Monday, June 30, 2008

i can drive!!

oh yeah!!
i can drive!!
finally i get my driving license today!
here showing is just L
the later one (P) if i get it i will show too ^^

muahaha~you cant see me LOL

just show-off
today i cant go to school
because sitting driving exam T^T
classmate miss kari chng told me what's happened today in class T^T
it's high, fun and..ermm..what?
in the morning 6.45am
mum called me to wake up
after cleaning and preparing to have my dinner
my teacher called d
he ask: kamu hari ni duduk peperiksaan JPJ ke?
i answer: har?
he repeat
i said: ya
he: har?
i repeat
how stupid me in the early morning XD
when reach kampung jawa there
oh shit
i forgot to bring my IC!!
i quickly phone my mum to bring it
luckily din't get scold if not i sure din't have the confidient to pass the exam
and luckily she know! XD
today just like normal
the only abnormal one is i turn wrong the steering when i do parking
=.= wth
before this i do parking without problem de leh
luckily the parking time is give 5 minutes
so i done it very nice XD XD
finally it's end!
is time to start my driving life! LOL

Macdonald's run

wayna and me joined da mcd (olimpic day run)at dataran merdeka today
5.30am we need to reach school
when about 5.15am i am still sleeping
wayna called me by phone and tell me she already reached
so early @.@
after 20mins i arrive school d
after take the t-shirt we gonna change it
inside the t-shirt plastic bag
i saw this ^^

actually i not very like apple pie lar
just keep it for fun ^^
at bus me, wayna and kim hoon sit at the most back site of the bus
oh yeah
the place which can sit 5 people
and there is very very jolting
although we are tired but cannot fall asleep
pity us XD
after 45mins we finally reach there
we saw this

ronald mcdonald! muahahaha
he is shorter than me =.=v
and then is our ss time

her phone

my camera^^
which you most prefer? XD
the run is start
and the distance is 7km
i think this run maybe less people so those people who run at the back is very little
so we're obviously seems slower
me and kim hoon keeping walking faster
wayna stomuch ache so she walk slowly
about 55mins we finally finish de run!!
there's FREE milo, vitagen, ribena and ice-cream
i drank 3 cups of milo, 2 vitagen, 2 ribena and 1 ice-cream
stomuch full d XD
and i bring a vitagen back to home decide to give my bro
but at last i drink it
the proof ^^


nicky having a cut hair today
and the stylist is--MY MUM!

is he enjoying? i don't think so~XD

da new look!

looks sleepy ZZZzz

nice posture! XD

this is what i called -PUNK!
and there's some ss pic of Me- of course~


my "future" car?

it's sunday ^^
when night we having sushi~
at funa zuzhi~
but my mouth still pain so i din't eat so much
kari chng's fault T^T
after back home we having big cleaning for our study room
and i found this ^^

old time photo when my 8th uncle wedding
everyone look so so young
muahahaah~~spot me?
tomorrow having P license exam!

Friday, June 27, 2008

say cheese~~!

today had fun in class
although just a period ^^
be hold~


they again =.=

"LOVE" saroja^^

5a4 Big Family

the cacat-ed 5a4 XD

it's we again^^


and of course the "C-W-Y" ^^

i am glad that 5a4 is finally being co-operated!
and happy that everyone is enjoy it^^
although the 5a4 is not perfect but at least we done it!
but the most hated is the maths teacher and some girls who go back class before we finish our photo session
why they do this?
according to miss ng shee wan:
i thought you all want go back class d mar, see you all walk back d...
i think that's a acceptable reason, isn't? XD
about my class
i think the situation still the same
some love some hate
just hope 5a4 can let me change my views of bad impression of 5a4 lor
you guys 're cute!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


你干吗说“有些板主很bo ji
要知道A4 forum的版主只有一个--我!
反正上来forum都不用钱 我还可以用文字攻击
如果你不爽 关掉forum啦
that was my reply to the owner of a blog
i burst up totally when i saw what he had wrote
please ever don't try to challenge my patience
jokes and play fool is okay for me
implicate me falsely is the only one i most HATE in the world
is it wrong for create a forum for A4?
is it wrong to having rules and regulation in forum?
is it wrong to gives out demerit to the person who is against a law?
is it wrong???
i create a paradise for our A4 student just to share their life or anything
not just for giving vent!
it is not wrong but if you try to hurt someone that is very very wrong
your reason write those out is means like encouraging those pupils who din't concentrate on their studies
but had you ever think about those innocent person's feeling?
who is did not done anything wrong but you had placed them into that category!
you being supercilious, just cares about your feeling and always thinks you're the only right one
or maybe you not that kind of person
but you're not hero or caunsellor
you might change friend's mind but not in this way!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

