Monday, November 28, 2011

No, Facebook.

12th day without Facebook and I actually loving it. Although this is not the first time I keep myself away from Facebook for such a long time, but first time doing this when I am in Canada, far away from everything I familiar with.

To be honest, I am disappointed. I am trying not to make Facebook the first or main source to contact me but apparently, it is. Which leads me to one decision, I will still less active on Facebook although I finished my finals.

Really, if I do not on Facebook you guys will not even bother to read my blog, tweets, even Google+ right? Why you guys have to so depend on Facebook. Or distance really weakens friendship? I really hate that feeling when I want to know what is happening around you guys and you guys just wanna shut me off the door. What, what is this all? Words can't tell the exact story? Don't want me to worry? Is like, I am giving out everything I feel here but none of you guys bother to tell me what are you up to recently, unless I asked. Right?

I always try to update as much as I can because I treat this task as a responsibly, to let you guys know how am I doing. Ever since I came here, wrote about the Indian guy, my annoying roommate, and some other issues on my blog, do you guys ever read? I am not talking about comments, even if I brought up some problems that I mentioned in blog in our conversation, you guys will like, huh, you never said that, tell us more.

Busy is the lamest excuse ever. Is not like you are working or studying 24/7 right? I am studying too, I am in an university, man, not goofing around. Does post a post on wall cost you an hour? Does comment on a status cost you 10 minutes? You don't even need 1 minute to post a comment okay. Just, at least, show some concern, like, I, do. Those posts on secret group are not bullshits. Like I told you guys about the daylight saving time, which of you remember how much is the time difference between us?

I trying not to write this in a complaining way, but it seems hard.

All these factors strengthened my will to stay here when summer, either take summer course or work. At here, I really feel comfortable, like I am capable to do everything, literally everything. Life here is more like the life I ever wanted, except food.

Last thing, I am not trying to be harsh. If you think I have changed, is because you never know me well.

Peace out, back to study.

p/s: I got this thought long time ago, not recently.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Who Are You, Really.

Personality Type Results

EI: 12 out of 17
Extrovert |----------------------------------------| Introvert

SN: 9 out of 17
Sensation |----------------------------------------| iNtuition

TF: 6 out of 17
Thinking |------------------------------------------| Feeling 

JP: 3 out of 17
Judging |-------------------------------------------| Perceiving

Your personality type in INTJ.


The INTJ is the most self-confident and pragmatic of all types. Decisions come very easily and they are very independent. They love logic and ideas and are drawn to scientific research. 1% of the total population.

INTJs’ precision thinking and need for accuracy causes them to be inflexible at times. Having thought out a strategy, the INTJ may stubbornly disregard those who they think have not spent as much time reflecting on an idea as they have. This, along with their drive to produce something significant, can make them demanding and difficult. If their plans and solutions fall short of their high standards, INTJ's feel pressured — as if everything is on the line. "Everything," for an INTJ, is the competence and ability to produce something significant. Fear of not living up to this expectation will increase their stress and possibly dissuade them from risking or trying out their ideas. They may then find themselves thinking about ideas that do not have a meaningful or productive end.

When stress increases, the INTJ can become argumentative and disagreeable. Social interaction, which is not their strength, becomes increasingly difficult for them. Not trusting their own abilities, they become preoccupied with obsessive notions. The INTJ may then find themselves spending an inordinate amount of time fighting horrible thoughts, tempting absurdities, and feelings of worthlessness.Fearful of others recognizing their perceived failure, the INTJ incessantly ruminates about mistakes, inadequacies, weaknesses, ineptness, and incompetence. Because this distracts them from risking what little confidence they may have left in themselves, it therefore keeps them from obtaining the success and achievement they so desperately need.

This lists represent careers and jobs people of your type tend to enjoy doing. The job requirements are similar to the personality tendencies of your personality type. It is important to remember that this is not a list of all the jobs possible. And it is very important to remember that people can, and frequently do, fill jobs that are dissimilar to their personality... this happens all the time...and sometimes works out quite well.

management consultant
computer programmer
environmental planner
new business developer
curriculum designer
biomedical researcher
strategic planner
civil engineer
intellectual properties attorney
editor/art director

financial planner

So so true, What can I say else more? :)

Try this test, and tell me your result!

