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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


1) Hear Us Out 4
2) Dress Up Week
3) Parents-Not-In
4) Musical Theater

Please ignore this. =)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What is FAITH???

Can anyone tell me? Faith for me is so abstract.

Faith can be religion.
Faith can be dream.
Faith can be believe.

So is it mean that FAITH IS EVERYTHING?

Head ache! ISU! Arggghhh!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

"This disk in drive X is not fortmatted. Do you want to format it now?"

How would you react when you see this pop-up message on your computer? DOOMED right? Especially you have assignments due tomorrow! You will feel like wanna commit suicide on the spot.

Well, this is what I experienced yesterday. After I found I can't open my pen drive, I nearly lost my mind. Can't think of everything, even at the movie screening after school. In my head, one sentence keep flashing, "死了死了,完蛋了." The worst part is I can't remember that I do backup at home or not. Shoot.

I prayed very hard that I do backup back home. Unfortunately, when I back to home and open my computer--NOTHING I can find. I started to search for solution online. Yea, I googled. Saw quite plenty of people were facing this problem. And some of them managed to solve it and they suggested their way to settle this. I tried most of them, but they doesn't work. What I mean was all of them were evaluation or demo version, mean that I can see my lost files after use those software but I can't get it, I have to pay them in order to save my flies. Though, they are not cheap, the cheapest I could found is $45, which is RM145 after converted.
If you keep track on my facebook status, you can see that how depressed am I. LOL
Keep looking for solutions, 5 hours non-stop and I missed my dinner. As goes to my family, they were napping, until the next day. Sweat. =.=

Through those forum I found, I realized that take good care of your pen drive is extremely IMPORTANT!

Don't think this action is STUPID and USELESS, this is very important.
There is a bond when your pen drive and computer connected, you must stop it with safely remove it. If not the partition table inside your pen drive will messed up!

Again, don't think this is LEBIH, this is very important as well. What if you lost your pen drive? This is way painful than files corrupted. Seriously. I didn't do backups before this, and now I know the feel of losing all the information. 2 words to describe, SAKIT HATI. I didn't sleep well you know. =(

In order to recover my files from the corrupted pen drive, I have been go through load of data recovery programs. All of them were freeware but comes with evaluation or demo version. Which mean that you can see all your lost files after scanned by those software, but you can't get it. To save those files, you have to pay to get a full version of the software. Sounds sad right? ABSOLUTELY! =(

So, if you are facing the problem as I have.
You can try some of these software to see whether your files is still inside or not.

Data Doctor Recovery Pen Drive


At last, my crisis solved. =)
Thanks to those guys that helped me in Facebook. Hahahaha.
And one thing I realized, I'm not stereotyping here, just that sometimes guy's really good in computer stuffs, better than girls, although I claimed myself already not bad. X)
Lastly, please please please take good care of your pen drive or hard disk yea. Piece of my advice. =)

Hear Us Out 4!!

Well, I don't really promote this in my blog somehow.
Maybe I am too busy or this event just too much to talk about. =P
So, Hear Us Out Conference is a conference that talk about the global issues which organized by CPU World Issue class students. (Note: World Issue is one of the subjects in CPU)

We have only 18 students in World Issue class this semester, they have 3 classes last semester. Some people outside don't believe that we can actually run this conference by just 18 people, but at last, WE DID! =D

This conference is on 17th April but we started to prepare it 3 months earlier. Students were divided into 4 groups, which is
Tickets and Promotion and their jobs is to
- design the tickets and sell it to public
- look for NGOs and speakers to come to our conference to run their workshops

Sponsorship and Hosting, their responsibilities
- find sponsorship for the conference
- they are host of the conference
- create a website to promote this conference

Program and Registration, what they do
- organize a photo contest
- responsible for the conference booklet
- create passports for certificates
- arrange schedule for the day

Design and Show
- create logo, t-shirts, posters, banners
- run several fund raising to get more money
- organize a party after a conference (just for the World Issue students)

Seems complicated? Not really. =P
I was in the Design and Show group, and I am sort of the core member of the group. LOL
Basically the design is all done by me, the logo, t-shirt, posters, and banners.
And before every design is confirmed I will ask for classmates for comments

The Logo, most of my classmates like this. =P

Very first draft of the official poster.
Some of them said that this is too fancy, the conference is serious.
Uh, well. Last semester's poster not that serious though.
And they suggest more colours.
Deng, who told me to do black and white at the first time???!!

So I changed it a little bit. More colours.
Still, I got some compliment.

The final one!

And also we have several design of posters as well. This is one of them. =P

Our group have to set up some fund raising event too.
The first idea we came up, sell pizza!
Me and my awesome partner Marcus worked very hard for this, ask for people comment, go to Pizza Hut and Canadian Pizza, go to ECA to book the booth and blaaaaa
p/s: only me and Marcus doing
This is the posters for pizza selling

A bit too colourfu

Spontaneous one. LOL

On that day. Joshua is DJ of the day. Haha.

The pizzzzaaa.