AFS's interview

today is AFS's interview~
yesterday i do lots of research for japan's cultural
i think i'm ready to start the interview
me and my mum very early reach there d
not much people there
so we go have our breakfast nearby there
nasi lemak for she
doughnut for me
while eating
we saw jessy and yue xian XD
after finish we go back there again
thers's many of kwang hua's student
i saw jia yi at the first
asked she some question ZZZzz
and then bowie is there
she come close to me
but i don't know she so much =.=
and then here comes our school's prefect
a form 4 big size girls
with 2 girls from other school
the keeping salute to others that they don't know
i think they trying to attract volunteers' attention
but at last i think that prefect girl failed
she cried
maybe her interview was not so good XP
after waiting few minutes
everyone was there
we asked to get into erm..hall? can say like that
later we got into our group
like 1, 2, 3, 4. 5,6,7,8
wayna, me, kai xin, lit wei, kenneth and others who is different form with me and kwang hua's student is same group with me
gillian is the leader
a tall and cute returnee from US
at the first we introducing ourself
i think kenneth is quite good because his name have been wrote into gillian's note
i done it with a nervous situation
and then we get a small piece of paper
when we opened that paper that is our new group
we need to find our members by acting the animal that written in that paper
i am SHEEP
just when we discussing our performance-how to introducing malaysia
my name been called
i have to go for the interview
oh my god
it's finally come
seems kwang hua's is in a group while interview
my teacher was a chinese
but seems doesn't satisfy with my result =.=
she said that i need to improve my BM
after viewing my certs.
she said i'm active in sports...
thats for sure lar =.=
she asked me to introduce myself
i start from me, brothers and nicky
later is parents
and then she asked about
how i'm going to introduce myself
i answered: using food because malaysia is popular with it's food
she asked: what food is popular in malaysia?
i said: roti canai, nasi lemak...
she asked: how you going to introduce our food?
i answered: i think i can cook for them..*that's a STUPID ANSWER!
she asked again: do you know how to make roti canai?
i said: i think so...using some egg and flour
she shaking her head said: you don't know how to do roti canai don't pretend you know, you shoudn't do that, i have read a recipe about the making of roti canai, those not the material to do roti canai
i silent
she asked: so you know how to do ikan bilis and sambal so on?
i shaked my head
she starring at me
i can feel she is disappointed to me
before starting she told me that japan's schorlaship is very very limited
with my result is very difficult to get it
but why just now gillian said that result is not the important thing? BLURRED
later she asked: what is thaipusam?
i silent
and she asked again: why is indians' celebrating deevapali?
Oh gosh
how should i answer this question?
i don't know about anything about indians
she asked about malay
i still the same response and do stupid smile
finally she asked chinese
what chinese do when chinese new year eve, the first day, the second day, the third day and 7th day
i answered it with a very blurr answer
i don't know well about chinese T^T
at last she asked i need to do more homework
but i wanna tell she that i got do but i do the wrong subject!!!
what is pity case T^T
when leaving the room i was so so down
malay girls and boys who waiting outside asked me for some tips
i just told them
back to the hall
wait for lunch
white waiting we play games
after back from lunch
discussion continues
we do stupid stuff
wayna said my actions is stupid XD
the interview ends
sueh hooi's cousin send us back to her house
when going into her house
we smash together
my mouth crash with her head
her head i think no problem
but my mouth swelling and it's quite pain now
her mother said tomorrow may become bigger T^T
i think my day just end like this XD
and today maybe is a day that i speaks most english @.@
should i happy? ^^