Saturday, November 26, 2011


I strongly believe that annoying people in your life is to train your patience to encounter more annoying people in the future.

Have been dealing with kinds of people like annoying ones, crazy ones. as in not sampat that kind of crazy but real crazy, for example self abuse, not even kidding, self-obsessed ones, over confident ones. I am still alive and sane, can you believe that? LOL

Sometimes I tell people who I don't really know much yet to test my patience, some of the reasons is that I wanna know my limit. LOL. Like really, have you ever see me get mad until everything lost control? Hardly? Never? LOL. When I get cranky I usually go to a more rational way, it just won't ruined my way terribly, weird. Is like I swore, I cursed, then I forget, I know, I have a little of angrophobia.

I can deal with almost everything, just don't try to reach to the (super low) bottom line or some sensitive parts :D Life is good man!


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Life Is Not That Short

but it is god damn short.

I wish I knew when I was your age, and I know you’ve heard a million times, ‘life is short’, but let me tell you something. What this, what this is teaching me is that life is god damn short and you can’t waste a minute of it.
-Friends with Benefits


Monday, November 21, 2011

Current Obsessions

So, I have been deactivated myself from Facebook for 3 days already, I need to find some other things to do right? Besides study, of course.

1. Disney's Movies (especially classics)
Way better than my roommate's favourite--Barbie okay?

2. Rabbits! Bunnies!
Whenever I am free, I will just go on and check out who is giving out their bunnies for free. Just view for own pleasure tho, can't have a pet right now, but soon! After I move out from the residence! My desktop wallpaper! Awwwwww

3. Tim Horton's large double double

4. Sleep!
Usually sleeps more than 10 hours without alarm.

5. And tweet like nobody business
No social networking can die.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Global Warming Survival Guide

What I am doing 
What I plan to do in the future
What the heck?
Not what I can do

1. Turn Food Into Fuel (I shall let those scientist do this LOL, what can I do is walk as much as I can)
2. Get Blueprints For a Green House
3. Change Your Lightbulbs
4. Light Up Your City (My house use LED lights, so yea)
5. Pay the Carbon Tax (Personally don't support this, this is more like a political thing :/)
6. Ditch the Mansion 
7. Hang Up a Clothes Line (when in Malaysia lah)
8. Give New Life to Your Old Fleece (Not available in Malaysia lah this)
9. Build a Skyscraper (I don't agree with this, oh well, I love kampung!)
10. Turn Up the Geothermal Heat
11. Take Another Look at Vintage Clothes (I don't really care about clothing, pasar malam cloth will do lol)
12. Capture the Carbon (Not what an ordinary citizen can do :/)
13. Let Employees Work Close to Home
14. Ride the Bus (drive a lot in Malaysia, ride buses in Canada)
15. Move to a High-Rise (Really? I still prefer rural areas okay)
16. Pay Your Bills Online
17. Open a Window
18. Ask the Experts For An Energy Audit of Your Home
19. Buy Green Power, At Home or Away (Is possible in Canada, but Malaysia, uh)
20. Check the Label
21. Cozy Up to Your Water Heater (Uh, my dad's job)
22. Skip the Steak (I can't accept this :/ is sad I know, I just love meat :/)
23. Copy California (Neutral, no comments :/)
24. Just Say No to Plastic Bags
25. Support your local farmer (Pasar Pagi/Malam FTW!)
26. Plant a bamboo fence (Or sugar cane will do :D)
27. Straighten up and fly right (Pilots' job)
28. Have a green wedding
29. Remove the tie (I don't wear ties)
30. Shut off your computer (I-just-can't-----)
31. Wear green eye shadow (Really? The heck?)
32. Kill the Lights At Quitting Time (Might suggest my dad to do this)
33. Rearrange the Heavens and the Earth (What what reflection thingy? Deflect sun energy?)
34. Rake in the Fall Colors (After I move out from the res :D)
35. End the Paper Chase
36. Play the Market (Play with the cap again, economic-ish, political-ish)
37. Think Outside the Packaging
38. Trade Carbon for Capital (O.O)
39. Make Your Garden Grow
40. Get a Carbon Budget
41. Fill'er Up With Passengers
42. Pay For Your Carbon Sins
43. Move to London's New Green Zone (Siao eh, later overpopulation in London how?)
44. Check Your Tires
45. Make One Right Turn After Another (I always did this stupid mistake :/)
46. Plant a Tree in the Tropics
47. If You Must Burn Coal, Do it Right (Oh well, is my dad, not me, use good engine oil will make a difference! *promoting* XD)
48. Drive Green on the Scenic Route
49. Set a Higher Standard
50. Be aggressive about passive
51. Consume Less, Share More, Live Simply

