Tuesday, July 27, 2010





What's up after CPU?

Since everyone is asking, and it's a bunch to explain, so, I think it's better to explain everything here. Sounds cool right? =)
So yea, what is my plan after I graduated from CPU?

At the first semester of CPU, I never thought about this issue, until the second semester, when friends around me started to survey universities they want to go to. Then, I started to nervous already.

My first plan was Taylors University College, LakeSide Campus.

I aimed for Bachelor of Media Arts, but then have to transfer to UniSa at the final year.
Not that UniSa is not good or whatever, I just don't want to go to Australia, since everyone is going there. =.=
Moreover, I wish to go to a place which is totally different with what I have here, so Australia, OUT. =)

Still, I am more looking forward to Canada, the country I always wish to visit. It would be awesome if I study at the country I like right? =) Plus, studied in CPU had strengthen the will I want to go there. And my dad said no problem with that.

After meet with Miss Iris at Taylors Placement Centre, I found University of New Brunswick! =D They provide Multimedia Studies, which quite similar to Media Arts. I googled this Uni and I fall in love with their environment!
Yea, snow! =D
I wanted to ask for my dad's suggestion but by that time he went outstation. And the closing date is almost there, therefore my mum ask me to apply for it first, will make decision after I got the offer letter.
One thing I really like about UNB is I don't need to take IELTS! =D ENG4U is more than enough. Yeay! =D

Quickly settle everything, fill up form, gather documents, bla bla bla, and application letter sent! 60CAD gone! LOL

Surprisingly, UNB replies kinda fast, and I GOT ADMITTED! Hooolalalala~ *Jumps up and downnnnnn*
When I want to seriously discuss this with my dad, guess what? HE ASKED ME TO REJECT THE OFFER! OMFGWTFWTH??!! !@#$%^&*
Why? Why? Why? Why?

As he said, I never stay outside alone, therefore I don't know how to take care myself yet. They will be very worry if I go to country that far for 4 years and they can't take care of me because I am that FAR! Plus, expenses 4 years there is damn expensive.
FINE!!! Who said no problem when I said I wanna study there huh?? WHO???!!
If you don't let me go you must tell me at the very first time, so that I won't have hope on that, now you made me terribly DISAPPOINTED. =(

And he wants me to find colleges that offers courses that twin to Canada. OMFGWTFWTH?? *again* Walaoeh, he seriously gonna drive me crazy. Arghhh, tahan, TAHANNNNN.
What can I do? I can't just sit on the floor and cry said "I don't care I don't care I just wanna go", that is not my style. :/

Meanwhile, Taylors sent an invitation to my dad, invite him to an event, something like Open Day, but it's a smaller one. In that event we found an interesting NEW course, Interactive Design bla bla something like that. It's new, very new, they not yet got the permission from the government to start this course yet. Same as Media Arts at Taylors, final year gonna transfer to another country, this time not Australia, but UK, University of Northumbria. :/ Not Canada? Tak mau. LOL *I know I am degil. WHO CARES? I want my study plan PERFECT, my dream weih*

After some times, I got one plan in mind, actually is a sudden one. I can join American Degree Transfer Program! Yea, why not? They can transfer credits to Canada as well! =D
Done some research, I found that Inti actually have the best ADP, not Taylors though, I wonder why :/

Then I tell this to my dad, he said "Good, go Inti Nilai then, is far enough from house, and you can stay our house there, save money. " LOL
We find a day purposely go straight down to pay Inti Nilai a visit. Meet consultants there, and talk, bla bla bla. *Cutting short*

So, I signed up for AUP at Inti, Nilai, August intake. I will study here for 8 months and then hopefully my marks is pretty enough to transfer to Simon Fraser University, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada! =D

Speaking of subjects, I think they gonna give me Mathematics, college algebra or something like that, and Economics plus Accounts? OMFG, kill me, I got C and below for these 3 subjects in SPM. Oh god, SAVE ME!!! T__________T I don't wanna fail.

The campus looked pretty modern, I like castle style campus lah. Oh well, better than nothing right? =)

As for my course, is Interactive Arts and Technology, concentration on Media Arts! =D Hopefully I can get there. PRAY HARD!