Sunday, June 22, 2008


i cried today
it's terrible cry
i think it took a long time
the argue between me and my dad had burst up
just because i hate that he had made a wrong decision on choosing my class stream
kesusasteraan china he choose
that's not my choice at the first time
i was wanted to get into science class
although that's quite behind class
but as long it is SCIENCE STREAM
5A4 2008 known as the first kesusasteraan china in SMJK Kwang Hua
should i be proud of it?
my final answer: NO
5a4 with a name of kesusasteraan china so they get behind of 5a3 a.k.a account plus add math class
the position of our class show others that we're much better than 5a5-the account plus art class
but the truth is
we're worst than 5a6
not only our result and our disiplin too
our class had made many teachers disappointed on us
i think student of 5A4 mostly not interested in that china's literature
i think that is just a excuse not to take add math and art
is it right?
this class is out of my expectation much much more
i thought peoples who chosen this class might love literature and have lots of knowledge about china
i told my dad that he shouldn't ask me to get in that class
it's sucks
i think i got the ability to handle those physics, chemistry biology and so on
and i can drop add maths in SPM
so not much problem i in science class
but my father don't think so
with his experience
i thinks that those subject will beat me flat
it was a stress for who being in science stream
he this my class is that bad i need to work more hard to show teacher i am different from that
maybe i had feel comfortable at that class and get into their "cultural" like sleep in class, not handing up homeworks and etc.
i thinks that's quite difficult to get me back to normal
a hardworking, determine girl
i found that my memory become worse and worse
Oh My God
i can't fight with my dad
just cry
cries out all my sadness
cries out all stupid thinkings
the next day
everything back to normal

Saturday, June 21, 2008

great rainy day~~

today nearly late AGAIN
maybe is i lazy to wake up in time XD
or is my mum late LOL
at last i reach school at 8.45am
saw way na waiting me at pondok there
we both wearing rumah D shirt ^^
when going up to dewan
saw encik tong coming down
i told way na that encik tong is a very cute teacher
looks gong gong de
encik tong saw me and asked whether i saw encik bala or not
that hamsap lou who want see he? blekk
teacher find he only got one reason
dewan's gate haven't open LOL
so i brought a bread at school as my breakfast~~kolian T^T
later set up those table d
i started with way na
bla bla bla
she don't know how to play ping pong at all
never touch before gua XD
later jing shan reach d
they two versus me
not bully lar
just play lor
siau pei finally come
but zi ying taking part what what "双联赛" so din't come to school many days
i din't ask much more
my fore-hand become more worst d T^T
how i die
we girls all too boring d
play double
with strange rules =.=
the group me and jing shan win at last
siau pei gonna spare us drinks
but at last din't have de T^T
jing shan want practice smash wor
she asked for siau pei teaching
i am the blocker T^T
i really bad in blocking smash ball lar
later starts play "霸王"
jie sen the first one
later is jing shan
then later is me
keeping we 3 turns
siau pei sien d go play "自闭" at another table
funny XD
about 11.30am me and wayna gonna go
we got tuition at 1pm with siva at A1
before going eng ann we buy some drinks in front school there
while waiting
heard a girl talking to a girl who going out from school
me too
this words not suppose come out from a girl's mouth
moral now getting worse
oh my god
just a form1 or form 2 girl!
after that we to reach eng ann
while having my wan tan mee
joe ann sms-ed me
she joining siva's class too
just registered today
she still remember me T^T
she asked me to leave a place to her
she wanna sit beside me T^T 感动
before lesson starts me and way na reading the comments from our class
this is the advantage of class magazine crew
don't say unfair lor
if we din't see how to do leh? 奸笑-ing
but we promised we won't spread out anything before the booklet out ^^
lets keep it as secret
siva came d worr
today start bab 2 d
while in class i must serious larr
if not why i paid for? LOL
somemore the super girl-joe ann is beside me
think back last last year when primary 6
we same class de lehh
now we have a long distance d
till now i still very regret that i chosen kesusasteraan china as my subject for form 4
is a very very sucks decision
is my dad choice
next time only talk about this story
it's too long and a sad case
next week i maybe gonna take moral
way na said not bad
just try lor
my moral cannot fail again
i cannot fail any subject again!!
miss kari chng change template d
i too boring also changed it ^^ muahaha
is it nice?
leave some comment ^^
and today i receive that 感言 booklet at taiwan
oh my god
it is so touched
thanks anyone who worked hard on it
you let me remember those unforgettable memory in taiwan
after read it i more miss them!

