Monday, September 29, 2008

sing k with friend

today go out with wayna, yenloong, songchen, wentin, and hueybeng
we going greenbox aeon jusco
yenloong asked me to fetch him go there
and songchen fetch wayna them
i booked the room 11am yesterday
so we suppose to reach there on time
i wake up late
i set my alarm that is 10am to wake up
but i later 15 minutes
i still need to fetch yenloong but i still not sure where's his house
just agak-agak
i phoned him when i almost near *i'm driving LOL
according he said the thai restaurant i thought i was in the wrong lane
i U-turn out then get in other lane
i turn into the same lane
who knows the lane just now i go in was the correct one
i dint see the thai restaurant just now
wasting my time and fuel
we late about 10minutes
forgive me T^T
we sing for 4 hours
but there's no more mashed potato
my favouriteT^T
actually that day dint sing many songs
mostly is wentin
we taken some pic before we end

hueybeng's cameraman

worker there capture for us


the fruit cake!
songchen going back
he got tuition
so later i need to send them go back
we decide to watch movie
dont know what to see
at last brought "Mama Mia"'s ticket
i saw someone familiar
dont know is who d
that movie is quite nice
music drama LOL
like indian's movie
then my day just end like this!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

5a4's night

we 5a4 having mooncake festival again
although this festival past quite a long time but it's still the same for us
early in the morning we having a chinese literature seminar
goat's family planned to having bak kut teh at eng ann before the seminar starts
i decided 8am wake up
but at last i late
8.15am use 60km/h speed rush to siew foong's house to fetch she to eng ann
when we reach there others still haven't reach
i brought some snacks from poh ling for tonight party
we waited them for about 30 minutes
having our breakfast~~
we're quite late reach school
many people inside bilik ceramah d
that seminar is soooo bored
but i love his notes^^
later then i fetch sueh hooi and siew foong to KP
siew foong going to buy a new phone
wayna wanna to print out photo but she forget to save the pics into her pendrive
wen tin having lunch with choon keat and wai man
after that me, wayna and wen tin go wayna's house to prepare
actually is wayna and her mum done it all
me just help a bit and wen tin keep meetoto
yen loong was the first reach there
he bring his guitar come
when he playing got a strange feel
like is another person playing not yen loong
because his personality not like guitarist *paiseh* is my opinion
chih yin was the second one
party come near and near
most of girls already here
boys haven't reach
there's two drivers for boys
song chen and hua xiang
song chen who is a guy driving unser
he is small size but driving big car
is amazing for me
while same as hua xiang too
waja he drive @.@
their car full of passenger =.=
party finally begins!
i dont want to type out all larr
just a word to describe our party
it is FUN
have fun while viewing these pics!

what you want to do??


羊咩咩with puan pang

Our Cake

Aluba session

group pic!



with hui lan


Goat's and Cow's

girls with cake

boys with cake
i'm lazy to upload all the pic^^
i'd really enjoy the time with you guys
it is really an unforgetable memory for me
about 11pm something everyone is going back
me, sueh hooi, siew foong, wen tin and huey beng stay back at wayna's house
we 5 help to clean her house then i fetch choon keat house
his house just behind wayna's house =.= waste my fuel lar wei
we 6 girls at the computer room webcam with wei hong who is wearing ah pek's singlet
got photo
request to show ^^
we also took some pic


with specs





so comfortable~~


dont bully us T^T
at the same time
hong yee called my phone
he asked what we doing
i said we playing someone
then he hang up
i call back again and asked
wanna go out for a drink?
we girls all become so high
they asked us to go hua xiang's house
that time was 12am something
we just go out from the house
wayna's was so open minded
allow her daughter to go out at midnight
if is my dad sure NO WAY
like that 6 girls squeeze into my honda
wayna showing me the direction
i have no idea when i at kapar or meru =.=
we reached hua xiang's house just 5 minutes
that time i was so scared
i never drove at midnight and at the place that i dont know at all
luckily nothing happen
and please dont tell my parents about this XD
hua xiang's house was SO SO BIG
2 and the half banglo
Oh My Gosh
how good if that is my house~~
chee lin, loy, chiau hong and hong yee was there
they playing cards
we done so many things there
exchange phone number
teasing hong yee
discuss about the class t-shirt
and many many jokes

got some people started to complain that they are hungry and sleepy
hua xiang borrow us some pillow
and decide to stay back at there @.@
but lastly dint have
when chiau hong and loy going back we also go back d
but we on the way going back
loy sms siew foong and said they just go back to bath LOL
but that time we reached wayna's house
shuan le
go back
some sleep some chat some meetoto
at first i dont want to sleep but hua xiang said i will suffer if i dint sleep
because i am driver =.=
early in the morning
the next day
me, siew foong, wen tin and wayna receive chiau hong's sms
said that "wake up shh shh lo"
he is so free =.=
later boys ask us whether want to eat breakfast with them
we go hua xiang's house again
in the room
we keep discussing what to eat
so many suggestion
chiau hong not going because he need to work
at last
mee hoon kueh
sueh hooi and siew foong sit hua xiang's car
wayna show the direction
that two girls 重色輕友sit with boys them dont want choi us at all "hng"
song chen come and meet hua xiang them
later they going to play basketball
loy taken my car key to play
i taking the house key then suddenly drop into my cincau =.=
finally he gave back to me
we go back wayna's house again
arrange the photo then about 3pm something i send them back
today was so tired
i went back home straight away sleep
i really happy can with you guys
our first breakfast at sunday
first time midnight go boy's house
still got many many

