Thursday, September 30, 2010

I don't like it. That's all.

Hmm, am I too sensitive or what?
And I believe bad emotions can influence people around, this can be proven by those bad things which happening around me and my bestie. O_O

No matter how, my darlings, we can just move over it and continue to live our life! Gambateh together! =)

I seriously seriously seriously damn f*king annoyed by males over Nilai here.
Sorry I have to curse, because I really cannot stand it anymore.


I don't know you at all!

How the hell you have to guts and request for my phone number?!
We are not friends, even coursemates, no relations at all!

Sometimes I really hope I can poke those guys with perverted eyes.

Damn damn damn damn.

I think, I really made a bad choice, for studying here. =(
Okay, I feel more relief now. Phew.
Oh well, life goes on, shall see now.
Or I should sign up for Taekwando class?

Showing pek-cek face of mine.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Songs I am listening recently. =)

I just download every songs of the these 2 albums and listen all them non-stop! WOAH!

Okay. Both of them are

Step Up 3!


LeeHom's The 18 Martial Arts (十八般武艺)

Step Up 3 songs will make you feel wanna dance dance dance dance!! While LeeHom's is very relaxing, will make you feel wanna, sleep, lol, no larh, you will enjoy, the rhythm is so nice. =D

STEP UP 3 Soundtrack list
1. Club Can’t Handle Me – Flo Rida (Feat. David Guetta)
2. My Own Step – Roscoe Dash & T-Pain (Feat. Fabo)
3. This Instant – Sofia Fresh (Feat. T-Pain)
4. Already Taken – Trey Songz
5. This Girl – Laza
6. Fancy Footwork – Chromeo (This is just music, don't have to download)
7. Beggin’ – MadCon
8. Up – Jessie McCartney
9. Bust Your Windows – Jazmine Sullivan
10. I Can Be A Freak – Estelle
11. Whatchadoin’ – NASA
12. Tear Da Roof Off – Busta Rhymes
13. Move If You Wanna – Mims
14. Shawty Got Moves – Get Cool
15. Irresistible – Wisin y Yandel
16. Let Me C It – Get Cool (Feat. Petey Pablo)

十八般武艺 list
1. Dragon Dance (This is just music, don't have to download)
2. 杜 U Love Me
3. 你不知道的事 电影《恋爱通告》主题曲
4. 伯牙绝弦
5. 柴米油盐酱醋茶
6. 美
7. 需要人陪
8. 天涯海角
9. 你不知道的事_宋晓青版
10. 自己人

If you have difficulties on download these songs just find me! I got all of them! =P

Monday, September 27, 2010


就算他常常拉你出来、天天短信、电话 。
Copied from Sharon's blog, a friend I know at Famine 30 2010.
Wheeeeee, like this post so much!

Girls, seriously, if a boy really likes you, he will tell you, on your face, sincerely. =)

Sunday, September 26, 2010


One of the major problems I facing in Inti had settled. FINALLY! =D
Well, not only me, it was such a relieve for everyone in the INTIMA Marketing Team.

All I want to say is: PHEEEEWWWW!!!!! =)

Mr. L, although I don't know what is your intention, but I wanna tell you, showing how rich you are, or how "man" you are, you still cannot change my impression of you.
Shout lah, show your masculine lah, show off lahh, do you think if you do like this you can join in our team? WAIT N YEARS LAHH!

Hate backstabbers like you MR.L, but thanks though, for helping us chase out a problamatic person. =D

It's fate maybe or lucky I should day because I didn't turn up for the meeting, if not the situation will be very ugly, more cries, arguements, cursing, bla bla bla. Oh wait, Mr. L actually begged on the floor my friend said, pfft such a drama king.

No more problems in our team anymore I assume, yay to us. =)
We rock!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010


So what if I know you from primary school until now?
So what if we were classmates when form 4 and 5?

It doesn't mean that you can treat me like that right?
Is that the way you treat your friend?
Is that how you treat a girl?

DAMN, I TRUSTED YOU, I used to, but then you took it for granted.
Hereby I announce, you're blacklisted.
Your stupid joke is definitely over, too over.
I have patience, but do not try to override it.

Lesson learnt:
1. Don't ever sit guy's car, when just you and he alone, especially late night.
2. Don't go out when without a car.
3. Don't go yamcha when it is late.
4. Don't go yamcha when you're the only girl.

