Thursday, December 17, 2009


Woke up around 7am in the morning,
the weather is quite cold. Haha.
As scheduled yesterday, today I suppose to go the high school.
My parents send me to the school and the host sister driving us.


In front of the office.
We have to take off our shoes when entering the school.
Visitors wear slippers. Ha!
One thing I found very interesting was Japanese will greet to anyone that they don't know at all.
While waiting, some teacher came in the office my host father will greet he or she "Ohaiyogozaimas". Means "good morning" in Japanese.
He was like greet to everyone! LOL
At the time we waiting the assistant principle showed up, then they talked about me *most probably*.
Oh yea we are waiting for KahJun and Kenji. =)
They're a bit late today.
After they came Kenji lead us to an office,
he have to go to his class first.
So the office was a English teachers' office,
all English teacher sit inside.
The teacher in-charged was Mr. Tamura(田村).
He said he teaching English in Kenji's class.
Oh nice.
He asked us to write our name in English,
then in Chinese.
KahJun that sei zai know how to write his name in Japanese words, *你好料~*
and this amazed Mr. Tamura A LOT.
Later on Mr. Tamura lead us to Kenji's class.
The whole school is like a maze,
I wonder how they recognize where is where. WOW!
Our show up is quite special for them.
That time we step in the class some girls already started to introduce themselves.
"Hello, my name is XXX", very normal introduction.
This class is 2A, high school grade 2.
Many girls tell me their name but somehow I found Japanese name is difficult to remember.
Most of them ends with ko, ka, and whatever.
So far I remembered Ayako and Yuka. =)
And also, I noticed something.
They all wearing the same shoe! Like what???
Confused and I don't know how to ask them.
Their class teacher was Miss Sasaki, she is teaching Chemistry.

Class scene.
Next on, English Writing period.
Which is Mr. Tamura teaching.
Their handouts quite big in size bigger than A4 size, me and KahJun get it too.
Today we learned about Okinawa. LOL
Okinawa is different with Japan Mainland.
Many years ago Okinawa do have Kings.
Also we learned some new words!

Mix = Campuru *this a bit sounds like "campur" *
Nai-chi = Japan mainland
Nai-cha = How they called people who from mainland stay in Okinawa *read 奶茶 in Cantonese*

When the teacher talking about "Nai-cha", KahJun and me nearly burst into laughter.
We keep thinking of "Milk Tea 奶茶" when the teacher mentioned "Nai-cha".

They have English Reading period, basically the old teacher just keep on reading the text.
And the students most of them sleeping, playing PSP, watching movie through their handphone. LOL
Japanese students' style?
History!! Oh my gosh I love their text book so muchieee. And the teacher was hilarious! XD
Lastly, Mathematics. Walau. According to KahJun, their addmath is much more difficult than what same age student in Malaysia studying. FYI, they are 16. The teacher was so so so boring to death. That time in class I just looking around. BORED!

Capture in Math class. That FAT teacher. ish

In Math class too.
Oh yea they like changing class for some period, not every.

Photo before left.
IDK, Erina, Ayako, KahJun and me.

Finally, school finished!
We going Kokusai Street with Kenji and some of his friend.
OH MY GOSH their school have free shuttle! Only for student who study in that school.
Walaooo envy laa, FREE wehh.
The bus was kinda of packed. O_O

Oh yea by the way the school called 昭和药科附属中学 Sho Wa Ya Ka Chiu Go Ku

Me and KahJun were like aliens at there.
Everyone was like staring at us. lol
After few minutes, we 're there! Kokusai Street.
Is a must visit place when you visit Okinawa.
Basically selling local food, products.

One thing I really really love Japan is because of their vending machine!
They have vending machine all around! And most importantly no one littering! Wow~

Taken at the beginning of Kokusai Street.
The guy at the right side was a GENIUS,
scored full marks in exam all the time according to them.
His name is Omi, he have a very very COOL phone!! Envy la~
And the girl middle there wearing grey jacket is Reina.
Same age with me because she joined student exchange at USA for 1 year.
Her English is best among them. Hoho
The guy at back there without looking camera is 2A class monitor.
They used to call him Kodomo 店长,
because he have baby face. LOL
After take photo, lets start shopping!!

Pig head skin!! Can't believe they eat this. O_O

random shot at the street. =D

They like to display their food with models. All of them look so real.
After some shopping we started hunt for food.
Okinawa soba and Taco rice is typical food in Okinawa.
I ate Okinawa Soba yesterday, so today I decided to try Taco Rice.

