Friday, August 10, 2012

It's Just A Name

If you are stalking my Facebook, you probably remember that I posted something about Chinese addresses people in full name, no matter how close their relationship is. However I found this extremely irritating, because in Malaysia when people call you in full name means you are in deep shit, right? I guess same as in North America, when a mum shouting at her rebellious son yada yada, she yelled at her son in full name.

So, I asked one of my Chinese friends for the reason. She said it's because some of the people only have 1 character after their last name like Ma Chao, Yu Hang, etc. It would be awkward if we just call them by their first name only, like Chao, or Hang, you won't want to call them Chao Chao or Hang Hang right? Which makes a good point though, because most of the Chinese people in Malaysia has 2 characters after last name, like mine, Wong Win Shi. So people would like call me Win Shi. For them, by just addressing people in first name will give them goosebumps because they think that sounds too intimate, LOL.

But still, since I have so many Chinese friends in Windsor, whenever they call me in full name I feel uneasy, felt like they are being rude, like how mum usually yell at me back home. LOL. However, that's my side of story. My friends feel uncomfortable too when local people call them in first name, so most of them got themselve an English name instead. And another problem is non-Chinese could not pronounce Chinese name correctly.

So yea, that's the cultural-shock.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bye Bye Black

So, if you are following me on Twitter, you might know that I am officially a brunette right now. Well, half brunette.

Yup, I dyed my hair, like finally. Most of my friends dye their hair immediately right after secondary school graduation. I think I am the only one who dye her hair at this age, lol. Not that I don't want to dye my hair, I had the attempt but not that strong. And also one sentence from my mum actually stopped me from dying my hair. She said it would be a waste to dye my hair because my hair is naturally black, not many people can get as black as mine. I was like, whoa, I am privileged. That's the reason I am black hair for, uh, 21 years. LOL.

So, why did I decided to dye? Lame answer: because it was on promotion. LOL. Yea as simple as that. I am an uber stingy person just so you know, I love buying cheap stuff, I love pasar malam cloths! lolwtf. Yea anyway, so I am no longer black hair.

So here's the outcome.

I hate taking photos in my room, the lighting sucks to the max, LOL. However, you can see it from my recently uploaded photos on Facebook. 

But, I don't think people noticed it, is it because I didn't announce it publicly? As in on Facebook? If yes, omg, what has this society became? All rely on social media? LOL. 

What I will do is, patiently wait until someone points out, hopefully that person will be le guy. lolwtf.