Friday, June 20, 2008

sleepy day ZZZzzz

actually what happened today i not very remember
but i try ^^
today i planned to stay back at school to do seni folio
so i bring those art block, color pencil...bla bla bla go to school
after reach school i follow siew foong go a6 to ask that anyone can help to keep my things because i scared my artwork and color pencil will stolen by people
the reason i ask siew foong's help is i don't know a6 people so paiseh lo XD
but pei yi and siau kee them say no need to keep
just put a side no body will stole it
at that time
i saw XXX and XXX kissing in class
they won't feel shame d leh
they don't know other people saw it will feel embrassing de meh
when maths period
everyone in class is so so QUIET
why? change good d ar XD
me and chin se playing there
and i go play her scar at her arm leh
i press it and then chin se shout/said "yer"
i thought it not too loud but why all people turn back to see us? =.=
so xia sui leh
paiseh larr
after maths period jie sen come and find me
he asked me whether want to join ping pong competition or not
of course lar
why reject?
wen tin also take part
jie sen don't know where's jing shan's class
so ask me to walk with he
then go out lor
without pass
jing shan not in class
they PJ period
we met her at pbsm room there
she also want to take part
but tsien lee not
she want to pia ceh d
by the way
the date of competition is near SPM TRIAL
how i die?
jing shan write name d i go toilet
met cecilia and sueh hooi
so ngam
but go in class account teacher is there d
i din't listen to her teaching lar
i show off-ing the photo i take in taiwan
is want to post up at school magazine de XD
wen tin hand up her drawings too
nice~is couple ^^
today saroja din't come~~
boys keep playing aluba at BM period
sien =.= chiau hong and jk kena =.=
and another class de elvis =.=
recess time is bored lar
then EA yen loong still the fishing one XD
i too sleepy d don't know what push talking
then go tuition lor
walau eh
puan yong do to 双眼皮 !!
is extremely weird !!
today just do rumusan ~~~
then sit eu jing's car go school
reach bilik seni
saw hanson
he called me
then i go nearer lor
then he beat my head AGAIN =.=
walau eh
will get shorter de lar
i don't want lehh
everyone using light box
only me nothing to do
siew foong havent come
i decide go home lor
tomorrow got ping pong traing~~
long time din't touch d
and nana coming too
just for fun lar
1pm we got sejarah with sivakumar XD

Thursday, June 19, 2008

drive drive drive

today is the third driving lesson
31th of june is the big day
the day to test my driving skills!!
until now i still not very good in driving
keeping forget what is the next step
forget to press clutch until that car 死火
and today song chen and way na said if at first we din't ask them to 包 then when "on the road" will easily failed
don't know my mum got let them 包 or not T^T
i want to pass it lar
don't like undang test like that test 3 times only can pass and wasted RM100
until now i don't know what is my teacher name =.=
i think i am quite lucky jor lor
din't get a malay or indian teacher
din't get a old man XD
my teacher is not bad jor~~~
young and nice LOL
please let me pass lesen P and also AFS
and today puan sally had give a brief to all who apply AFS
many science class de leh
luckily we not the worst one XD
sally had told us about like what kind of question will they ask
i remember a funny one:
what will you do if your foster brother/sister is a GAY/LESBIAN?
how will you answer this question? XD
now the big problem is my language and what if i nervous?
just like last time singing competition
but actually at first i din't gan jiong de
is huey beng keep saying she very nervous
then like that lor
whatever lor

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

dizzy wednesday

i received AFS's letter yesterday~~~
they asked me attend an interview next tuesday~~~
so curious what they will ask
dad said they will ask about malaysia
and he asked me a question:
what is malaysia's capital?
oh gosh
what's that?
i thought is the speciality of malaysia
i said : KLCC
my dad kena boom
he said i no need go d
sure cannot pass
so hurt lar =.=
somemore my english so poor
and din't have much experience on language speaking
amitofor arrr
i really wanted to go lehh
please help me pass lehh
and today finally take pic jor
not use my camera lar
don't know what the pass use for
wasting paper only XD
today ar
i don't know why i so pia
keep writing and seldom talk
sleep too much d gua XD

Monday, June 16, 2008

monday school life

yesterday wayna sms me tell me to bring camera
hui lan said tuesday school magazine gonna collect class photo d
my sms-ed to all classmate that in my phone
total 19 XD
at last din't take at last
the reason is---i also don't know XP
everyone talks about new principle coming
and he will appear at the perhimpunan today
but today din't saw he at all
all craps laa
today actually got moral and ekonomi asas test
but i din't read at all
moral save lor
don't know why saroja so good let us go
but ekonomi cham lor
don't know how to do at all
die die lor
when science
i lost my ruler
that rm6 from japan de
at last found at the bag put boots de
siew foong return it to me today LOLZ
today i sit bus go home lar
heavy you know?
just now bath nicky jor
lazy to do sugu's account