So yea, I gonna stay outside, far away from my house. I am kinda happy, no more being driver and kakak! Phew~ =P

My parents seems very happy for me staying outside, like finally? Gan jiong this gan jiong that, like first time sending kids out from the house. *My bro stayed outside 1 year when he still at PSDN Hin Hwa* They think I really cannot take myself like that, I gonna prove them they are wrong! =)

Tomorrow is the Enrollment day, which mean the day to sign up for subjects, after that is orientation, 5pm to 7pm. WTH? There's still a lot of events on the next day. Not feel like joining, aku anti social lah. =.=


Wednesday, July 21, 2010


在家里做了几天的量地官, 我简直是闷死了。更惨的是又不能出门,不然那些外劳会进来偷东西还是什么的,不过话说回来我一个女生在屋子里,要对着外面一大堆男的感觉很恐怖一下。=.= 时间过得真快,下个星期的今天我就开学了,好象在作梦。又要回到和书本功课为伍的日子了,我心里头依然是害怕多过期待,恨透我那该死的薄脸皮。我只有8个月享受将到来的新生活,过后还有更大的挑战等着我。真的不知道我能不能做到,希望我不会象妈说的那样什么都不会做。天,我该怎么做?真的是有够烦的…

Monday, July 19, 2010

Back to the LINE

Finally!!! I could touch a computer and go ONLINE!!! AHHhhhhh!!!!!
Happy gilaaaa. XD

Okay, I'm the TBS student lounge now, I know this is the old name. What's the new name for this place again? LOL

Too bad, here cannot log in FACEBOOK!!!! WTFFFF!! Why la why la why why why???!!! T_T
I bet that I got 99+ notifications on Facebook. Arghhhh. Streamyx go die go dieeee. I want my new house can online laaaaa.

Back to the topic, why I'm here? Hahahaha. Suppose to be a suprise, so I won't tell here first. =P
Miss everything at Subang here la. Cabana's chicken chop, Face to face mee shop, Subway, bla bla blaaaa. And oi, since when "My Friend" closed? O_O

I want Facebook! I want upload photos! I want spam people's wall!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wet dog!!

Omfg. This guy jumped into the lake when we were walking beside there! We think he purposely jump into it for some reason but not accidently. LOL. That moment he jump, i nearly heart attack. =.= If i lost him i surely will cry like hell. =.= Thanks to the rope tied on him so that i can pull him out from the lake. Oh my god, nicky please dont do this again, heart attack weih. =.=

Almost there. :)

Awesome. I love my new bathroom now. XD especially the blue color shower head. Hehe. Done quite a lot of things today, sweated a lot. Exhausted everyday. =.= Good thing is today rain the whole day, the weather so syok. Haha. Basically this new house just left the fish pond is incomplete, others almost there d. Yeah! Going out to have japanese cuisine now, finally! XD

Friday, July 16, 2010

New house! Yeah!

So finally. We moved in this new house. And right now i was sitting on my new bed. If you concern with my facebook status, i mentioned about my new fan. So you can see the fan through the photo above. XD Cute fan! After battled with those boxes, we all were so tired until postpone our japanese cuisine which we suppose to eat tonight. Lol. And another thing, my bro scratched someone car today when he was at the club house. He was so worried that that guy will report to police and his P license will gone. Luckily, the man was very kind, he just ask us to pay for the repair fee then everything settled. Hope my bro learned a lesson today. Reverse by using one hand is not a good idea. Haha. My new room now still quite messy. All my books still in the box. Pity them. Tomorrow i will pay a visit to the club house to check out the library, hopefully there's computer that can access to internet. If not, mati lar without comp. Screw streamyx people. Poor service. =.= Oh its late now. Gotta sleep with new partner Mr. Snake! XD Tomorrow wake up at 6.30am! Imma school boys driver!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Last day.

