Saturday, February 18, 2012


Finally, one week of break is here. This week was really hectic, FAW II, drawings, sculpture, media and society, AIESEC, planning for Atlanta trip, and so many others which I can't remember right now. Thank God, most of them are done, and are supposed to be done in this week. Hopefully one week of my absence in Windsor will make things go better. People always screw things up, I tried my best not to, and yet, I failed. When I first came here I told myself, make it perfect, this is your dream after all, make sure no thing can let you down. Screwed housing, screwed friendship, I got what I deserve. Or maybe this is the sign that I have slacked too much? Because I feel very productive in this few weeks, stop spending cash, spent more time on studies, moved freely, in short, loner works perfect for me, just like back in INTI. I don't have to tell anyone where I am going to, what am I doing, what am I going to do, it is just, feeling awesome. I always consider myself as antisocial, I just feel uncomfortable to mix with people, especially with people that are not my kind. I can be very nice when you first met me, some people choose to ignore me when I am not their kind, or I am the one who will ignore them. Speaking of friendship, fate really matters, that's why I really appreciate the friendship between kamfa and DJDD group, they are people who know me well, tolerate me, understand me, support me all, the time. CRAPPPPP.

LOL I am running off from the topic, again.

So! This Atlanta trip is so gonna be awesome! Largest aquarium is the world! Museums! Georgia Tech! Emory! Coca-cola world! Will be visiting a lot of art centers, thanks to Ancient to Medieval and Dr. Giles, you have turned me to an art freak. LOL.

And yet, the annoying FAW II still as annoying as it supposed to be. Peer Review 2 is due on the Monday after the cam back! FML. Who ever invent FAW please go die, you are making people's life miserable! #babble #rant #lifeofanuwindsorstudent

A reminder for myself to make sure I will do it when I come back, because I know I will definitely slack. LOL

Have a pleasant break, people! 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Just Because Artists Rock

Just the enlarged size of my camera button, imagine the full size :) 

Valentine's Day doodles

Mushroom-accident from hot glue gun

Drawing in the room

What can you see? Complication or simplicity? 

4 days to Atlanta, gonna finish these ASAP.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


第一次过下着雪的情人节,第二次过没有你的情人节。你还好吗?我依然很想念你,非常的想念。好想,真的好想再见到你,好像捧着你的大脸,好想看着你的眼睛,好想把我的脸往你的脸上蹭,好想念有你在身边的日子。也许我从来没和你说国我会去加拿大,因为我以为我/你会陪你/我到最后,我上飞机的时候。很对不起,是我太自私,如果我有机会选择,我绝对不会去INTI Nilai,我绝对不会去做那该死的眼睛手术。我知道他们很宠爱你,你也爱食物,但是我爱你啊你知道不?我都来不及把你看仔细你就这样走了,走了,永远都不会来了。我一直说服自己,你还在,只是迷了路,在等我把你带回家。



Monday, February 6, 2012

凌晨4点 2月5日




Sunday, February 5, 2012


As predicted, sadly, I lost the house. Before this, everything was smooth, the house was awesome, the landlord was friendly, housemates were fine, everything seems just so good, like a dream. Yea now it really became a dream, a nightmare. Ever since we paid for the deposit, problems starts to hit on MY FACE. Yes, just mine, why? Because I am what they called leader of them, as known as their fucking translator. My future housemates are all from China, all of them still studying in English Language Improvement Program of the university. Our lease for the house is from May 2012 to May 2013 because I am staying here for summer, so does they. And then one of the guys decided not to rent the house anymore because his mum demanded him to go back for summer, while another guy, the friend of his does not want to stay too because his buddy is not staying. So I am asked to find another two person to replace them, the fuck, why me again. They give me the stupid reason that most of their friends, in ELIP are going back. You fucking kidding me? Does it mean you girls are going back as well? They replied me very ambiguously, and yesterday, one of them just called me and tell me that she cannot stay over here for summer because her dad might want her to go back to Shanghai. WHAT THE FUCK. I even paid for my last month rental already, bitch! I have no intention to tease these China people but they are really retarded. They think they are still in their country, things there does not work here you pathetic people. Even the landlord asked me why they hesitated to pay their last month rental, I told him directly because they think you are a cheater, he laughed, at their idiocy, so do I. In their eyes, lease agreement is nothing but receipt is more important, no matter how many times I told them, they just don't care at all. They didn't even read the lease! o0o

Another bitcher thing is, the stupid landlord doesn't care what shit hole I am in now, he asked me to find another 4 person myself no matter what, couldn't take back my last month rental as well. Fuck this shit. Posted ad on Kijiji hopefully people will reply, with who I am staying with, I have no choice anymore. But if I am given the chance, I DO NOT WANT TO STAYING WITH CHINA STUDENT. Not a chance. My mum also said that China people have personalities problem, because her so-called China sister is one of them, problematic, screwed her own marriage, stole my mum products and sell, brilliant huh.

Their mind set is so fucked up. With this kind of English level still dare to study abroad, oh no wait, they don't even wanna study, they come here to fucking spend their time and parents' money. You thought I got  IELTS for 7.0 is easy? I am a born Chinese speaker like you guys as well, and to be honest I did not expect I will get a 7, I was expecting a 5 or something. And I even told myself if I failed IELTS I will to give up my dream to go to Canada, but here I am now, people saying my English is good, which I think I still need to improve, overcome the fear of speaking, I know some of them even don't to go class anymore. Please, you guys, if you have to many money to spend please give it to me, if you don't wanna study please get the fuck out from my eye sight. Also, don't ever call me a Malay again, I am a Malaysian Chinese, you bitches. Please go back your biggest population country and read more about this world. You guys are really ignorant, and pathetic.

Everyone know China is big, so what? Big country with mindless people? I can't see the future of it. People back in Malaysia who study in international school don't even act like you guys, although their too spend money like nobody business, but at least they study! They are not lifeless like you people.

From now on, I am not your translator, nanny anymore, don't care if you got fucked in the pub or cheated by kijiji sellers, these are non of my business anymore. You guys never appreciate my existence, just wanna get advantage from me, even I asked to accompany me to Dollarama you guys didnt give a fuck of it. It's done.

So readers, thanks for tolerate with my vulgar words, because I am really pissed. And I would like to ask you guys for a favor, please pray for me that I can settle this shit ASAP. Thank you.

死中国人,再叫我马来人你就等着被我剁吧 MCB.

Friday, February 3, 2012



这些问题我从来都没有在我脑海里出现过直到新年快到的时候,全部人在Facebook post关于新年的时候,一直收到ISC发有关于新年的活动的时候,还有看到CSSA 把dragon 拼成drogan的时候 (LOL 虽然没关联,但是就是想取笑那些tiong kok lang,发official email都可以有这种错误 tsk tsk tsk)



不过幸好有她们的陪伴 :)

想到三年都没的吃客家擂茶和客家炸肉我就!@#$%^&*()_+ 我忍!