Sunday, June 15, 2008

hot saturday

it's saturday
i have sejarah tuition today at A1
siva's class LOL
and today is the day my parents went for their company trip at langkawi
why choose such a good date???=.=
i need to tumpang people car to tuition
actually is office driver's lorry
tzu chi uncle need to borrow it
they have activities at KL there
then about 10am like that
they reach my house and then we arrive lor
when reach kampung jawa traffic light there
one of the uncle saw the temperature is about to maximum
he quickly ask another uncle to off the engine
if not whole engine will burst because too hot
they ask some water from mamak near there
but they found in the water tank is FULL
they asked me to call my mum =.=
then my mum ask me to call kamal-the driver
that stupid kamal din't answer
mum ask me to call misran =.=
misran talk with them say the cable broke d so no any problem
then reach eng ann d
alone alone alone
at book valley read book
finally wayna reach
the class is at hall
not much people attend compare with form 3 that year
maybe is too expensive d gua =.=
not too sien lor siva's teaching
he teaches lots of technics
maybe can pass d
after tuition we having our lunch plus dinner at bookvalley
cheese rice~~
it's costed me a lot
my purse empty again T^T
we're so so full after eating
then we walk to school
saw yuen zhen wor
she got come ^^
she become so pretty and mature la
guys viewing my blog can try to know more about her
good in homework, polite, leng lui~~
this kind of girl hard to find la
okie advertisment finish
at pusat activiti we saw sueh hooi and siew hoong
they straighthening their hair =.=
sueh hooi don't know how to use ask me help siew hoong do
sueh hooi's face make up i think too over d
her eyes become smaller and a bit 妖艳
ah xie saw this don't angry ar
that is 褒义 de XD
wayna and me walk around
saw yan zhen wor
not yuen zhen above la
totally different people k
she was my 营长 of a camp last time
heard that she's in pro in dance
from smjk chung hua
and then we go sueh hooi them de place
her sister make up at poh yee's face
then i straighthen siew foong and soon teng's hair
soon teng got white hair T^T
you all hor
din't pay me fees for straighthen hair ar?? JK la
after that we went up to dataran
it's sucks laa
very hot very pek chek
those dmc crew like all eat glass grow up de or think him/herself very thin
like to block people's view!!
and got one dmc boy keep standing beside 汤小康
keep talking with he
like want to por him
instrument is bored
i like de singing part
most like is the no2 who sing a malay song -Bukan Cinta Biasa-
her sound is marvelous!
i love it
even 汤小康 give applause to her!!
that girl sing superstar also nice ^^
shu xin and sue jean de bai se lian ge get 1st
bee suat's silverjunior only get 3rd place
they suppose get 1st
cecilia's dance honestly i don't know what they dance
just keep running can get 2nd place d
is that geng?
i don't think so
i totally feel curious that dmc people maybe changed the result
anyway some show is nice
especially chung hua one
that started with chinese fan dance and then change to hiphop
brillant!! ^^
when finish
we 3 girls-wen tin, huey beng and me sit their senior car to mamak
boys walk =.=
they eat, drink, chat
i don't know most of them
keep quiet all the time
one of their senior say i leng lui =.=
after that they talks about prom night organized by kwang hua interact club
would u like to come to a fellowship gathering organized by me?
lol...supported by interact club of my skol~
anyone is invited~
aiming 500+ youths~
extremely worth it~
inclusive of one buffet lunch,professional performances,magic n talent show,sexy dances,fellowship,creative wear competition,games,n more~
if u find 10 person,means 1 table~
promotional discount wil b given~
fai fai register n book table lor~
if not must sit at the back jor~
it's details is shown below~
date:12th july
venue:klang executive club
attire:formal/creative wear(creative,descent,appropriate for skol function)
stop hesitating~come n join the fun^^
make frens there^^
all profit of the event wil b donated to the the poors..
this is the a charity project^^
b a part of the community tat helps the poor!
i'm interested to join it
rm32 per head
you might think it's expensive
but worth it!
you not only can help the poor and can enjoy nice food nice show?
is it?
so fast fast register lo
can same table with me ohh
finding accompany currently ^^
ok then continue
i stay back at huey beng house
quite paiseh xia
she said want to chat till midnight wor
but only lasted a while nia
she's tired =.=
heard any secrets that day
don't tell you!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

stupid result

finally mr. potato had finish marking bm paper~~
let's take a look my overall result XD

B.M 50-passed!
B.I 64-passed!
B.C 65-passed!
Maths 40-passed! thanks for puan puah helping XD
Science 60-passed!
P.Moral 36-FAILED
Sejarah 22-FAILED
Ekonomi Asas 58-passed!
P.Akaun 46-passed!
K.Cina 60-passed!

