Tuesday, March 31, 2009

BR + Unknown

today is the last day of march!
not forget to visit da Baskin Robbins~~
i am one of the customer that day~
and i get my lucky number in the queue
i bought mint chocolate for myself and choco latte chips for mum
cost me about 60++
is cheap!
normal price is 90++ for 2 quart
branded ice-cream huh
until now i still haven't touch the ice-cream
dont know my bro already ate 'em up or what ==
hope not

i done something stupid ==
and also LAME

can anyone tell me what exactly is this? ==
i made it but i have no idea ==
my bro said its look like a 馒头 which gonna go for spa ==
how you all think?

Monday, March 30, 2009


this post is just to show off
ignore it if you dont like it XD



my creation today
too sien d and also hand itchy d~
that's it!
green tea cookie!!

the green tea powder is a gift from Ryo (YE)
supposed use to make tea
but my mum asked me to put into the dough
with unexpected
the cookie smell nice and taste nice~

just very syok~

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Blood and Organ Donation

today klang district lion club having Blood and Organ Donation

i think most of my friend received my sms about this
but just few turn up T____T

what a waste i cant donate blood because i am u-n-d-e-r-w-e-i-g-h-t
i also want contribute some for this world laaa

my mum and my dad waited so long just for this day
they said they usually donate 3 months once at the public hospital

my mum and ??

she asked me to take it ==

donate blood is good! LOL

forgot to say~
one of my friend turn up to donate her blood
i think she is the first and only one who is under 18 there
i hope i can gain weight next year XD

here's is something to say to:

1--siewfoong and siewhoong
thanks for coming to become volunteer, really thank you very much~hehe
next year we must have enough weight to donate blood ya! Wakakakakakak~~~

thanks for your coming~and so sorry that i dint give the proper information about the under 18 need parents' signature == so please come for the next year XD

for those who replied me and dint
also thank you very much~~~~~~~~

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour

well well is a late post i know ==
no time to update la paiseh

so do you guys enjoy your earth hour?
for me quite interesting
first time join this kind of activity
kinda meaningful

make a wish, shall we?

this night our house just have candles
my dad shut down the main electricity
we dont even have any fans! ==

today my house full of people
my big bro's 2 friends
my lil bro's friend
later on my 4th and 5th uncle come too

so whole night just chat chat chat chat chat

i think i still will keep on this event next year^^

Friday, March 27, 2009

recent life

well well i doing fine recently
stable job
doing same routine~~
bla bla bla

ok erm
these days i become my mum driver
you guys might think not big deal
but for me
terrible and horrible
i am so tension when she's beside me!
always need to apply sudden brake
sucks man
she just let me nervous!!!!

i changed my spec border
but not obvious
seems just like that previous one =)

still considering the "lens"
but i think the answer mostly is NO
not from my parents
is my personal problem
will tell more about this in the next post
sorry for all my friends who selling lens XD
i cant attracted by the prices
but if you ask i will find some customers for you all XP
new spec look ==

okay the last one
i still worry about the college i gonna to go --TAYLORS
saw lay yi's blog
she wrote that people who study at Taylors will become materialistic and like to show off
especially girls
well i fear that i will be a member of them
dont know how to do laa

everyone here
save me if i being like that k? ==

connection these days sucks
and i'm lazy to blog
paiseh la ==

hand itchy itchy these day~
long long long time no edit pic d
lai show time! LOL

realize the colour? ==
background is black and white while i am in COLOUR!



all idea lost d
become aunty liao T.T

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Night In Macau

gonna continue the trip at Macau luhh~


we reached VENETIAN!! (*one of the casino is Macau*)
we walked around
there was HUGE
almost lost our way
then we guys starving d~
mum gave me MOP100 to buy some food

i bought this-FatBurger

hide behind XD

this meal was so expensive T.T
Venetian just same like Genting in Malaysia
everything was so expensive!!!

this monkey stole my burger!! arghh

here is always day time, is the ceiling colour actually ==
so those gambler wont feel time passing
clever hor

after finish my meal
me, fion, my mum, aunty molly and uncle ben went into the casino!!
i passed the main door without blocking by anyone XD
my mum started play 老虎机
while me just standing beside her and look around
later then got a female secure walk near me asked
"xiu jeh lei gei sui ar?
"ngo ngam ngam 18 jor lor"
"gam sai gam sai" and keep shaking her head walked away
walau my face really look small meh?
i think after 1 hour my mum finish her game and we walk back the place which under age children there

ahhhh!!! what is that??? @.@


hear nothing, talk nothing ==

fake one ==

bye lor Venetian

night we settle our dinner ourselve
4 adults continue their game at casino
while fion them already have their dinner LOL
at first i wanna eat MCD
firstly we asked an old aunty
she said she have no idea what is MCD ==
then got a lady told us inside the alley got one but she not sure whether closed or not
so we follow her direction walk to there lor
here so got feel
a bit like hongkong
finally we there
so swei laa
move up a bit got a 7-11
we bought some instant noodle think of go back hotel to eat
that time only lil' bro got MOP
7-11 dont accept RMB
our things just enough for mine and lil' bro noodle
poor thing
no chance to try out Macau Maggi Mee
beside the 7-11 is a coffee shop "i think"
for bring away only la
my bro asked them in chinese that did they accept RMB
they said yes but no included water? "they pronoun as 水" here
i told them that can speak in cantonese
what they mean was if using RMB they dint count in the exchange fee
that is 税
i bought "black sugar chocolate"
hehe~quite nice de~

