Friday, October 31, 2008

i am graduated!!!

today is the day!
i am graduate officially!!~~=.=
i put my car at suehhooi's house before going to school
because when night whole class going taman rashna having dinner
if put my car at school will very ma huan XD
before go to dataran we rehearsal our dance
a3 and a5 come and see LOL
i trying to finish this dance without spec "woot"
like blind people dancing huh
actually is nothing larr..
the difficult part is the ending pose
i going to jump up to my partner's shoulder =.=
dont know why we will choose this as our ending pose
maybe we try to be the most "chio" on the stage? LOL
whatever larrhh
after that we go to dataran having our graduation ceremony~~~bla bla bla~~
before going

nice mirror-me and wayna

me, wayna and wentin

me and cc

4 goats

me and cc again

wayna, cc, me and kai lee

me and my co-curriculum cert^^

me and wayna~see what cc doing? =.=
the ceremony was so so bored
everyone like got many things to say keep hold that microphone speak speak speak speak
dont care about there's no one listen LOL
at the last we all sing that "感恩的心"
goats' scream not sing that song XD
heard that someone cried~owh
after that we all go to change our costume
look like only us wear till so formal
others class just with simple shirt and pants
before performance

love this pic so so much, everyone is inside!!

best bud!

wayna and me

me and suehhooi

siewfoong and me

cc and me

cutie mouse pose ^^

me and huilan

me and hongyee at the back stage
the video of our performance will be post up later^^
i am not satisfy of my ending pose
look so weird =.=
suan liao larr over d~yeahhh~~~

chiatchee and mee

me and cheelin

songchen and me

JK(son) and me(mum)

karhong and me

me and hueybeng

me, wayna and kaisin

my dance partner chiauhong and me

ducky soonchun and me

huaxiang and me

dearest 羊咩咩^^

thousand hand guanyin LOL

most yeng pose^^

waiman and me

me and seowchuieng

hanson(panda) and me(ricepot)XD

me and boonhui

me and sang chieh
after take pic with my friends
we rush and go to change shirt
we going sunway pyramid! ^^
before going

me and leng lui suee^^

me and puan saroja(form teacher)
in the bus all kelam kabut
huaxiang them suddenly said dont want to go
and many people do so
why always like that de
in the bus

me and loy

the LOVE shirt^^

huilan and me
the bus driver's driving skill was so....
dangerous =.=
goyang here goyang there
and a bit traffic jam =.=
some people drive go lehh
so keong
i dont dare LOL

ah loy the slave and sinyee the master "haha"
after that i accompany cc and suehhooi go cinema buy ticket
they going to watch "High School Musical 3"
at the first we all wanted to see
but at last we choose ice skating

siewfoong and me

we all

ballet pose~ =.=

cc's mouse pose~haha
finally reach the time to back~
on the way go to bus

jump jump~

me and suehhooi

JK's head gone =.= too tall d...hahaha

we keep capture pics while waiting for those "VIP" LOL
siong ying them~=.=
they go to KL then come down to meet us up at sunway
they so late =.=
let me so hungry =.=
i wanna go take my car at suehhooi house
so i follow songchen go back to school and ask him fetch me to suehhooi's house
that time suehhooi and cc with me ^^
we change our cloth there~LOL
finally reach taman rashna~

wentin and me

cc and me

me and nana

hehe~when cc ss-ing

me and the red fish

goats' with chihyin

siongying and me

goats' with sinyee

me and songchen

goats' with puan saroja

group pic~
half way of the dinner
they started to sing
and slowly change to friend titlted songs
and slowly i cried
many of us cries
nana, me, siewfoong, sinyee, huilan...
mostly girls larr
dont know why i cried so badly==
quite sia sui
and my tears roll out non-stop
cant control it at all =.=
cc and suehhooi dint cry

spot me? LOL

ugly face =.=
to my dearest 5a4
thanks for be with me this two year
give me laughter and tears
really appreciate
hope we have gather each other after 5 years, 10 years, even 20 years
it's our promise ok?