Unbelievable! Tonight is the last night i sleep in this house! Oh my god, 10 years just gone like that. I gonna miss every single thing in this house, including my ah bit. Thanks for accompany me for many years and dont worry nicky is doing a very good job for being with me. I will miss you, rest in peace. And my bedroom, the place i spent the most time in my life. Gonna miss you too although you were painted with the colour i hated the most. And i wont let the same mistake happen again. My new room will be blue! XD Tomorrow will be a tough day, need more energy than usual to carry things and clean up. OH MY GOD! I still cannot believe! Today is the last day i use the toilet, last day i sleep in my bedroom!!! And damn, new house there still dont have internet access! Die die lor. I want watch 'resident evil 4' eh. I want online! I want facebook! Lol. Bye bye old house, thanks for giving me so much of memories. And good night folks. I wonder when i can blog again. I mean by using comp, not phone. XD BYE BYE OLD HOUSE!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Moving house. =D

Ahhhhh! I can't believe it! We gonna move house soon!!! Thursday, 15th July!! Finally, after we been talked about this few years ago.

But suddenly, I started to miss this house that I spent 10 years with. Those memories with snakes, monkeys, giant centipede and bla bla bla. Oh, and that squirrel too. =D

Sorry for not updating as frequent, busy packing my stuffs. So far I already have 2 full boxes of my stuffs and I think I need 3 more. @.@

Nyeeeehhh, degree stuff is sort of settled. INTI, please don't disappoint me. 我怕怕。

Saturday, July 10, 2010


“我觉得我应该是看破红尘了...” =.=
“Nahhhhhh, 是你的要求太高!” 我弟说的。

看得顺眼+性格合 罢了嘛

Sorry, 太无聊了。

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Beauty and The Beast

How I wish I can go back to the time and change the failed last move!
I miss everyone of you.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


On the way to Sepang now. Attending a soft launching of a resort there. Me and my mum tumpang a friend car, and the driver, the friend's son driving skill sucks. Made me feel like wanna puke now. Help~~~!! Argh. And i'm wearing a stupid dress! WTF. =.=

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Ahhhhhh 唐禹哲出新歌了~~~~~!!!!

新歌新歌~~Feat Amber


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Parents new factory opening

Yea, so today is the big day. *Pointed at the title above*
We received many flowers in the morning.

From the Wong family. =)

Front door. Woot!

Drawn by me. It's the 15th anniversary as well. =)

Emcee of the day-Mr Alan Wong!

A must for a typical Chinese, lion dance! Dong dong chiang~

Ribbon-cutting ceremony.

2 of the staffs, Yanti and Joey.

The boss is giving his speech.

One of the suppliers.

Giving present. Both of them work together for 11 years already. Haha.

Another supplier.

They give present too! =)

Limited edition Caltex lorry from USA! Wow!

My mum and her sisters and cousin.

Damn. How can you be so tall? =.= I should ask my bros take photo along.
Btw, this is my cousin, one year younger than me. =.=

Sales counter.

Play this to get voucher. =P

Cute staffs. ^^

My family members. I'm the second shortest. TT_TT


My mum and her friends.

Well, basically is like that.

This company from a small little shop until today--a warehouse.
Salute to the boss-my dad who worked so hard for it. =)

P/s: Working environment inside is awesome! I've been worked there for N weeks already and I like the aircon! Hahahahaha.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Failure Car Brake

A car with a failure car brake. What's next? Yup, accident.
Today is the third accident after I get my driving license.
Still, not my fault though.
The Honda failed to perform emergency brake while I already stepped the paddle to the end. The car did slowed a little but it still slide to the front and "bang!" I kissed a Viva.
At the same time, I was having a serious headache. *After looked for traditional Chinese medicine, I been told that I got Migraine headache (偏头痛). Walao, suey dao.

The "victim" was a Malay lady, looked quite young.
She kept ask me "Ada lesen ke?" "Sure ah"?
3 times! Man, she asked me 3 times for the same thing! Arghhh.
Her car condition still okay lar, not that serious until have to make police report, if not, my P license which gonna expire on this Saturday MATI lahhhh. I don't want that happen lor.

Basically, her bumper bended inside and almost touched the left back tire, and because the hit made the door displaced her carriage door at the back can't open, same with my "engine cover" *?* *Sorry I don't know what's that call. O_O*

We moved to the nearest workshop around that area, and my mum came, paid the people of the workshop. Gao Dim.
And my car, sent to another workshop, and repair the brake ASAP!
Now, my head still freaking P-A-I-N!