So this is Taco Rice,
a combination of Taco and rice, is a invention of Okinawan.
Taste not bad though, but a bit spicy. Ish.

Thanks Reina for taking this photo! =)

Group pic! But not everyone inside. =(

Something like iced-kacang. Not bad wey.
After finished our lunch, we go shopping again.

Ultraman is beside us. Hoho.

piggy piggy~
Okinawa famous with pigs too. Oh yea also a kind of potato purple in colour. It's sweet!

They have variety of choice not like Malaysia only have Planta, Peanut butter, Chocolate...


Group photo before back!
I was quite rush to back because we YE having a welcoming party. Hehe.
And I realized that people in Okinawa don't like to use umbrella when raining.
According to them "Umbrella is only for Nai-cha" LOL~
My host mum picked me up at Kokusai Street,
and she sent KahJun and Kenji back as well. =)
Back to home and take bath,
change back the same cloth, uh I mean uniform.
The Lion Club insist us to wear uniform when formal event.
Pek cek! I hate uniform!
The welcoming party is located around Naha Airport.
Called Seven XX Club something. LOL~
Basically we go there just eat, introduce ourselves, listen to their speech, watch their performance and thats all.
So just let the photos do the talking.

Welcoming present.

3 people behind playing "San-Shin" *Will explain further more about San-Shin later on*
The woman dancing in front is famous person in Okinawa, according to PeiWah.

Another dance. This suppose should be a guy dance this as they said, but somehow is a woman perform.

Next dance, notice her hair. LOL

Did you saw an upside-downed bowl??? Hahahahaha.

Deng deng deng deng *Music*

Whoa, 女子十二乐坊?

Malaysia YE Flags in their hands. =P

Love this the most. The performers were so passionated! Woohoo!

Passing YE flag to the President of Lion Club Urasoe Tedako aka my 3rd host dad. =)
Nice food they have, nice performance, everything is nice! ^^
Back to home. Start to show off stuffs I bought at Kokusai Street.

Doggie!!!! Don't know what is inside, sweets perhaps? XD

Oh yeaaa I love this the MOST! Guess what? THIS IS A LUCKY CANDY!

If the candy change colour in your mouth for 4 times that mean you really gonna be very lucky on that day!!
In the contrary, if the colour remains, becareful...HOHOHO
anyhow, just a candy right??? =)

Milk candy! Woot~

Also also, something special here. As you can see, some of the shells look like start shape right???
They sell in rainbows colours.
Without thinking much, straight away choose 7 colours and pay!
Don't know which lucky babies will get this as my souvenir hor??? XDD
Okay that's all for today! ^^

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


The airplane finally arrive Fukuoka Airport at 9am something, but this is not my destination yet.
I gonna take local plane to go Okinawa. *NO!!! NO TAKING PLANE AGAIN! T.T* My heart screams. LOL
Before going Okinawa, those passionate Lions gathered us up in this small little smoked smell room. Ewww.
And start talking Japanese, blablablablablablabla which I don't understand at all. LOL
Then is like introducing, the MC called name and the person called stand up, the "audiences" clap their hands and the person called sit down.
Our leader Denise give out a speech, in Japanese, fluent Japanese. OMG.
Can migrate become Japanese liao lah.

Group photos.
Most of them their host parents pick them up at here, and some of us as I said just now have to take local airplane to our destinations.
All the way to the local airport, Mr. Sato in-charge. *Opps I don't have his photo. O_O*
We were waiting here to go to the local airport.

Is kind of freezing here. Only 7 degree celcius. OMG
There is total people in a group to Fukuoka, thats me, KahJun and PeiWah who is going Okinawa too, Denise going Oita, PeiLim & Jonathan going Kagoshima. Hmm did I missed anyone?
We have to carry our super heavy big luggage into the shuttle, and it take about 15min to reach the local airport from the international airport.
After 15mins we have to carry our luggage again. HEAVY =.=
Mr. Sato helped us check-in and other stuff.
What we can do just wait. Okay, wait.

