lol i'm not lonely also

at least have a bf by side better ma

why better?

cz better lu
I know this guy since I was form 2 or 3 like that, we were in the same tuition centre.
And this guy is the cheapest guy I ever seen, he can confess to many girls at the same time. He just wait one of them to accept.
He is just like no girl no life.
Nah, I won't fall into his trap, definitely, just too bored in office and played with him.
Ha! Fun~

p/s: Girls, beware this guy. More details about him just ask me. =D

Friday, June 18, 2010

Can I Stay? =(

Obviously no.
I already done with Canadian Pre-University (CPU), completed 6 subjects, passed OSSLT, completed 10 hours of community service, I have to leave now, the CPU family.

It's the graduation day.

Early in the morning, everyone got their "Harry Potter" gown from G1 classroom.

Paid RM28 and I got this.

I'm going to Hogwarts! =P

Yea then everyone proceed to LT1 for briefing.
Every chairs in LT1 sticked a green or purple coloured paper with people's name.
So we have to look for it one by one.
I heard we have 250+ graduates in total.
LOL 250+
How to find? They even not following alphabets or student ID or whatever!
Find blindly lor.
I still can't find my name although LT1 already full of people.
Mana Aku Punya???? T_T
Seriously at the moment I thought I cant graduate d.
Later then Mr. Hanna came up to me and asked for me surname
"Yea, some of the students they don't have the seat, you know, this hall is small, so yea. I'm pretty sure you are one of the unlucky ones, I saw your name on the list.
WTH??!! Why?? Oh why why why???
Then he passed me a paper, with my name, and the number 259.

Hahahaha, very funny.
What's wrong if my name starts at "W"??
Unfair la, I also wanna sit on chairs lor.
Who wants to sit on the floor? T________T

Yea, dumb me sit on the floor. Uh I mean staircase.
At the same time I heard people who get green paper they got 80 and above for final marks, while purple paper, ahem ahem.
As predicted lah, I won't get 80 or above, unless my data management get 70 or above.
*Blaming data management*

Awesome CPU male lectures.

They still look attractive even though they didn't face to me. =P

Right after the briefing, we all headed to the Multi-Purpose Hall.
Most of the parents already there, same goes to mine. =D
Basically, the hall is just so crowded.

People mountain people sea. Heh.

Emcee of the day is Filzah. One of the scholars who majoring social science.
Don't know her much though. We never in the same class before, and of course we never talked to each other.
But why I know her, that's CPU weih! Everyone knows everyone! =P

The stage. And our principle Mr. Jim Leonard is speaking.

After giveaway those awards like top scorer, chairman award or something like that,
is the transcript giveaway ceremony.
Each of us go up to the stage to receive transcript from Mr. Jim one by one.

Almost every ceremony is the same, when you walked up to the stage and you get most cheers or claps, that mean you are popular among your friends. Am I right? =D
Well, I thought I am shy, inactive, anti-social in school, but heh guess what I got quite a lot of cheers and claps ehh.
Does it mean I am popular? XD
Happy lor. Hehehe.
I just smiled all the way from receive the folder from the principle until I back to my seat.
One word, S-Y-O-K! =P
The photo when I shake hand with Mr. Jim is in my dad's camera. =)
Will try to get it soon.

Me and my transcript.
My final result is inside!
But I already agak-agak is how was it.
And Mr. Dale already told me my marks before this. Hohohoho.
91! =D Satisfied! Computer science I love you!!!

Know this auntie from semester 1. We were in the same subject same period. Data management period 1 by Mr. Shaun. LOL And we have the same subject same period again at the second semester, World Issues period 1 by Mr. Colin. Awesome right? =D
So gonna miss you auntie, good luck and all the best in IMU okay??

After all certs gave away is time for the Valedictorian, Mr. Koay Keat Yang to speak.
Don't really know this guy though, thought can know him when at Redang, unfortunately he have to cancel it for the ceremony rehearsal. Aiks.
So basically, he is from Penang, Chung Ling High School. He talks like a politician, his brain is full of economics. But he is not a nerd like some other scholar, he does do funny things. Refer to the photo we took in prom. =D
Well, pleasure to know this kind of person. Uh I mean, intelligent people. I am sure you gonna be somebody one day. =D

Next on, the tradition of CPU, candle lighting ceremony.

Candle and me. =D

The fire passed from the stage to the end of the hall.

So yea, waiting.

