Monday, December 10, 2007

last day at malaysia~~~LOL

taiwan i am coming~~~
i am so so so so so excited to meet those leng luis leng zai in my group LOL
i am excited until can't sleep
still online-ing
chatting with hanson and one guy who also going kmt
really scared i will be rejected from my group members
and don't know whether i am the smallest among the all
and scared that aunty tell everything to my parents
i want ki siao also cannot
really wanna got in mad before going
everything i want to find is lost
the most important one
i lost my passport
actually not my fault
is my mum
she had too many handbag
that passport hidden in one of them >_<
when my mum found it she almost cry
sai um sai so gek dong??
but at least found it la
second is my spoiled memory
it disappear suddenly
then comes my mp3
but lastly is because of my careless
don't know is the god don't let me listen song in taiwan or what
my hp memory card suddenly out of order
than i tired to use another memory card
still cannot use
then i try to use the ipod my dad buy from china
cheap thing lai de
so easily broken
so cannot use lo
lastly my decided to use my mp3
although it very ma fan need battery
but really no choice
i really too gan jiong d
scared my lugage overweight T^T
and i got to celebrate christmas at there
hope can meet any star
i want take picture with them!
don't know will got people miss me or not lehh
i sure will miss nicky~~~
tomorrow gonna take a pic of it