Monday, November 26, 2007

Tired sunday

i think this is my most crazy sunday ever
i just slept for 3 hours then go to run for 6km
i promised nana go for the SGM run
i cannot din't go this time because i cannot put her aeroplane again
my parents go china again
so no one fetch me go there
although it's quite near if go by car
i decided go there by bicycle
its so crazy
cycle alone in morning...6am!!
still so dark T^T
i cycle very fast
scared got people come and rompak or what what de....T^T
when i reach there i saw many people coming
then i called nana
walao ehh
she's still sleeping lehh
and told me its start 7am
why i so early go ther? =.=
but yesterdat she sms-ed me say that its start about 6am de lehh
i hang out around at andalas there
my parents office near by there
i don't know where should i park my bicycle
actually not mine laa
is my brother's
his bike lock's key don't know go where d
i don't dare to simply put aside
scared been stolen
then i cannot go back already
luckily nobody want to stole laa
i put inside sgm there
somemore use some grass to tie up the wheel =.=
before we run we gather at the field inside there
we do some warmup...aerobics...LOL
who's take part in 8km run first
me and nana sure take part in 6km laa
run so far for what...=.=
but the whole distance we walk and listen song
everyone pass by us so envy...hahaha
actually quite fast de lo
we use about 1 hour to finish our journey
when resting i saw many people
yong le lorr...ting song lorrr...some tuition friends lorr..meng meng lo..and some primary school friennds kai hwang and fu tzen..i think i saw ettiene *forgot how to spell d...*i not sure is he don't dare to call..and one of my brother friend..forgot what name d..last timewe join ping pong camp together...hahahahaha
we onlycan get our cert after 2 weeks... man deng lo
cycle back house
on computer...
that pig haven't wake up =.=
after played a while
go and bath loo
then...about 5pm
until 12 am
then play again
until 5am
really ki siao d
all my time messed up during holiday =.=

Friday, November 23, 2007

my life like hell

actually today i got tuition at morning 8.30am
i wake up 8am
then wait for my parents wake up and fetch me go tuition
but yesterday they went home very late
don't know where they go
so today they wake up quite late
dad wake up and fetch my bro and jia yi go to work first
i know that i won't able to reach A1 on time
and i not very want to go
about 8.45am
mum prepared to sent me go
i told her its late
go for nothing
then she keeping ask me to go
i don't want to
then i keep my bag and straight away back to sleep
i wake up about 1pm
just like normal
i not very like to work at my dad office
i don't like those staff there
i prefer to work at JJ like last month
more interesting
more payment
and my family
they like dislike me
don't like anything i done
sometimes i really wanna cry
i don't know what happened to me
am i sick?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Pass finally~~

finally i pass my undang-undang test~~
i tried 3 times only can pass
1st test--40/50 (FAILED)
2nd test--41/50 (FAILED)
3rd test-- 42/50 (PASS)
waste rm100 to retest
saw jia min today
but don't know he still remember me or not
but that's not so important
i don't know he much
just know her sister
later need to go for tuition
after tuition need to go for POP lesson
and i din't go for work today
i off tuesday and friday
just because of tuition
am i a good worker?
my holiday is bored or interesting?