*They don't even worry about what if someone burn the hall =.=* *Choi! Touch wood!*

Isn't it beautiful?
At that time I didn't feel sad to sit behind there.
I bet that people who sit infront cant see this for sure!

Doesn't look nice with flash, uh.

Surprisingly, I didn't take much photo with friends today. For some reason, I don't know. O_o

Fast forwarddddddd.

Mr Colin! Some said that he is CPU version David Beckham. Hahahahahaha.
Thanks for the teaching, and yea, he gave me Snickers for my full attendance for his class! =P

After ate with my parents then we all left separated to do our stuffs. Yup, 3 person come with 3 different cars. Busy family huh. =P
And OPPS! I didn't take photo with my parents.
Arghhhh!! How can I be sooo careless!!??

I don't have exact plan for after ceremony.
Went SnowFlake with auntie NianYu.
Eat Ocha balls for the last time. =(
Will definitely miss that.
Uhhhh why Klang don't have SnowFlake??!! Even Subway??!! T____T

After that went movie with Vims and Lourene.
I know, I am much a huge light bulb. Bbbbbzzzzzzz.
Anyhow, they both are such a cute couple la. XD
All the best to both of you!

Before go back to Klang, I purposely stopped by SS15 to get my pudding!!
Finally! I bought it, RM5 each!! Muahahahahahaha.
Will blog about it individually! =D
*Off topic*

Good bye to all my teachers and my fellow friends.
I can say that everything happened in CPU I will always keep in my mind, andI don't think that I can find anything same like CPU, or replace CPU. Nothing can be compare with CPU.

I love CPU, I love everyone of you.
It's difficult to have gathering for CPU, all people separated to all around the world, and some of them might leave Malaysia, or they don't come from Malaysia.

Sigh, I am so gonna miss all of you. I really mean it. =(

To-Do-List Update 2

Yay! I finally got my Japanese Pudding!
I bought it on the graduation day, so counted as success right? Whateva~ XD

The box.

It's come with glass bottle. So cute!! XD

I like the classic feel~~~

Like advertising. =_____=

Bwahahahahahaha. Guess what, this thing is RM5 each. Killing price. Uhhhh.

Hope it's will taste like "Pastel" pudding that Masa bought in Tokyo back to Okinawa. Really miss that.

So, this is "Pastel". Very famous in Tokyo. Super delicious. More like yogurt than pudding, very smooth. \(^O^)/

And now, time to taste this pudding from Subang Jaya SS15.

Before start.

Nom nom nom nom

Bla bla bla blaaaaa~


Do you want some? XD

Woiiiiii, I'm not asking you!! Get away from that Nicky!!!! O_O

Okay, last note.
This pudding is not delicious as "Pastel". Duh. Not that smooth, not that soft, not that...
In a word, this pudding is rough. LOL
But still, I will buy it again unless I could find "Pastel" in Malaysia. X)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Oh Hello White Sands!

Yea, I am back from Redang Island, and I brought back my sickness along with me. =.= Thought the sea water can heal it. LOL Sore throat and little fever still remain, and voice still like ah gua XD. Because of this I can't fully enjoy in the whole journey. You know patient cannot focus and hear things well. Hahahahahaha. But, It was fun after all! =D

First time go travel with people who I don't really know them. It's challenging and fun though, especially for people who are little bit anti-social like me. Hahahahahaha. As I mentioned at the previous post, I go with a gang of scholars, who are future engineers, and some other professional. Salute to them. =D

So, I waited them at KL Sentral for 2 hours maybe? Eat my McChicken set meal slowly, and play with my phone at the same time. And then we take KTM to Putra Station. The bus only will start at around 10.30pm so most of them go and hunt for food. Guess what? They chosen McDonald's. Hahahaha. Forgot to mention, we have 19 people in total. So you can imagine the scene when 19 people each person carry a luggage.

The whole table occupied by our bags. OMG.
Oh and btw this is Edmond and Che Lok. Haha. Better know their name first if not stories below will be complicated. =)

I get myself a McFlurry while watching them eating. *Sick d still eat ice-cream, dai-sei =X*
After they finish their dinner/supper, the bus is almost there.
The bus is the weirdest bus I ever seen, 1 seats at the left and 2 seats at the right. Weird. Too bad I didn't take a photo of that. =.=
And the bus driver is like fu-yoo, keep speeding and the whole journey is so bumpy. Whenever I fall asleep, a bump made me awake again. And this happened not only for 1 time, but 10 times plus. Ish.