when we on our way walk back to hotel
meet my dad
he standing outside the shop he introduce to us just now
he seems like know we will pass by here @.@
the shop he introduce selling food de
all kind of food
mee, rice, spegetti~~~
but almost midnight d many things finish d
i only eat yeemee plus ham and egg ==

not much interesting d here~
got to sleep liao~

Monday, March 23, 2009


glad that you'll enjoy my post there XD
encourage me to continue posting my vacation ^^

before this wanna give up liao de
due to the server down and internet connection prob ==
i hate laggy pc ==
ok no more nagging~~lailai~~LOL
16/03/09 early in the morning~
we guys wake up early need to rush to the spot that the agent ask to
there got shuttle fetch us to 珠海
before that me, dad, uncle ben and aunty molly went down first
we put all luggage we have on a car
then me, dad and aunty molly follow the car to subway station
while uncle ben hire a motor guy to go there

forgot tell something here~
china subway kinda interesting every station entrance got many motor drivers
including women
anyone pass by they all asked "leng zai/leng lui you tap ceh mou?" haha~
they all part-time earning money @.@

k continue ==
my mum and those kids walk from the apartment to subway station lor~
later then reached our station
we 10 people a luggage each on hand walk on the street
quite壮观 XD
finally we reach the place that agent asked us to meet up
but the bus late ==
so we need to wait lor~


hehe~JAY CHOU 代言的~quite nice^^

finally i am the da bus~

bye bye lor GuangZhou

brought these while waiting~i like green tea~

ok now gonna talk long ahma story again~
珠海is the place that connect to Macau
just like Johor connect with Singapore like that lor ==
from GuangZhou to 珠海 need about 1 hour+
so absolutely we SLEEP ==
.......sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep.......
okay 1 hour past finally we there~
my dad seems get food poison
he borrowed toilet from the massage center nearby the spot bus drop us down
while uncle ben walk around to find some restaurant to fill up our stomuch XD
and we asked the miss reception at the massage center to watch for our luggage while we having our meal
finally dad's problem settle and uncle ben found a restaurant
DIM SUM again
but this better than 四海一品 and their price cheaper too!
their porridge comes with a BIG bowl~WOW
and also their 叉烧包 mini sized and some honey on top~~delicious~~
paiseh la no pic == i busy eating XD
i will try ask whether fion got take any or not XD
after filled up our tummy we head off to the custom
we line up as foreigner
there so many china chinese ==
all hope to get some money from Macau~LOL
while waiting~
some people start quarrel because someone cut her line
i named them A (aunty), B (aunty) and C (uncle) here
A just stand on her roll then B cut her line
A ask B to get back to her position
B said she already stand here for a long time
C said that what B said was true
later then A and B keep cursing each other
what i heard just only "...POKKAI... POKKAI... POKKAI..."
boh bian i stand quite far from there ==
my mum said that they cursed each family members and ancestors ==
so kao lat and of course officers there dont allow them to get through
haha~calm down laaa dont let gamble lost your mind ==

ok i wanna skip some here

our accommodation for today
their receptionist and luggage boy was Philipinno
uncle ben keep flirting the reception girl he said that he from Philipinne too
that girl believed @.@
dad beh tahan d so he dint follow us to walk around Macau 

me~before going

we passed by many staircase and alley
finally ==
but not the destination YET




lai~a pic of mine LOL


i need to be TOUGH!! LOL

guys chatting while girls shopping

something funny here~
when my bros go to taste Macau Ba Gua
salesgirls them love them a lot ==
when i get nearer
they asked in cantonese
"lei sai mui ar??" WALAU A
"um hai, ngo kar jeh" ==
"hai meh? um chi wor? gam sai.." ZZZZzzz

this happened few times when they go other shops
walau T^T

later uncle ben joined them taste Ba Gua
one of the salesgirl accidently cut his long fingernail
he start flirt she again ==

later then he pick up a scissor and a piece of Ba Gua
show those salesgirl how to promote in a better way ==

see ==

lai lai lai~~free almond cookie~~

seriously i dont like almond cookie
makes me cough wholeday
too powder d ==


brought bubble tea there

this is it! 卡门~


tired weii~~

left dad T^T

so high~

i have no idea on this ==

view from top

are you afraid of height? XD


finally my hair on colour!! LOL

stand on the glass

graveyard of a priest

ahem ==


about the grave above
卡门here shows something about christian~
mostly is drawing lor~
quite nice~
know more about christian d

i like this =)

wonder why they called here 大三巴 ==

how to pronouns this? "zhui heong yun"? weird ==

after this we going to Venetian
on the way

oh my god~~HUGE RED lobster

specially taken for SINYEE~~ sinyee you saw it??? your pinko at macau!! LOL

while waiting for bus

this called GONG and TOOT

yerr..spoiled image jor ==

on the bus~

Macau Tower

okat that's all for today XD
next post will tell you all about Casino