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

On Fire Today

my parents go china (again)
left me and brother at house
wake up 10am this morning
after playing maple about 1 hours
brother use public phone called me
he said he din't catch up uncle's car so he can't get back home
when i heard that--BoOm sound in my brain
why and how can this happened while they just go china??!!
i asked he to call back me after 10 minutes
then i tried to call 4th uncle
but another people pick up de phone--strange
after that i call 5th aunty
no one pick up
then i ask margie (my mate) to ask some workers to help in the office
very unluckily
they all very busy can't help us
so i decide to take bus go there to pick up my brother
take lots of syling and house key put in my pocket
then i walk out from house
walk for a quite long time
i saw 2 malays stand there
look like waiting bus
so i also stand there
15 minutes pass
finally a taxi come
we 4 together sit that taxi to bus station
reach bus station d
i asked people there about taman rashna
at that time i got feel strange d
maybe they thought is taman maznah
i take the bus they point for me
that bus is go to kampung jawa and batu 5
i din't think much
just sit in the bus
i really taken the wrong bus
the driver tell me that taman rashna is at padang jawa
sweat =.=
watse rm1 and many time
luckily the driver tell me to sit which bus and told that driver to drop me where
i used 3 hours to reach taman rashna..phew [>_<]
in the whole journey
i don't know i scold my brother in heart how many times d
got over thousand i think
when i saw he really wannt to kill he
at last no la for sure
we go to have lunch nearby there
he eat mee soup
i think ice tea
really no mood to eat
then i asked he whether want take taxi or bus go home?
bus-cheap but very ma fan
but i really want to get back home ASAP
so i decide take taxi
we missed two taxi T^T
there's come a taxi
then we sit into it
he asked taman sentosa is where ar?usually how much you reach there?
newbie taxi driver huh
can bully he d...wakaka
he charge us (actually is me) rm10
that pig keep sleeping in the car...duhzz
really want to beat him out!!
if not i already up 1 level!!
i pusnished him 1 week cannot touch computer and bath nicky till january 2008
then night
having fried rice cooked by margie plus teh tarik
ohh~~nice dinner
about 7.25pm like that 5th aunty come and fetch me to the POP lesson
saw ah phei d
she changed a lot
she will turn like jk?
hope won't
POP lesson is quite fun
*by the way, this is my first time take bus alone, thanks xd...sweat

Monday, November 5, 2007

i wanna to ask god: can i change my life?

today is the last day of 2007 i go to school
all still the same
same people
same activities--BORED
sueh hooi finally finished her karangan which titled-pendapat and tentang kepentingan dasar pembelajaran Sains and Matematik dalam Bahasa Inggeris
quite difficult topic, not much isi
we done it with all nonsense sentences, wakaka
i gave sueh hooi a hand-made fur penguin in a mayonise bottle, and of course some deco
but someone said it as ---cheap
so that really cheap?
but it is quite good lor
use those empty botttle
can say as recycle la
we should really more care about earth d
but...not much people know
and i taken my report card from puan saroja today
open and see
phew..luckily is failed 2 subjects
thanks cik push and encik azmi help me
if not i really dead
my dad saw my result not very angry
this not the result i want to see
he should be very angry
they always cares about bro result only
they keeping thought my result is always good
they 're wrong!
when me life can change?
i wanna to ask god: can i change my life?
why life cannot like computer like that?
can save and load?
or even format?
can anyone answer me?

Saturday, November 3, 2007


i did something stupid today
while waiting for my mumat centro after my tuition
at night my primary school principle retire
my dad got to accompany his 2 taiwan's friends so he can't attend
mum ask me to go
she asked aunty ah yuen to fetch me from A1 to hokkien association centre to buy some books at the book fair there
there really no any nice books *bored*
then i decide to go to centro's 4sekawan to eat and drink something
while eating and drinking
sheau fan called me
and asked me whether want join "combined camp" or not
she sent the information about that camp to me later
without thinking, i accepted
after that, i already in V garden having dinner
taman rashna, changed a lots
and now, principle changed
it's still my primary school?
and mum
before go there she said she will bring me cloths
oh my god
a trap~~~!!!
i should know thats a trap~~!!!
she always want me to wear those skirts she brought from china....and that shoes
a blue skirts and a white shoes
dislike--hope no one saw me
but later i go home, on my msn
hong yee straight away nudge me
he said he saw me LOL
whatever laa
the important is
when i want to add "combined camp" into my phone's calender
i saw something---sgm run
oh my god!!!
nearly forget this event
the date crushed T^T
how should i do???
i really wanted to go "combined camp" but i cannot put wayna aeroplane anymore
how should i do???

Friday, November 2, 2007

Failed T^T

great day to have my undang-undang test
but i wake up early because yesterday about 2am only on bed
i thought i was late but not
still got people haven't come
i think is cause of raining
it's really very nice to sleep when raining
hoho shi kei is the last
she cut her hair into short!! just like jolin's
is that lastest fashion? O_o should i try? hahaha
she said she read all 500 question althought her school having sports day
i din't touch that book at all
at last
i failed hahahaha
i need more 2 can pass de
quite sad huh
but i din't feel so sad lehh
because i din't study also
just only feel wasted
need rm50 to re-test LOL
about 10am i reached home
start play maple
quite fun
somemore can do quest
so that won't feel to bored