Thursday, July 31, 2008

last competition

hokkien association ping pong competition is near
and this is my last competition in my secondary school life
dont know when can continue again @.@
monday we having practice start from 8am
so we no need to attend that boring assembly
after that assembly there's motivation seminar
the speaker is from uuhhh..don't know what country
his english not britain english
while we practicing i heard the speaker lead them to sing "London Bridge" @.@
when resting and going to toilet
zi ying said my leg will 引人犯罪
Oh My God
got so terrible or not @@
got a day our practice until 11am only because the diabolo club want to use dewan
so we decide go and hang out around and taken some pic

woah..2 monkeys leh

siau pei dead

our cute vice president-jie sen


posers! XD


she' d really like to pose

yeah~i'm the third monkey LOL
hope our competition goes well!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Dad's Birthday

remember last time i mention that my mum ask me to do a video for my dad?
i done d
see it and give some comment @.@

how is it?
is my first time using windows movie maker
and this video been created at midnight 3AM LOL
that day mum and dad went out
we and mum planned to give a suprise to dad
mum will miss call me when they in their way back to home
me and brothers plan how the party going to start
we decide to cheat him that his laptop was spoil and ask him to check it
the video is already put in his laptop
when he just touched his laptop the video will start
at the time he saw the video he get shocked
he keep saying something like this =.=
he like saw something that unbelievable
after seeing the video he cries
but not badly lar
just a bit of tears
said what “以前什么都没有...”
at that time i take out the cake and sang birthday song
brothers them keep eating and dint cares about him
he still crying there
we all don't know how to handle this situation
this is my second time see he cry
but this time is tears of happiness!!
he asked us how to do that
i said secret
he keep looking at my brother
the form 4 one
i think he thought that video is done by he
quite angry lor
he dint think about me at all
and the cake he only eat one piece! T^T
i don't want to say out and show my bad mood face
his birthday his the king XD
whatever lar
i think mum will tell him the video and the cake is my creation gua
if dint say nevermind lar
as well as he happy
happy birthday daddy!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

5.5 High School Division Commerative Seminar

wayna asked me to join the "5.5 High School Division Commerative Seminar" organized by SGM
parents went to JB d
early in the morning
i decide to walk there because quite near
about 15 minutes distance
when i opened the auto gate my grandma asked me
"where you going?"
"go attend a seminar"
"how you go?"
"walk lo, near near only marr, andalas there"
"andalas very far leh, cannot cannot, later you happened anything your parents will scold me"
"nevermind de lar, wont happen anything de, i walk before, very safe de"
"i say cannot"
then she go and cook d
then i called wayna to ask for help
finally someone who is kind willing to fetch me to there
thanks a lot T^T
wayna and me different group
she is in group 4 and i am in group 7
i don't know all of my group members
except one lar
leong chew wai--not 梁朝伟lo XD
i know he is from high school
saw him quite many times d
at AFS interview and our school edu fair LOL
he still remember me and know i am from kwang hua XD
when starting there have some rules and regulation
later on have taken a whole group pic

LOL spot me?
too small d i think XP
there is a game named "Angel and Master"
we going to choose a group member to be our master
but we cannot to let our master know who we are by using notes
my master was that leong chew wai
before ending the seminar the angel had to tell their master "Hi, i'm your angel ^^"
shi ling, my group coordinator was my angel~
here is her note

quite like this girl
she is form 3 this year
pretty, cute, nice~~woohooo~
quite regret dint take photo with she LOL
we played lots lots of game
cant remember it all
got a small seminar that talks about stress
watch a video that talks about friendship between wolf and sheep
quite touched
pure and true friendship they have
and got one game that is need to collect puzzle
i fail to get it T^T
later on we gather in the hall
10 people stand on a tilam and need to turn it over but nobody's leg come out
so difficult
but we finally finished!
our sovenier
i like it

quite dramatic but it's meaningful^^
our booklet

heard that is those comitee made it till midnight
thanks a lot lor
at night parents and brothers having their dinner at bukit tinggi JJ
jingshan's mum fetch me there
her slipper gone d and with naked leg go in the car
her sis and mum laugh till so siao @.@
my family having korean meal
honestly i not very like korean food lar
that's all for the day!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturday Life~