Old friend ehhh, how should I do when we meet at gatherings. =/

Friday, September 24, 2010

I Am A Collector/Nostalgic Person, so what? =P

I can say shifting house might be the most suffer thing ever in my life, because I have so many things to pack! Double of my brothers!

No, not cloths, you guessed wrong. =P

Basically, I don't throw things easily, especially those someone gave it to me, I will keep it until I die I think. =P

I don't remember since when I have such habit. O_O

Meanwhile, I collect things, I collect every nice things around me, even nice looking sweet wrappers. LOL

However, this hobby is decreasing year by year, and most of the time I don't have time to arrange them. =/

BUT, I still keeping them, most of them, from Standard 1 UNTIL NOW! =)

Shifted them safely from old house to new house.

Well, I do throwed some, which made me heartache much. =(
But no choice I have to throw, if not I will suffer with my mum non-stop nagging.
She used to call me 'lap-sap po" (trash woman) because I collect a lot of "trash". LOL.

So yea, let me proudly present my collections!

My stamp albums! I have 5 in total.

My collection journey started at Standard 1. *How messy is my handwritings when I was Standard 1* =.=

These cute lil booklets were very famous in primary school, we used these to write our biodata on it, how cute. LOL. The one with "Bobdog" was Standard 3's. While “Qoo" was Standard 6. Full of memories, can act as source to connect them back. =)

Birthday cards! I never throw them away, any one of them! =)
Earliest one was Standard 5, received from Xsu Ting and Shin Yee.

*Uhmm Nicky came disturb when I was busying packing =.=*
So yea, Chinese New Year cards! I still have ALL with me though. Hahahahaha. X)

Files! Duh! LOL. Includes Form 4 and 5 exam papers, trial papers, SPM questions papers, CPU materials.

Other than that, I collect stickers, red packets (ang pows), buttons, sweet wrappers, books (especially about dogs or animals), postcards, handcraft things, cute things, containers, bla bla bla all shits like that.

And yea, I still have every birthday presents with me, I think, majority of them I can say, and also sovenir from friends, gifts from host parents at Okinawa, booklets from camps, certs uhhhhmmmm.

So, if you come into my room you might be like, "whoa, you got like all kind of stuffs in your room". LOL.

When I'm free/bored, I like to take them out and look, can really kill time. =)

Plus, too many to pack lahhhh.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I got back my tests result just now.
Totally flattened by both of the paper. =(

For ENL101, again, grammar ruined the whole paper. I just cannot deal with grammars lahh. Always messed up past tense and present tense. =(

For BIO121, I have to admit I didn't really study for this, was busy for INTIMA training the night before the test day. Never took Biology before lahhh, why why why why, I'm not even a science student. =(

Walaoehhh, tak boleh macam ini lahhh. Perlu belajar kao kao liao la.

By the way, BIO121 lecturer gave me a form ask me to fill on. I looked at the form, ermm, something like recommendation form of lecturer to meeting Career and Counselling Centre or Student Learning Centre. WTF? He didn't only gave to me, but others, however, I can't find any similarities among us, why ahhh? Why he recommend me go look for counselling?? O_O
Damn, hope I'm not in trouble. =/

P/s: How hard to get CGPA 2.5 above? Someone said 2.5 is kinda high?? Huhhhhh.

i'm in PEK CEK mode! Yen-J's songs needed!

That's The Way I Like, Aha.

-Changed security settings on Facebook, only allow friends to comment and view photos.
-Deleted anonymous on Facebook and Msn.
-Appear offline on Facebook.

I like the result after I have done all these.
No more annoying people, perverts, desperados and so on. =)

I should do this earlier, way earlier. =.=

First webcam-whore in my room! =P

Monday, September 20, 2010

Summary of my mid-semester break and raya holiday.

9th September 2010 (Thursday)
Vims farewell party at Full House, Sunway Pyramid, Subang Jaya.

11th - 12th September 2010 (Saturday and Sunday)
Sepang/Bagan Lalang with form 5 gang.

16th September 2010 (Thursday)
Afternoon-Sing K plan with golden flowers failed.
Night-I-city with form 5 gang.

Movies watched: Step Up 3 for the second time, and some movies I downloaded in my laptop.

Me and my friends had countless of yamcha sessions therefore I don't want to list out one by one, and I don't remember any of them either. =P

2 weeks of holiday is just not enough! I wish I could have more! =D

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Personality based on date of birth.