For details, please view,28757,1602354,00.html


I am kinda an environmentalist? But not really hardcore that kind. People who has worked with me before in publicity know how environmental I am lah. LOL. CPU's World Issues and INTI's Green Knights taught me quite a lot, as in what are the things happening in other countries, more things like cap trade, Kyoto Protocol and bla bla stuff lah.

But really lah people, do as much can you can okay? Like reuse paper, recycle plastic bottles, card boxes, bring your own container to school bla bla bla. 

Okay? GO GREEN! :)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Winner, not.

although I have a "Win" in my name.

Had this thought yesterday night before I go bed, so I decided to blog about it.

To be honest, I still found amazing that I really made it to Canada. Got a 7 in IELTS really was a shock in my life. Really, how many people like me can study abroad? Firstly, I am not from a English speaking family. Secondly, I am not a smart student, my class 5A4 was like the 11th of 17 classes in whole, the 4th in 6 account stream classes. And oh hey, I was in a Accounting plus Chinese Literature class! (take that). Next, I know shit about Western countries thing, like actor, actress, singers, histories, buildings, bla bla bla. I was raised in a traditional Chinese family, speaks Chinese and Hokkien, sometimes Hakka. I got a friggin B4 for English in SPM and English before CPU was like 1% of my life.

I still remember those time I suffered when I was in CPU, first time having Caucasian teacher, first time being in an English speaking environment, first time being so pressured while expressing opinion. English classes back school were like never existed, no one ever paid attention in class, most of them don't even hand in homework or whatever shit the teacher asked. Well, I did, a little. However, I don't think those English classes are useful, not at all. Teachers' problem maybe?

The moment when Canadians here said I speak good English, I really feel pleased, and a little tears in eyes. I strived, I suffered, and being teased? (don't remember)

Wonder how I gone through this? Well, don't laugh okay. LOL It might sound pathetic to you. Okay, the truth is, I imitate how people speak, and use Google as my grammar checker. And lastly, follow my instinct.

The point of this post is, I already a loser in the beginning, I ain't gonna lose until the end okay. At least I try to improve, try to make my life better, try to reach my dream.

To those assholes who laughed at me, looked me down, go die lah.

I speak like a Caucasian, fuck yeah.

Friday, November 11, 2011


最近才发现,我好像已经没有了发花痴的举动,换句话说,我好像变成无性恋了。=____= 上是以前接触太多了,现在对这些事情都提不起劲,甚至有点反感。LOL

现在不知道是我的室友和她的朋友不正常还是我不正常。她为了:“亚洲人先做朋友再发生关系;西方人先发生关系在做朋友” 的观念烦了我几天。我想说的是,hello 我也是个亚洲人,搞不好思想比你更保守okay? 这种东西不-要-一-直-问-我。还有,去pub的男生难免都有那种想法,既然你去认识了就要有那种心里准备好吗?

我一向来对通过电脑/手机来联系感情都不赞成 (远距离恋爱除外),我的意思是,用简讯告白?会不会太逊了点?告白了之后一切都在手机里进行?见面就尴尬?WALAOEH 这叫和手机恋爱好不好?我老是在想,如果我以后有了男朋友一定要先和他说清楚。想见我?约个地方见面吧。想和我说话?约个地方见面吧。总之手机绝对不会是我们两个之间的主要媒介,虽然我有点social awkward但是感情上的事情我都要求面对面。可能是接触虚拟世界太多了吧,造成我有这种想法。


SHIT 本来想写文艺一点的现在好像变成了说明文 LOL
不管了啦 继续

那我呢,先暂时单身吧 :)

XXX 不要再约我出去了
XXX 不要再来找我了
XXX 不要一直Facebook message我

谢谢 拜拜

p/s: 如果你觉得我说的不对,那就是我不正常 :)

11.11.11 快乐

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Most Terrifying 1 hour In Windsor, so far.