Yeah we did go shopping, for a while.
Nothing much to shop. LOL
And one shop owner saw us very excited and keep asking where we from blablabla.
Because we wearing the uniform, so we were so different among other people. LOL
That shop owner like so high, walked around me and starring at me talking Japanese.
Apalah Aku Tak Faham. =.=
After that she do a rubbing face action, then pointed at me and said "Japanese"!
OMG I guess I get what she mean.
She said I look like Japanese?
Oh well should I be happy? XD
Is time to depart~
Saw many kids, erm I mean teenagers gathered in front the gate.
School trip I guess, quite a lot of students. And teachers too. LOL
Me, KahJun and PeiWah one gang.
It take 45mins from Fukuoka to Okinawa.
Slept in the plane I guess. =.=
After we took our luggage we saw a bunch of people outside.
OMG is it them?
I started nervous wei. LOL
Anyhow still have to face it lah. Haha.
Saw my host families already.
They all came. 3 family, but not all member lah. Hoho.
Start giving speech again which I tak tau langsung.
Luckily got Kenji to become our translator.
Kenji is KahJun's host brother. 16 year old wei.
*By the time I writing this post he is already 17, just passed his birthday! =P*

Looks like concentrating but actually not. Ha!

Group photo! The boy in black is Kenji lorh~
Before leaving airport, Kenji asked us whether want to go to their high school or not.
Both families exchanged their cellphone number.
My first host family is Takara Family.
Followed them to their cars. Their english not so good, okay then. =.=
"Talked" a lot, I keep trying to find some topic to talk.
Like "Wah, XXXXXX" what I saw on the road and whatever lah.
Finally reached Takara's house which is the place I have to stay for 1 week something?
Mr. Takara is a dentist, his working place just beside the house. LOL
The name of his clinic called "高良齿科医院".
My room!!!! Typical japanese room!! Hoho~
Changed the uniform quickly, so damn pek cek wearing that. LOL
After that first thing I do was EAT!
My host mum cooked "Okinawa Soba" for me~
Is about evening, time to have dinner! Hoho!
Something really suprised me was
How nice if it available in Malaysia. =P
So dinner of that day is Sushi and other stuff.
They showed me "纳豆" which is a kind of fermentation bean.
I heard the name before but I don't know exactly how it look like or smell like.
When they pass the bowl full with that fermentation bean, guess what.
My first reaction was like this O3o
The smell was so......EWWWWW!!! Smelly!!! Really smells like SHIT.
Sorry no offense, I really can't take the smell and I definitely won't eat it!
When dinner time, my host father's daughther Nobuko came.
Along with her husband Nori and her son Ryu.
OMG He is so so cutieee.
He called me "NeNe", which mean "young lady/miss/小姐" in Japanese! LOL
I was keep "sweating =.=" when he keep calling me "nene". Gosh!
Others was trying to correct him but failed. =.= Fine.
And I told them "nene" was grandmother in Malay.
Right? Nenek and Nene not much different what~
Then the Obacan(grandmother) keep on laughing. LOL
Oh ya there's another special thing on the dining table.
WOOO~sounds disgusting but it is really delicious~OISHI NE~
After dinner is desert time! We eat fruits for today!

guess what is this? Tomato?

Hmmmmmm what is this eh?

Super urber big right???? And it is freaking SWEET!!! GOSHHH
Taste very very very very nice~~~~

Grapes. Unlike grapes we usually eat. The skin is more think, and the fruit inside is smaller.
Sour thou but special indeed. =)
After dinner we was "chit-chatting" and drinking green tea. Wee~
Suddenly my host mum suggest to go the mall and my host father shocked for her suggestion too. LOL It was 9pm something by the way.
So she bring me go to a shopping mall called "Naha Main Place", which located in Naha City.
Japan new year was on January 1st, so when the time I am in Japan is close to new year.
They even eat mandarin orange before and during new year too!
By the way, Okinawa celebrates Chinese New Year too! Therefore Okinawa peoples have 2 new years.
Walked around.
Shirts there sell at a VERRRRRYYYY high price.
RM40 for a normal T-shirt they considered CHEAP! =.=
But the boots were kind of cheap. YASUI~ =P
Japanese like to give presents to their relatives or friends before or during new year.
I like their idea a lot.
See below.

This is the place they purchase presents.
Yes presents. Those presents already wrapped nicely with gift paper.
So the customers can just choose what kind of presents they want to give refer to the sample above which not yet wrapped.
Nice right?? Save time save brain juice. Is really hard to think what to give when someone birthday or whatever right?
They have many choices like drinks lah, can food lah, whatever lah.

Did I mentioned that they give out "angpau" at new year too? Hehe. Cute angpau envelope! XD

And guess what? This is rice!! Beras!! 米!! Doesn't look like right???



new year stuffs~

Ladybird frying pan. XD

LOL Sake in plastic bottle?

Digital price tag WOH!
I think that's all for today.
Oh ya. Tap water in Okinawa can drink straight away!
Shocked! O_O
Going to high school tomorrow! Excited!!