One thing I found out very interesting about this gang is, girls are categorized as 'protected animals', unlike my gang, girls done all the things. Right right, foongfoong, ceci and nana? XD
Boys in this gang are very helpful and caring, they kept offered to help me carry luggage and borrow their jackets while in the bus. Okay lah, I'm not comparing, just feel different. =D

Around 5.30am like that we stopped at the Kuala Terrengganu bus station.

We have to wait here around 1 hour plus to wait for the bus that bring us the the Redang Island port.
Everything related to public transportation in Malaysia you can imagine la, dirty-geli-unorganized-you-name-it.
Dirty things like vomits or shits were everywhere yucks. Even birds above us keep throwing atomic bombs down. Yucks.
What can we do in this free period? Some of them decided to sleep, some of them bought something to eat at the 7-11 near by.
While me, chit-chatted with a Fish. Yea, the second fish I know in my life, but this fish is not red. Some close friends will know what is this mean. XD
Although I only know this Fish at the second semester and we only have 1 subject in common but we still able to communicate/talk. And we talked quite a lot. Hahahaha.
Btw, he is from Malacca. *Ah na, maybe your 同乡? XD*

When you have something to do, times flies very fast. =D The bus is there!
This bus is much better than the previous one. Comfortable!
After 1 hour plus, we reached that port.

Waited for few minutes we get on the boat. LOL
This boat is crazier than roller coaster, fast and fun!

You can see from their hair.
Whenever the waves hit the boat, it not only made a huge sound and at the same time it brings the boat jumped in the air for few minutes. It was exciting! XD

After 45mins, we finally reached the beautiful Redang Island!

See the sands! See the water! Does it make you wanna go hug them tightly?

I took off my shoes and walk on the sands. The feeling is just 'wooooooo', the sands is cold and smooth, when stepped on it. Whooaaa, the feeling, cannot expressed by words. =)

And the effects of walk on the beach--sandy sandals! Hahaha.
We 19 people separated into 4 rooms, me and another 4 girls use the same room.

After settled some stuff we directly go for snorkeling session.
The reception people get shocked when they know my glasses have the power of 900, as well as my friends. =.=
And unfortunately the goggles only have 700 the maximum. Fine fine fine. I know my 'power' too strong, hahaha. But at the end I still rent it, better than see nothing ma right. =)

I took off my glasses when we were on the boat which bring us to a spot to snorkel. So, I can't see anything while on the boat. Everything is just BLUR.

Snorkeling is fun though, you can see fishes swim around you. Any types of fishes, fat-flat-round-long-one colour-two colour-many colours and etc. Don't forget corals too! Me and Fish keep following people who bought breads to feed the fishes, because many fishes were there. We both kept try to touch the fishes. But them were very sneaky and its difficult to touch them. Oh and we managed to stand on some corals though, cool! =D

No photos for snorkel session. Sorry, was busying watching fishes! =P

After that the boat sent us back to island. We played kayak, water and sands. LOL
At the same time I taken some pics.

From left: Ka Yan's cousin, KarChoong, JunSheng, and Fish.

2 of the girls, Sarah (XiaoYing) and May.
p/s: Kari Chng, the girl name May have a 'terbalik' Chinese name of MooiCheng leh, cool leh. XD

Kayak is difficult to control wei, me and Allen shared the kayak. And we both never kayak-ed before, luckily Jian Wei was around there to teach us, but we still keep on knock on his boat. =.=

So, this is kayak. =D
Quite tiring though.

After that they started to bury people with sands.
And the victim is

Edmond! Hahaha.
I don't know how they start this, because I was kayak-ing. They used my camera to capture it.

After that we go clean up ourselves and here comes my favorite moment-DINNER!
My stomach started to protest already after done so many tiring activities. =D They have BBQ at that night! Awesome awesome, just that their hotdogs and bacons too salty, others is just awesome! =D They got corns as well!

Yea, same reaction when they saw my plate and also my speed. =.= Fine, I get used with it already. Hahahahahaha.

Dinner finished, we walk to the another side of the island. Which 'More More Tea Inn' located.

AhNiu, GuangLiang, RichieRen, Captain Jack Sparrow, and Davey Jones. =D

Boys. =P

More More Tea Inn
Heard that they are shooting More More Tea Inn 2, is it real??