What an intense hour just now! Oh my godness! I did a very big mistake 1 hour ago, might known as the biggest mistake in my life (probably I couldn't recall others, lol).

So, what have I done?

Apparently, tomorrow (November 9th) is the last day to withdraw subjects voluntarily. However this has nothing to do with me as I love all of my subjects this term. On the contrary, my registration time for winter term is on November 7th, which mean I only can start register for courses after November 7th, so these days I have been busy planning my winter term schedule and uwindsor portal is lag like hell. Got registered into all the courses I desire yesterday, was still happy happy happy like a siao zha bor because I have no morning class next term.

And just now, while texting with Thao checking what else we can take together next term, she asked if we can take 40-275 (Foundations of Communication Theory) or not because it might need a prerequisite. So I tried to drop FAW II (Foundations of Academic Writing II) and add in 40-275. Then, MANA TAHU, WHO KNOWS, the FAW dropped is FAW I (Foundations of Academic Writing I) which is the subject I am taking now, not FAW II. I DROPPED FAW I, ACCIDENTALLY AND TOMORROW IS THE LAST DAY OF VOLUNTARY WITHDRAW. Scary, damn scary. My heart feel like all scrambled together, with the yelling of "oh my god, shit, oh my godddddd!" It feels like the end of the world, full of horror. (LOl maybe I should take a drama class). I will not want to repeat all the same thing again in the next term okayyy, super wasting time.

I quickly emailed the lecturer and registrar office to see what they can do. While waiting for their reply, I ranted on Twitter about this. Luckily, fortunately, Wei Jiea saw my tweets of depressed, devastated, bla bla bla. He asked me to go to the registrar office immediately because they usually reply emails very late. Without second though, grabbed all the important stuff, student ID, room key, phone and run all the away to the office. I was still panting while talking to the lady. LOL. Later found out, someone already put me back to the list! OH? I did not mad because I ran all the way through but ended up the problem already solved. In fact, I APPRECIATE. Thank you Elaine (the one who put me back into the list)! Thank you thank you thank you! I would say thank you to you in face if I know who you are, really really thank you!

Lesson of the story is, although computer is super convenient, but remember to DOUBLE CHECK BEFORE CLICK ANYTHING!

PHEW! :)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Malaysian Pride

Have never feel so proud as a Malaysian after I come to Canada. Like seriously, I used to complain about Malaysia a lot, those policies, spicy foods, etc. Well I did not complain that much like some people who loves to post things about Malaysia's politics on Facebook, those are very annoying.

Back to the point, I love the feeling when I can communicate well between local people, China Chinese, Hongkee, and Taiwanese, no matter in English, Chinese, Cantonese, bla bla shit :D

I love the feeling when I pwned those China Chinese with my multilingualism, below is one of the examples:

"天啊" (He actually whispered this :P)
"她还会说白话" (the another girl said to him)
”Oh“ with the whoa oh my god expression LOL

Bwahahahah, damn proud! LOL

Honestly, I kinda hate the presence of these Chinese, kinda ruined the quality of University of Windsor. Is like they always speak in their own language, does not hang out with others, apply their bad habits like spit everywhere here. Sometimes I feel like, China so gonna be ______ if all of their teenagers are like this. Or is it because I have not met a China Chinese that can impress me? LOL

Another thing, one of the social club V.I.S.A (Volunteer International Student Assistance) most of it's founders are Malaysian, omg so proud :')

Like really, if I can choose, I want to be a Malaysian again in my second life. :)


Friday, November 4, 2011


I learnt something today :D

So, how did the name "Barbarian" come from?

Because, their language sounds like "ba-ba-ba-ba", so people call them Barbarian.

Have you laughed? I glad you did, I laughed too when my lecturer of Ancient to Medieval talked about this :)