I get this from Facebook and I found this is so TRUE!
You have low self-esteem, and very picky.
You are artistic and like to fall in love, but you let your love pass by, by loving with your mind, not your heart.
Just like talking about me.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

New hair style! Wheee~~~

I feel i'm 2 year old younger now! :-P

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Vims Farewell Party

Today is the last day of puasa as well as Vims farewell party at Full House, Sunway Pyramid.
Organized by Lourene and Thomas.
They invited Vims friends from his secondary school, from SAM, and not to forget from CPU! =)

It supposed to be a surprise party, unfortunately, after I parked my car and took the lift to mall, the moment I stepped out from the lift corridor, I SAW THEM! They saw me as well. I totally stoned, and pretend I am shocked to see them here, then quickly give an excuse to run into the toilet.

Hid inside the toilet for few moment and I thought they was far away already. WHO KNOWS! When I'm on the way to Full House I saw them again, =____= luckynya aku. Have to lie to Vims said that I am here to watch movie with my friends. Then run away quickly. LOL.

Meet up with May, Thomas, Marg and Beh infront of Full House. Vims' secondary school friends were there already. 2 tables booked, secondary school friends one table, CPU-ians another table. Not separated purposely, just that we don't know each other, so yea. @.@

Signature of Full House? =P

Thomas booked the tables.

Waited around 2 hours for full attendence. However, Vims seems like he already know there is a surprise party for him because he didnt look surprise. Haha. I ordered fried chicken chop and green tea milk.

Fried chicken chop and it's special sauce. =D

Green tea milk. Hmm weird mixture. @.@

I like Full House's menu, it looks like a comic book with cute drawings! Cute!

Even their tissues cute too!! =D

After we finished our meal, me, Marg and May feel not full enough. We went downstair to get some fries from Carl Jr.'s.

Weeeee~their fries is so different with Mcdonalds' but I like both tho.

Here comes the climax.

Woon Jie is giving something to Vims, as for farewell present.

When Vims opened it, he saw

Everyone of us laughed like hell.

Ohhh wait, there's something hide under the banana

An album! I heard Vims wants it very long time already. =)

After that, busying settle with bills.

Next on, photo session.

Margaret, me, May and Beh. =)

Altogether in one! *Surprisingly, CPU-ians were in black! =P*


Store selling cute lil stuffs.

Erhem, the cashier?

Crazy people crazy pose. =P

Didn't really talk to Vims tho, he was busy with his secondary school friends, I guess he hasn't seen them for long time already.

Btw, Vims is flying to UK, majoring aeronautical engineer. Good luck and all the best!!!

Awesome photos credit to Margaret! =)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Au Revoir Amis (Goodbye my friends)

My September started with separations and byebyes.
Most of my friends in CPU are flying to Canada to continue their degree studies.
I stayed at Nilai therefore I got the chance to say byebye face to face since Nilai is so near with Sepang..
Although Facebook can do the job as well but it doesn't feel right for me. Virtual byebye for me is just not enough.

I went KLIA more than 5 times in a week.
Their flight is separated to different time, some depart earlier and some not.

- 30th August 2010 -
The first batch I sent off were Cordelia, Magtum, Fish Kerk them. Those UBC-ians.
This was the first time I go KLIA from Nilai, and I was told by a friend that is very convenient to take bus to go the airport, just 15 mins distance and the bus come every 10 mins.
Their flight was 9.15am but they have meeting with their sponsors at 5am, damn early.
I woke up at 6am, waited at the bus stop from 6.20am to 6.45am and no any single bus passed by.
Instanly, I walked across the road and ask for a cab.
The first opening price was RM45, I bargained a while he offerred me Rm25. Not bad though. =)
I reached there around 7.15am, the taxi driver drive kinda fast.
KarChoong who also wanted to send them haven't reach yet, and by that time I have no idea where Corde them gathered at.
Finally, I saw a bunch of nice wearing people assemble infront of the international gate.
I saw them at last!! =)
Corde changed her spec into PINK, it looked nice on her.