Josh alone? LOL
Oh ya, we get our pizza from Canadian pizza. And you must know that Canadian pizza is freaking far from Taylors Main Campus. You might ask, why don't you buy from Pizza Hut? Much more near than Canadian pizza. Deng, Pizza Hut is soooo expensive. We have already compare them both.
The time when I on duty the pizzas is going to finish, and I have to run to the Canadian pizza shop which take me around 10mins to reach there. And wait 25mins to wait the pizzas ready. LOOOOL~ Yes, I runnnn back again. =.=
Luckily we got profit in the end. If not, grrrrr. What for I run so farrrr.

Our next fund raising event. Sell spaghetti!!
Well, this idea is from another group of people but they asked us to do. Why har???
So, the spaghetti will prepare by Khaleda
Our job is to sell it, that's all.

Poster designed by me, again. *the spaghetti not bad though*

Liyana, she is in our Design and Show group too.

Spaghetti sample. =.= Big one RM5, small one RM3
We also gained some profit some this.

Nevertheless, we have movie screening as well, to raise more fund.
The mastermind of this is Ambika, and Marcus and me just supporters. Huhu.
Frankly speaking, the whole World Issue class just me and Marcus turned up. Mr. Colin kinda up sad because of this. And the next day is OSSLT. Oh, the movie we showed is "UP".

Something funny happened is that, Ambika's laptop run out of battery 20mins before the movie end. LOL
We all ended up with watch with Marcus's laptop, don't know why his laptop cannot connect to the big screen.


About 2 weeks before the conference we set up booth at the G Floor of TBS
p/s: we already moved to TBS building for few weeks.

Anne is playing with the TBS cat.

Shariqa is doing Henna, for fund raising.

The situation.

At the same time, I came up with some t-shirts design.

Inspired by BEP


I like this the most, I mean the colour

For fun one. Haha.
In the end, they chosen the simple one.
Why why why black again???
Last sem and last last sem also black colour, why can we make changes in this sem? LOL
Go blueeee!
Liyana in charge of the t-shirts order.

Then then I move forward to do the banners.
Look for Ms. Ai Jou from the Marketing Department of Taylors
I think there are some lack of communication between me and she
I submitted total of 3 CDs to her because the size and format of picture. LOL

Horizontal one.

Square one.
Both of the banners hanged at the main campus.

And we got some help from the A Levels SPEAK club.
This is what they have done to promote our conference.

Draw in the toilet! Woooo~

Everything I mentioned up there just a part of the conference.
We students have to prepare a workshop as well.
Me and my partner Nian were doing the topic "Ocean Health".
Workshop basically is another name of presentation, we called workshop here is because we presented to the public! =D

Badges for give out=P

Half done poster.

The day before conference!

Mr Colin selling his photography, to raise fund also

The goodie bags!

Everyone looked so tension. LOL

The hosting group

Pravina. We are moving the goodie bags to level 4.

Fake cheques to give to the NGOs

Workshops and their rooms


Bringing those goodie bags to Main Campus

Registration booth.

Students of SPEAK CLUB.

People who come to this conference have to choose 2 NGOs workshop and 2 students workshops to attend.
Before the workshop session, there is a opening ceremony and one of the keynote speaker's session.
I missed both because I am outside the registration booth.
After that, people were moving to workshops they want.
So I attended workshop about cancer and SPCA

The cancer workshop is run by Shafique's father

Learned something new. =)

After this is the break time.
Ms Patricia from Taylors provided us coffee and tea.
While we bought some sandwiches and curry puffs from outside.
Right after the break is our time to present.
Super duper nervous and feel excitedddd
Not many people come to our workshop.
Should be happy or sad? Haha
But still not bad la overall. =)
And finally it's overrrr.

The 2nd session of NGO's workshop


The speaker is the lady last time I met when I volunteered at SPCA.

She is freaking AWESOME!! Like her so much. Although she is Malay (Islam), but she contributed a lot to the animals!
p/s: Muslims not allowed to touch dogs FYI.

Group pic with her. ^^

After that everyone head to LT2 for Steve McCoy, another keynote speaker of the day.

Mr. Colin started to "throw" out extra Unicef wristband, I got myself a orange colour one. XD

Shariqa is introducing Steve McCoy

Steve McCoy speaking.

Everyone listening. Spot Ms Hacker and Ms Amy. Hahahaha. LT2 is not that cold. =P

I like Shafique's dino cap. Hehehehe. Shoooo cuteee. XD

Pravina is interviewed by Chern from A Levels.

Photo contest consolation prizes

Third prize-Mable Tan
p/s: Mabel left earlier, so Michelle take the prize for her

Second, Sheh Yee. With the melting ice in an exhaust pipe.

First prize, Andrew Tan, again. Hahaha.

Conference ended.
My friend is "talking" with Yvonne Foong. She is a patient of Neurofibromatosis, author of "I 'm not sick, just a bit unwell."
Official webiste:

They are walking towards the cafeteria.

Me and "my" banner! Hahahaha, feel so proud of it!

Another banner! =P

Teachers. LOL

This is my first time ever organize this kind of event. Really felt amazing that watching people wearing t-shirt that I designed, watching banners designed by me hanged on the Taylor's Main Campus. I bet outside there won't have a chance for me like this. Learned a lot throughout this conference.
Thank you our teacher Mr. Colin Shafer.
Thank you to my Design and Show group members - Marcus and Liyana
Thanks to my World Issues classmates.
Thanks to everyone!! =)