The most of us, don't know why some of them missing already. O_o
Upper: Ka Yan's cousin, Max, Maggie, ZiXin, KarChoong
Lower: Allen, Fish, Me, Ka Yan, Elaine, XiaoYing, May

After that we go and watch plankton (蓝眼泪), but not much here. Very little. Pangkos has many. I mean a lot! =D

When we were watching plankton, it's already started to rain, a little bit.
Then they said we have to walk back d. But then don't know why ended up just me and fish walk back. O_O

That time was 11pm something and my 4 roommate wanted to sleep already but I'm still very energetic somehow. However, I can't find anyone to play with me. Fine, go to bed. =.=

Early in the morning 6AM! We purposely wake up just to watch sunrise. Who knows, the stupid mountain blocked all the scene! Arghh.

This is what we have.

Some of them, especially Elaine, still very sleepy. XD

Then we all go back to sleep again. And then 8am something wake up for breakfast and go for the second snorkeling trip.

This time we go to the marine park.
We been told that there is a waterfall and baby turtle.
Mana tau me and Fish spent half an hour and walked almost the half island, we didn't see any waterfall and baby turtle, but one fake turtle! =.=
Our time wasted arghhhh.
Luckily we watched some fishes for a while, still, we follow those who have breads. =D
And I head Jian Wei them saw sea cucumber weih!

We spent 1 hour at the marine park and then back to the main island.
Girls them go back to the room while me just hanging around.

Me and my PINK life jacket. Geli-nya.
Did I get black already? Er no, no the black I want. =.=

Then boys them ajak me go play football.
Football? Walaoeh, basketball and football is my weakest sports lor.
Mai siao siao. =.=
I played for few matches only, able to 'touch' the ball for few times. Satisfy d lar. =)
After 2 guys join in then I stand aside to take photos of them.

Run on beach or play football on beach is damn tiring I tell you. =.=
Is difficult to run on it.
Everyone was exhausted after the game. Hahahaha.

After that the sky started to rain a little bit, most of them go back clean up themselves d, except me, Edmond, Fish and KarChoong.

And then they decide to play bury people again, this time the victim is Fish!

Edmond is digging the hole.

The hole quite deep. O_o

In progress.

Their masterpiece.


Peoples. =D

The next victim is Ka Yan's cousin, Swee Chuan!
Cousin is quite sporty weh, he just take off his shirt and laid down there. On top of that, he already take his bath. Hahahaha.


3 designers. =P

Doing some skirt shape! Hahaha.

So cute! Hahahaha.

Lastly, group pic.

After that we all cannot stand with the cold wind anymore, all go to soak in the sea water.

Mind you, it is still raining there. =.=
Swee Chuan cousin is the yeng-est among us, he forgot to take out his wallet and phone from his pants and he straight away join us in the water.
Hope his phone is okay right now. =.=

Yea, so, I'm putting my camera in a dangerous situation, raining plus take photo while we were in the water. Too pro! Hahahaha. Luckily the camera still can use. XD

Then night, they have some beans, veges and fish for dinner.
Well, I am vegetarian that night. =.=
I don't eat fish. =P

After that I saw everyone is boring then I introduce them ChihYin's game, that one poker cards and punishments one. I like this game somehow, every time play with definitely everyone will laugh like hell. Can use this on everyone. =D I know is a bit geli, but very fun! Hehehehe. We all laughed for 2 hours, non-stop!
FYI, I was the only girl playing. No, I didn't really play, whenever I kena already they will change punishment to a lighter or just skip it. =.=
Told you girls in that gang was 'protected'. Okay lah, I'm satisfy with the laughter.
No la, not really satisfy, just ok ok lah. Not really that fun. =.=
They even have a ultimate punishment, which is that person have to jump into the swimming pool at the midnight, and it is still raining outside there.

Che Lok, the one who get this punishment, was sporty enough. He jumped into the swimming pool! Woohoo! So yeng.

After that we all went to have a drink, I drink Carlsberg. =P
Chatted a while then all go to sleep d lor.

Next morning, after breakfast we have to check out and leave Redang d. =(

The must--Group photo!

On the boat, JS opposite me kept emo-ing or sick. While others kept singing and laughing.

When back to the jetty, I got myself a Redang shirt, just cost me RM11, because we buy in bulk. =P

Then sit bus, sit KTM back to Klang, and the journey ends.

This is a fresh experience for me indeed, hang out with friends I don't really know.
I really like to go travel with friends, this can make me know more about them. =D
The feeling is just so awesome.

You guys, good luck and all the best at Canada yea. Gambateh!!
Hope we can together go somewhere again. =)