should i say i'm improved?
no A's
but many subject is better than last year
Bm Bi and Sejarah i get the highest marks in class
this is a suprise
but then not the one i expected
i should get A in my chinese T^T
my essay write too many and not enough time to finish
and the big problem is the thing i write not so suitable to get high marks
whatever laa
so my purata ngam ngam 50
improved MANY
don't know my brothers how leh
i want get that prize leh XD

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Failure Failure Failure

this holiday is so so so bored
i suppose to study at sejarah
but at last
i study NOTHING
and keep playing maple
what a failure student
i play maple until forget to keep the cloths when raining
get scold again
now i realise school life is much more better
my KMT friends them all say high school life is the best
and have the most family
maybe now i feel nothing
but in the future i think i will very miss school life
i want score nicely in SPM!!
i can do it!!
no more lazy!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Da Red & White Nightz

yesterday KMT having a gathering dinner for those people who join the taiwan trip before
early in the morning
i wake up at 7am
actually i set my alarm at 6.30am
but yesterday 2am only go to bed
so tired ==
mum fetch me to ktm station
then take train to KL Sentral then take monorail to Time Square then walk to Federal Hotel
received li jun's text when i'm in ktm
she told me that she will arrive SOON
oh gosh gonna meet her up
miss her lots!
we met up at Federal Hotel
and she told me her life at NS
she got the chance to play at M16!!
i want too!!
while we talking princess sms me to wait she =.=
i think i spent whole life to waiting people T^T
when we want to find eat
we saw xiao she~~!!!
nothing changes
except she straighthen her hair
so miss she
afterthat we saw princess d
then we follow 6 car them go timesquare and sungei wang
our stomuch beh tahan d
really need to eat
me, li jun and princess leave xiao she to 6 car
and we go to eat mcdonald
mc chicken again
li jun says last year we also eat mc chicken at 西门町
so miss that time T^T
princess brought a happy meal
free kung fu panda's panda
it sounds "waa-daa!!" =.=
but she forget to bring it when we going back
what a waste T^T
and then meet luo luo, kai fen and xiao ji
kai fen said she saw hui rou d
miss that leng lui laa
then we saw hamsaplou, ahxian and barbie at sungei wang
they're crew for this night ^^
afterthat KLCC~~!!
sit monorail, LRT
xiao she them tried to buy tickets, speak malay
so cute ^^
we about 10 people walk for a long time
when reach there CROWDED =.=
heard somebody says Ferrenhait coming worr
many people get into crazy
xiao sha also one of the 辅导员 not 8 car de XD
she said malaysian so crazy of chasing star
this is never happened at taiwan
of course la
taiwan so easy meet those stars
even at toilet also can
at malaysia want see a star also difficult
if can meet them sure high lo
afterthat saw got a lift the mirror is broke and two women's sandals there
i think is somekind of accident happened
many people take photograph of that =.=
while li jun bring them go skybridge
me, princess and xiao ji go book exhibition
luoluo and kai fen go shopping
now i realise why mum don't allow i go that exhibition d
there's hell many people
hard to move at all
princess brought a 平旦 comic and get the author's autograph
xiao ji keep talkiong phone
somemore use hakka language =.=
din't buy any book at last
after meet li jun them we go the garden there
and taken some picture
but only one with me recently ^^


saw it? KLCC is behind us!
then we go meet princess
she go to buy ticket for go back
she scared if late is hard to buy ticket
when at dang wangi station
really nice view
KLCC and KL tower can be seen!!
but picture not at my side T^T
then ah liang, wen hao and wei jin appear
chats chats chats chats
xiao she brought taiwan's maggie and sweets for us ^^


and then we keep discussing who absent dinner tonight
quite many
almost half leh
some is live too far like sabah sarawak
some is at other country d
like lei lei and ji sao
dinner starts~~~
chats chats
me and princess start hungry again
two of us too tired
nearly sleep d
me, xiao she and princess win the lucky draw
i get a hi-tea coupon
but at last gifted to my dad XD
xiao she get a B.U.M watch
princess get a pen set
and then photo snapping starts






小蛇 ^^






LiJun again


Sarah jie


cute cute de garfield-KaiFen *she wearing purple lens @.@


hamsaplou-KwongChun *he not real hamsaplou, just a name XD


the only guy-looks like郑中基 right?^^