today is saturday but still need to go to school
is to replace the holiday for hari raya
our class just 21 peoeple present
only 4 boys
zheng hao, hong yee, wei hong and khai chwin
last 3 person i dint expect they will come lor
quite shock when saw them @.@
the reason i attend to school because later got tuition at A1
today wayna finally give those teachers the comment paper to write
puan saroja, puan thulasi and encik romeeza had receive
encik romeeza turn back the paper to us which filled with chinese words
is chih yin them write de
when wayna ask him to write in malay and serious he refuse to do
say what special mar
i am so GERAM
chih yin that gang keep talking laughing around him
while we this gang-siew foong, wayna, me and 4 boys playing phone, chatting....
quite bored but i dint sleep! LOL
after school me and wayna sit her bus go to eng ann
today we eat 你家炸鸡
when i finding place to sit there's 2 people are smoking and the smell is so so so uncomfortable
i hate smokers!
2pm to 5pm tuition-ing
yesterday mum told me she decided to celebrate my dad birthday with show out his old photo LOL
ask me to make video and do cheese cake
walaoeh auntie ar
i never do video before de leh
cheese cake mou man tai lor of course~
before going back i go bakers mall buy cream cheese and some ingredient
later walk to kp sit bus go home
parents go JB XD

Friday, July 25, 2008


i finally retired from the job secretary of ping pong club
today having ping pong agm after school
here the latest
pengerusi: chew siau pei
naib pengerusi: jsen
setiasusaha: ng geok wei
naib setiausaha: kok zi ying *she gonna kill me T^T
other you all dont know so i dint continue
encik tong told us that he maybe going to change school next year
because the distance between kwang hua and his house is very far
all of us include encik chia don't want he to leave us
although he look gong gong but he really is a good teacher and coach!
oh ya
i receive my allowence for softball MSSD

show off-ing
you dint have
RM11 nia lar Xp
now no more any responsible on me
so i have to concentrate on my SPM now!
having a small competition next week Xp
just for fun LOL

Sunday, July 20, 2008


today having a BM seminar for SPM
there's 3 three to gives out their speak to teach us the technique to do well our BM paper! XD
early in the morning~
5am reach school
still less people there
but most of them are science class student
they also kia su~~~blehhhh
later that wayna reach d
later on cecilia
chih yin and wen tin also going
in bus
chatting and listening "Bukan Cinta Biasa" by siti norhaliza ^^
addicted to this song d
after 45min
we finally reached UM-Universiti Malaya
oh yeah~
got many people tried till die still cannot study in this school
but we're here!
although we here just for seminar @.,@
kwang hua is the largest number of student at there
should i be proud?
bleh lar
nothing to show off also XD
we queue up to pay our fees -RM88
take our file and tags *dog tag XD
our teacher~
one is teaching the skill to write rumusan and karangan
one teach tatabahasa
one teach komsas and novel
at first break we only have 15 or 20 minutes with teh tarik and bread i think @.@
then go back class again
is lunch time!
at first me, wayna and cecilia decided to have vegetarian set
they follow me because i dint eat spicy
this kind of activity their meal mostly spicy
not curry then sambal
i hate it T-T
and at toilet there's a indian student keep scolding
she complaint about somebody throw the sanitary napkin to the toilet bowl
so disgusting man!!!
we just finish our lunch leh
and she also complain that the rice just now like dint cooked @.@
really? i dint feel that wor
weird sia~
then continue seminar~~
the mc asked a question
if how answer is correctly can get RM10
here's the question
fill in the blank with YES or NO
"..........., i have no brain."
i played this before
no matter how you answer the result is the same
mc asked again the questions
seems nobody dare to admit he/she have no brain
finally a boy answered
"Yes, i have no brain"
he repeated 3 times
then the RM10 belongs to him!!
actually is question is no need any answer but BRAVERY!
before ending the mc step up the table and give us motivation
quite shock
he dint use microphone
his sound is clear and loud @.@
after finish we capture around the faculty

in the hall

me, wayna, cecilia and chu han

me and wayna

only chu han posing LOL


i learnt many things today
rm98 is worth!!
hope is seminar will help in my SPM^^
bless me XD