Friday, September 26, 2008

oh shit!

oh shit!
i am toooo happy today
can say is HIGH
the first thing
SPM TRIAL finally finish!!!!
i have been suffer lots for this EXAM!!!
sick, stress, tension...OH MY GOD
how if when SPM???
it's driving me crazy!!
oh sei oh sei
my english
if i dint sick
if i dint eat that cheese
i can get A for my english paper!!!!
what a waste!!!!
ohhhhh mannnn
forget about it
it's over!!!!
now is party time!!!
oh yeahhh!!
*forgive me, i really too happy today*
the second thing
my dad brought us a new pc
it's everything fine
BUT that stupid firewall blocked me to use MSN T.T
i tried so many threats but still useless
today i tried to fix with reference the old one
finally it works!!!
i no need to suffer lagging anymore!!
tomorrow is 5A4 2008 party!!
hope is will success
although not the whole class present but the party still will go on!!!
SPM qiong qiong qiong!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

stupid cheese!!

remember that day i miss my english paper 1??
yea right
that's is a unforgettable scene for me FOREVER!!
the feel of
not willingly keep turns up
why i can miss a chance get get an A??
how can i give it up???
even my parents ask me to re-test
but most of my friend said that there is no any re-test for any subject
finally last friday
i asked puan darina-my english teacher that whether i can sit for me english paper 1 or not
had not thought unexpectedly that she agree to let me take that paper
so touching
she asked me to sit in the class and start writing
the time for the paper is 1 hour and 30 minutes
but i finished it with 1 hours
2 piece of papers full with words =.=
my english is no A for sure
but i hope at least can get a B
if i dint do my paper 1
i dont want my english failed okay?
it is so embrassing for me!! T.T
today our class got 21 people present
some of them is always present
but SOME come to school can say is MIRACLE
suspect 1-MR Tee Chee Lin
no idea why he come
heard that he thought today got maths paper
suspect 2-Lao Eh
he said that at the first he decided dont want to come but dont know why come unconsciously =.= i said that he missing school
we gonna graduate soon!! OMG
puan darina marking our paper 1 today
T.T i get 56 for this paper
at the first hong yee was the highest 65
when teacher marking chiau hong's
everyone teasing hong yee that chiau hong's mark will higher than he and more than he 1 marks
because that time he know he was the highest in class he started show off *so bad*
that time teacher marking we all said that is hong yee PK chiau hong
chiau hong with 66 defeat that sibeh chuan de "red fish" LOL
my marks shoudn't that little
that cheese's fault!!
my A!!!
thanks for god blessing
he return my A for me with the BC subject!!
it's A2 73%!!
our class got 4 person get A
but only me is the most safe one
other 3 person owe homework from teacher
their marks will be reduced if they not going to pass up their homework
happy day~
chen yee asked me to fetch she to bus station but i forget about it totally
monday you can scold me T.T

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

terrible day

trial already started since last week
last week we finished our chinese paper
while yesterday is the most important paper-BM
today is english
i aimed an A for this subject
early in the morning
i ate sandwich with ham and cheese
and then go to school
at school studied some novel's theme and moral values
just for fun
shee wan asked me to tell she the novel's synopsis
well i tell it roughly
dont know she understand what i'm talking or not
the first paper is paper 2
i started to do it
when reading the composition about smell
i got a weird feeling
wanna vomit?
that feeling getting more and more
and i feel so uncomfortable
i decided to go to toilet
to make sure lahh
between the distance from my class to toilet is quite far
suddenly a disgusting feel comes up
next second
my mouth full of liquid (and some bread slices) YUCK
i release those thing in a small drain
oh gosh
encik romeeza saw it T^T
so embrassing
clean it up then rush to toilet
my energy like varnished
walk back to class
sit down and start read the text again
the feeling come again
i go to the toilet again
everyone starring at me
dont care it anymore
better than vomit in class right???
i went for toilet for 4 TIMES!!
i cant take it anymore
the time going to finish
i quickly done the short stories question
summary and novel leave blank
i dint have the attention and energy to do it anymore
i wanna go home!!!
after teacher pick up all papers i like exhausted hagging there
my friends said that i look more pale when everytime come back from toilet
i even dint have the energy to call my parents
cecilia help me to do it
with wayna phone
finally i release out the last one
in class
it's nothing
just liquid and some blood *i think
wen tin and suehhooi help to clean it up
that time i already give up my english
bye bye my A
after recess my mum finally come
she drove me back
and then sleep
without seeing doctor
my family believe that any sickness can treat by a nap or sleep
when i wake up my phone full of sms with caring
thanks guys!