Chatted with her, and Kerk a while, however KarChoong is not here yet. =/
And those JPA officers kept on rush them to check in, and it is still very early, around 7.25am like that.
Corde was the last get in the gate, I still can remember what one of the officers said to her "Your friends is waiting you down there." =.=
When KarChoong reached, she already down there waiting for the immigration process.
Luckily I shouted her name loudly if not she might not see KarChoong.
Leave KLIA at 7.55am, thanks KarChoong's father for the ride. Thank youuu! =)
All the best to you guys at Vancouver, must take care yourself, login Facebook often to update me. =)
Oh ya, Zhen Liang is my friend, help me say hi to him. =P

Night, I went KLIA to send Adrianna. This time I took the bus, hopped on the bus on 8.30pm reached KLIA on 9pm. =.=
One Indian uncle talked to me while on the bus. Asked where I'm study bla bla bla something like that.
However, he told me something very important, that is no bus will pass by Inti before 7.30am.
LOL. Okayyyy.
The bus actually broke down when half way. Then all of the passengers have to take another bus to KLIA. Didnt delay much.
Met Adrianna, May, Thomas, Margaret, Lourene and Jeremy at KFC.
Had some jokes and photo shoots. =)

Adrianna aka Bitch.

We had fun together at Malacca field trip and prom commitee. I will miss you over Malaysia here, must must keep in touch okay? =))
Good luck and all the best to you At York! Dont forget to post more photos of beavers and hot guys over there! =P

- 31th August 2010 -
Went KLIA in the morning to pass the coat to my dad's friend who going to meet him at China.
Thanks Kar Ping for the ride. =)
Happy Merdeka!!

Interlude: I borrowed a car from Locus so that I can drive to KLIA tomorrow morning 6am. By the way, is a MANUAL car. Hahahahaha, drove his car out from the hostel and parked near my place and the engine didn't die off at all, awesome~ Drive to the airport tomorrow might not be a problem.

1st September.
Woke up at 6am, received a sms from KarChoong, said that his dad can pick me up while they on their way to KLIA. WOW! Didn't expect that. THANK YOU VERY MUCHIE!
This batch who are leaving are Edmond, JianWei, CheeWeng, Azim and some others.
Thomas told me yesterday he wanna come to send Azim.
Saw they have briefing infront of Mcdonalds.
Everyone's parents were there, sending their lovely kid off the the far north. *I saw some of them cried after they leave.*
Passed my phone to Azim to show him Lourene's message. Took some photos with him and Thomas.
They only given 15 mins to say bye bye with their family and friends. After 15 mins the officers started to chase people again. =.=
Took photos from the viewing place.

Edmond, JianWei, Reuben, CheeWeng, CheLok.
Bye bye guys.
Really happy that I could join you guys at Redang Island, appreciate the invitation. I will always remember how crazy we were on the white sand island. =)

Receipt for breakfast.
Had a light breakfast with KarChoong in the airport. One cup of super hot coffee and Hot dog bun. I could have these in mamak with a price lower than RM5. =.=
Thanks KarChoong's dad fetch me back again. Seriously thank you thank you very much. =)

Night time, I took bus again to KLIA again, people leaving were Ambika, Anhar, ZiXin, YuGuang and Zakeeyah.
I texted WeiChian on the bus ask her that is there any messages want me pass to Anhar since she is her best friend.
Who knows she right away said she wanna come to KLIA from Subang.
No matter how much does it cost how long it takes. O_O
Whoa. Hard core eh.
She made it in the end, gave Anhar a surprise. =D

Best buddy! =)
That day was Ambika's birthday as well. JPA did it purposely or it is just a coincidence?
Who knows.
Ambika was my classmate in ENG3U and World Issues.
She is my best Indian girl friend I ever had.
I told her a lot of Chinese culture and taught her how to use chopstick at Face to Face mee shop. =)
Surpringsly we was a total stranger in ENG3U, we never talked although we just sit beside each other, sharing a table.
Both of us was so curious why would that happen. Hahaha.

Talked with ZiXin's dad for quite a while when they having briefing with JPA officers.
ZiXin's dad is so tall. @.@ Taller than my dad, *well, my dad is kinda short, just 3cm taller than me. =.=*
He asked what I'm majoring and bla bla stuff.
I didn't tell him I will fly to Canada as well next year.
Just told him what are the subjects I'm doing right now.
He told me he got his Linguistic degree in Malayan University, wow, cool!
ZiXin's sister is tall too. @.@
All the best and stay strong in Brock, I know that although no seniors around you you still able to help yourself at there right? I have faith in you! =)
I believe that you are independent enough to cope with the total new environment over there.
Love you!