Saturday, July 19, 2008

neway in centro

today go sing k with kari and nana~
at neway, centro
never sing k with my classmate before *i think
mostly with su ee them @.@
oh ya
and the softball gang *woot
at the first i meet wayna at school then we having our breakfast at mamak near our school there
i love their roti planta! Xp
after that we go centro there by bus
when we reach i called kari to come meet us LOL
then straight away to neway!
at there wayna was in the queue
while me and kari viewing friendster by using the comp there LOL
and showing her latest pic
yeng lai wei ^^
we sang lots of song
captured some pics

don't ask me why i am wearing rumah D shirt
i have no idea!! XD
i back home by bus
brother still using comp
always not my turn to play T^T
they like to bully me T^T
dad bring us to have our dinner at JJ bukit tinggi
at the first time we planned to eat at WindMill
but there is TOO TOO expensive
opposite windmill is delifrance
i never think that delifrance got any dinner LOL
so we decide to eat there
i ordered what what lamb shank
cant remember the name
but it is nice XD
the dinner we spent rm172++
at least cheaper than windmill XD
they going to fetch mum from airport tonight
i go to sleep earlier because tomorrow have to attend a seminar for 10 HOURS!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

my choice

our school having education fair today
this fair is something like a exhibition for those college and university for form 5 student to make a choice in future
i had moved around the fair
got some information

my first station~MIB-Malaysian Institute of Baking
the booklet with a free cookie~XD

Reliance College-there's a course that 2 years and 6 months
after finish class can get 2 degree in the same time-business and hotel management
not bad right?

Cilantro-just near my house, bukit tinggi there LOL

an agent to help us on other country university

my another choice XD

been attracted by the word "Welcome To The World Of Flying"

Flamingo~not bad too
i interested on many things T^T
is hard to choose what i wanna study
culinary, baking, design, computer, HRM, become air stewardess bla bla bla bla~~~
having softball agm today~
another son-yew ping been chosen become da mr. president
siok yee the vice
and jia yap is the secretary
i haven't receive my elaun RM 21 XD
hope our softball MP can success ba~XP

Thursday, July 17, 2008

new hair style i think

have a hair cut today
this is the result

paiseh this pic is quite dark and blurry
i not using my camera but webcam
and dint edit it at all XD
bad effect huh
i think not much different gua
just the fringe shorter and straighter
we use up about 2 hours at there
got 1 hour is waiting for sioh hooi
she doing straighthen fringe @.@
we wait for so long
today shee wan shouted at san san that : 我XX你啦!
i think shee wan had finally show out for feeling to san san *wut!
shee wan did that i think she cannot endure san san keep saying "我喜欢男的,不喜欢女的”
so shee wan burst up with that sentence and a horrible shouting
after that she cried
it is very very loud and sharp
my eardrum nearly split d
honestly first time see she like that crazy and like almost collapse
hope tomorrow she back to normal again
i don't want to face a almost insane people when tuition just sit beside me
i am SCARED! T^T
san san is terribly not responsible on this
and kar hong is the innocent one
between them form a triangle relationship
although between san san and kar hong is fake one
but seems someone is serious about that @.@
we as an outsider should not be kepo right?
yesterday took some pic that without wearing my spec
below is the only one i satisfied XD

how you all think? XD
weird? nice? nerdy?
feel free to drop comment!
school today having ceramah for BM
the lecture teaches us about the technique to write better essay
about my BM although is the highest marks in class but still haven't reach CREDIT
just close and near
my latest target for BM is A2
gambateh for me!!
i going to attend a speech for whole BM paper including paper 1 and 2 this sunday for 10 HOURS!
i know it sounds horrible and 夸张
but for the sake of SPM i want pia d lar
don't care what the method to score i wanna try it!
yes!! i can do it!!
luckily cecilia and wayna going
if not bored and sleepy to death arr~~ ^^
and miss kari arr
i sure will borrow you my notes after i coming back de lar
don't worry
*but with a condition, teach me maths lehh! XD
tomorrow having softball agm
who will be the next pengerusi?
jia yap, mama support you! keke
no offense! XP