Taken from viewing place.
Good luck guys!!
Mum and bro picked me up at KLIA because later 5am they will be leaving to GuangZhou, China.
They want to take some rest over my rest before they depart.
I woke up at 3.30am, prepared a while and sent them to LCCT.
Opps, today is my bro birthday, I didn't wish him YET. XD
Woot, I'm driving my red Honda. =)
Got back to take some nap and 6.30am go KLIA again.

- 2nd September 2010 -
Parked my car in airport basement.
Buddies who are leaving: KarChoong, Ka Yan, WaiMeng, KahWai, GanFong, and others, quite a lot.
And I saw Irfan too! I don't know he is leaving today as well. Glad to see him today! I'm supposed to accompany him spiritually on the flight. *Inside joke* =)
Whole family of Ka Yan came and sent her off. BIG FAMILY she have.
I have to step few step back to fit all of them in the camera. =P
Didn't manage to talk much with them, they only given 15 mins to spend with their family members.
Well, photos will do the every talking right?

KarChoong and Ka Yan both have bright red backpack.
Easily to catch people's eyes. =P
You guys, take care at Toronto ahh, don't let the extreme weather beat you guys down okay?
Went back, studied a while for BIO and ENL a while. 2 tests back to back. LOL.
I think I screwed BIO, die die. I'm really not sciencey person. =.=
Night time was Annie's birhtday party, held by INTIMA Marketing Team.
Played with water, chocolate cake, alchohol, orange juice and etc.
HUNGRY and tired.
After the party ended we still have to attend for event review. =.=
Ended up until 3am.
At the time I really sick I'm sick already.
Flu maybe, fever maybe, sore throat definitely yes, dizzy a lil bit, lack of sleep hell yeah.
I thought some nap might helps who knows it worsen.
Suppose to show up send JunSheng and XiaoYing them off but I really can't,
I got the feeling that if I drive with this condition, accident might happen. I don't want to take the risk. =/
Sent a message to JunSheng wish him and the others have a safe flight and off to bed again.
Sorry guys I couldn't come to send off, I broke my promise JunSheng, I feel bad.
I feel bad too couldn't see you guys for the last time while you guys still in Malaysia. =(
Good luck weihhh, don't always lock yourself in room and just study, Canada is a beautiful place that waiting you guys to explore and kill memory in your camera!

I will wait for all the updates! =)

- 4th September -
Awwww, our boss - SynDee is leaving too! =(
She will be doing Civil Engineering in Ohio, US.
This is not her choice when she applying for this uni, some problems happened therefore she have to choose this field.
Attended her farewell party, Sheng picked me up at Klang and Serena at Sungei Long.
Arrived at SynDee's house around 9pm, sorry for being late. =/
Only a few of college people turned up, Joseph and Chenny, and us. =/
Most of them are SynDee's friends and relatives.
As we said, our "washing-toilet-company" is extending to India, Canada and finally US! XD
Left 3 of us staying Malaysia HQ. LOL.
Don't forget our regular meeting okay?
Remind the secretary at Canada too. =P

Hopefully you will get interested to civil, if not me and Lydia will wait you at Canada okay? =)
And something important I would like you to know, something in this world we can't really change, but the feeling will always keep inside our heart, I bet she hope you will do well in US and don't worry about her. So, make her proud okay?
We will always love you!

EVERYONE OF YOU WHO LEFT MALAYSIA! I KNOW I HAVE BEEN REPEATED THIS AGAIN AND AGAIN, BUT STILL I WANNA SAY, TAKE CARE! Please take care of yourself, because I wanna see everyone of you again, no matter how many years after. OKAY? =)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Stupid is as stupid does.

I am that kind sohai that do sohai things.
This is called 傻人有傻福。

Received this special postcard from Australia! =)

Stupid is as stupid does-Forest Gump.

This is not random post, just want to shout out.

I am not really stupid, people can act.
I know every happening around me, I am not senseless.
Sohai is just my mask. You will never know the real me.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Manual car yawww.

I seriously think that I have talent in driving. Woot! =)
After the driving exam for so long, I still manage to drive a manual car, without engine die off!
Muahahahahahaha, syok!
Maybe I should try to drive a sport car next time? =P

Complete story about driving a manual car will be up soon, very soon. =D