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

i am da taurus~

Aggressive. Loves being in long relationships. Likes to give a good fight.
Fight for what they want. Can be annoying at times, but for the love of attention. Extremely outgoing. Loves to help people in times of need. Good kisser. Good personality. Stubborn. A caring person. They can be self centered and if they want something they will do anything to get it. They love to sleep and can be lazy.
One of a kind. Not one to mess with. Are the most attractive people on the earth

muahahah~should i happy with? XD

i am LOST

i LOST again
i broke my promise again
i told myself to start hardworking from MAY
but now is already JULY
i done nothing at all
except for doing accounts notes lar
but that not enough at all
dad told me now better start do revision
left few months only
if not really cant catch up
lost my energy
lost my spirit
lost my determination
lost my power to move forward
what i am doing everyday actually??
dreaming in class
playing computer
copying homework
talking with friends
discussing those nonsense
these are not helping me to score better is SPM
what should i do?
my mum asked me to drink 鸡精
the taste is so so disgusting larr
never try that again T^T
hope this will cheer me up!

Monday, July 14, 2008

troubles troubles troubles

what the...
what happened to you all guys??!!
why you all keep changing your mind?
under our leading you all don't know
set you all free you all don't like
and say our bad words
what you all want me to do??
you all already 17
can make your own decision!
if not just let us to lead!
don't always pretend you all know everything and must others to giving yourself
am i selfish?
just look to yourself!
who is the selfish one?
you all want genting?
me and my gang don't like genting you all choi arr
why must we go genting?
ya true we're 5a4
we must have action together
what if someone dislike like me
do you all never asked for our opinion?
when i asking for the price at the first
you all just agreed!
i starting to collect deposit you all said it is too expensive!
rm550 is not worth it
some wanted to go genting some don't want
so i decided to separate to prevent some nonessential arguement
me and cecilia that group was the first one who plan to go pangkor
at the first time just we 4 girls
later on 4 da tian wang them wanted to join us
you all said we too close with them
you all jealous? envy? if not why you all spread rumor that we not responsible
is you all not co-operate okay?
don't think this is VERY UNFAIR to us?
say what most of the people going genting
you all just use this chance to hurt us
feel uncomfortable to me?
is you all hurt me at the first time
shee wan, poh ling them going langkawi why don't you all said about them?
just only we had booked our hotel?
and the class magazine
to those who don't want to pass up their comment paper
you don't want to keep a memory for 5a4?
there's no any scene that is unforgettable for you?
don't you have anything wanna to say to your classmate?
why i so lebih go and take this responsible to do this job?
if still got the chance to change class i won't let it go
experiment proof that i am not suitable in this class
why i so obedient to listen to my dad's word to choose chinese literature?
add maths won't kill me
i can just let go
i still regret
stop disappointing me please!
i really wanna pass happily or even peacefully in 5a4!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bon Odori 2008

today with jc and her sis go to bon odori a.k.a japanese festival at mashushita stadium
very hot and crowded there!
before going i attended siva's sejarah and moral class at A1
going by bus
mum going Jugra orchard for durians and dragonfruit! yummy~~
at the first i estimate the bus will reach my house area about 11am
finally show that my estimate is accurate! XD
after reach A1 the door haven't open
that time guan tat also there d
so early huh @.@
in class siva keep talking yellow stuff X.X
his hamsap and yellow sense finally came out
and terrance too
this two hamsap guys =.=
after class wayna sis send me to kp to sit bus go bus station and help she post out her KMT form LOL
meet chiat chee d then we walk to ktm station
quite near XD
there's a free shuttle at shah alam station to send us to stadium there
what a good service!! BRAVO!! ^^
stadium there is FULL of people
japanese, malay, chinese..apa pun ada =.=
first thing we reach there is buy sushi~

this costs me RM 5 T^T

real & cute japanese girls * see how they sit!

guess what is this?
i know you will say is WATERMELON
but not a watermelon
is a ICE-CREAM! cost rm6
gotcha! muahaha

dancing =.=


with bon odori fan

with japanese leng zai~ muahaha

japanese leng lui~

me~captured by jc

thanks wei fu to giving me this drink *kinda 100 plus, not bad!!
there was many many people when at ktm station
back to klang is already 10.30pm
at house mum give me these~

that's muachi i think, kaya and red bean flavored @.@
i think thats all for this day ^^
i know it's quite short
but really nothing to say XD

Saturday, July 12, 2008

5a4 class trip

graduation trip no more at 5A4
we now separate to many group
about 4 groups currently
4+4+2 crazy gang~that's we, si da tian wang and 2 tower, we going pulau pangkor
tak ceh po gang~that's poh ling and qi feng them de, they going langkawi *CHOCOLATES!!!
noisy gang~is hui lan them~genting they love! no reason yet XD
i think separate into groups is a good idea
with this~
we can prevent perselisihan and pergaduhan antara pelajar-pelajar masing-masing~
malay again =.=
our pangkor team is the most systematic group!
faster, no argue, no financial problem~everything ok!
oh yeah~
apartment we booked!!
5a4 for me i think is a fickle class
they always change their mind within a night!
luckily our 4+4+2 gang is everything ok
they trusted on me and cecilia ^^
thanks guys!
and kari chng still a problem i think
hope her mum can let her go at last ^^

Thursday, July 10, 2008


horoscope analysis ^^

found that some of my friend and family who have the same horoscope, their actions is quite alike XD
and it's quite accurate
just wanna share some
no offense!
+Da Gemini+
suspect: my lil bro, ng shee wan, ho chu han
they are model gemini
they likes entangle people NON-STOPPABLE! that's true!
and they always like to repeat what they said, just like others dint hear what they said
the most important one
they don't know to looks at the complexion
they just keep talking and dint realize or cares other people feelings
the good thing is they dint bearing a grudge
they never remember those bad thing you do to them
they dint have many stress
always in a happy mode
and worries in their brain just keep for a second
next second they already forget about it!

those just for reference larr
is it accurate for your gemini's friend?
~~~~to be continue~~~~

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


gives me lots of memory
someone who is love 5a4 had made this

except touched still touched
you almost had me cry mr loy!
hope members of 5a4 will always remember the scene while in class!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

just a glance

an enrichment day~

today chi shao activity is go KKB a.k.a kuala kubu bharu~ LOL
also known as a centre for those physical and mental disabilities
err hmm
after sign up we seniors have a brief for today
nothing special
i just need to take photo XD
i am in bus B~ LOL
we ate this for our breakfast^^

made from jingshan and hui mei them yesterday
someone said those bread no nice worrr
don't know who larr XD
when we reach there
i saw LI CHIN, WAN LING and POH YEE wor
they also come to volunteer
so touched
especially is li chin
honestly at the first time i thought she was a common girl like those ermm
how to say...
like not everyone is willing to become a volunteer
besides as i know li chin got cleanliness habit =.=
i think that's nice to let me see her another side =)
i went to KKB for twice, include this time
and today is quite different compare with last year
last year under xiu hua shi gu we just visit there and dint do anything for patients there
but this year we did
i washed their cloths
but that is nothing to proud lar
just a little job
who really worked on is those volunteer them
li chin them bath them
i saw them 3 person help a patient take off her shirt
before going back we saw them again

this photo is taken by li chin *LOL
at bus we having our lunch
fried rice+fruit!

but i prefer mi hoon larr
much much better ^^
after eat we share our feelings about today
i thought i said it loudly but hui mei said she can't hear me
sorry >.< aunty molly sent me back before start COPY my homework lets have some teh tarik~~

ok~saw my work?
the empty one is mine
saw the date?
it's JANUARY!! muahahaha
failure student i am lolz
about 10mins
xian da wants me to cook mushroom soup =.=
i do lor

preparing LOLz


the hasil

with me~

i finished!
not very nice this flavour
it is mushroom plus chicken
is the new type not old one
i prefer old one
the new one got vege!! yucks
stomuch full a continue my homework =.=

with accompany of pringles! LOL
and of course i edited some pics of mine ^^

finding a way to get out

silent not gold XD
day ends~