Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Night~~

today is christmas eve~
my house having a party
main is to celebrate my mum's birthday and introduce ryosuke to me friends
work from morning till night
keep preparing food
and of course
party sure have my cheese cake~hehe
this time is tiramisu~~
party starts 7pm
my relatives, parents' friends and brother's friend come d
only my friends haven't show up T^T
about 8pm half of them only reached
is girls and songchen~
at least they got come lar
late d also nevermind~
they start to eat~~
chit chit chat chat~
later on dad asked me to bring out da cake
because some of the people wanna go back~
take it out lorr
quite sia sui xia
so nipis =.=
photo time~~

cut cut cut~

mum and her best friend~whooo

we with ryosuke~

when we singing the birthday song
the other gang reached
men in black =.=
they started to chat with ryosuke~
asked many question~
but only chiauhong asking i think
whole house his voice =.=
really loud speaker no1
my relative said that ryosuke never changes his pose when sitting
not like us keep move here and there
that's our different between japanese~ha!
before boys going back
picture again~~

after they back we girls start chit chat again
we count down for christmas~^^
called karhong for wishing him XD
hug each other
sent each other sms~
girls going over night at my house
and of course
first time celebrate christmas with my friends
before this every year with my family
because my mum birthday's on christmas
lucky she XD
well girls
hope we can celebrate christmas together again in the previous year~~^^

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

yesterday i brought a hand accessories

WWS doesn't mean World Without Strangers k?
WWS on that means Wong Win Shi lar =.=
other people thought i am Giordano's super fans
please lar I AM NOT =.=
today we bring junkee to test the special fruit i mention yesterday
he felt so shock
is time to go back lorr~~
before we go back we went a park
quite nice

errmmm...purplish vege??
tiny little vege~~~=.=

chicken!!! =.=
before we go back we having a tea time at there
expensive but nice^^
posing for mocha's

posing for mocha's

posing for mocha's
which model you prefer? LOL
other than mocha we order salad and sandwiches too
on the way back
small bro ki hiao d

quite nice lar
like korean hor??
get electric shot??
call me if you interested

is me
yuck~messy hair ugly face =.=
that's all for my cameron trip @.@

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

2nd Day at Cameron

yesterday night so damn cool
no need air-cond d
and yesterday night was so so noisy
men's drink alcohol
women's chit-chat
children play pokers
and there's karaoke too T^T
someone complaint us was too noisy
and one uncle which was drunk badly scolded that poor guard
these happened when i slept =.=
early in the morning
jun kee's turn "tukareta" tired in japanese ^^
we 4 go around the mountain see
flower garden

call me kiddie!

sweet couple XD

punch-sized flower *amazing*

me and bro

flower-as big as my head =.= idea what is this ==

LOL silly me

weird thingy

bell-looked flower =.=

weird look cactus @.@

as big as her face =.=

giant hibuscus

giant rabbit @.@

me and my family like to play at turkeys!
next time when you meet them you try to shout at them
they will give you response!
it's fun! XD
we go to the market
cc asked me to bring some mini tomatoes for her
mum brought a lot of thing
at there
we found a special fruit
like peanut that small
after you chew it whatever you eat will become SWEET!
is true
and i tried!
dad brought the fruit tree and decide to plant it at our house~ha
night we having steamboat
every family squeeze inside an apartment
there's 3 pot of soup
the electricity is overload d so keep shutdown shutdown
we keep "Oh~Oh~Oh~
some aunties keep say "跳电了跳电了~~"
well is quite fun
later then those kid play pokers again
sien lar weiii
i find someone to sms
too sien liao
suddenly found the my sim card got problem
poor phone keep on off on off
still the same!!
what happened to my darling??? T^T
god help me
dont so fast spoil ehh
after finished a cup of milo then fall asleep XD

Monday, December 8, 2008

after back from taylor's
me and my family prepare to go Cameron Highlands
it's been a long time dint go there d
on the way
we listen song and chit-chat
so sien
and keep keep speed up his car
so kia lang
bro keep ask he to catch up the motor
siao liao siao liao
after few hours we reached the foot of the mountain
start raining
heavier and heavier
cameron there start jam and there is no any light
after some jamming we finally reached the apartment
there's few family arrived there
forgot to tell you all
this trip included 13 of families
all members of lion's club^^
i ate something then sleep d
boh bian
too tired
today morning go to taylor's see around
there got fair and alan wu is coming for give a talk
well i am not so siao he larr
just follow the crowd lor
taylor's business school outside looks like an office LOL
and taylor's another school (forgot what name d)is that place having the fair
alan wu's talks haven't start so me and my dad go to listen for the hospitality
dad listened the speech by mr.XX from PWTC he changed the view for hospitality
before this my dad thought hospitality is that kind work at hotel
i already told him that but he dont want to listen and keep ask me dont choose
SEE? SEE? told you hospitality not that low class okay??
SEE? SEE? i already changed my mind not to choose that now you want me to change again?
dont siao lar uncle!! ZZZZzz
only one disadvantage for this course
people enjoy their holiday but we need to work!!! T^T
i dont know lar i dont know lar
i really dont know want to choose larrr
i like to cook
i like to bake
i like design
i like computer
i like to write
i like to explore human's mind
what should i study????
someone can show me the direction???
i scared make the wrong decision
i scared when i graduated no one hires me
scared people look down for what i study
i scared i scared i scared!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


me and my friend planning to go to sunway pyramid after exam
today was Ekonomi Asas
but seems everyone is so excited
quickly finish the paper then RUSH OUT!
so do i ^^
lets have some pic
taken before we go XD

bye bye kwang hua

hand in hand we together ^^


siewfoong and suehhooi

wayna and me

snap snap in school toilet ^^

is us again^^

finally we changed our cloth~
this time i drive to there
TMD i dont know the direction at all
so ganjiong man
in the highway
try to speed up
i dont dare leh
so scared
finally reach there
sunway was so so many people and cars
no parking leh
keep go round and round at the parking lot
found a parking place at last

while waiting the lift

red christmas tree!
want to see more photo?
kindly view my friendster ^^
arrive there
have lunch first
Kim Gary again
this time we four(carlyn, sf, nana and me)
sit a table
others like songchen, hongyee them sit aside
after lunch we 4 keep discussing what to do next
some say skate some say sing-k
me and sf support sing-k
because too much pressure kept in heart need to burst it out XD
on the way go to redbox we also taken some pic
later then songchen called me said that he dont want to skate he wanna join us sing-k
cincai larr LOL~
we're too high inside there
keep screaming keep shouting
before few minutes we going to leave the room
wayna go choose those children's song
we singing and laughing there
finally we come out from there
is about 8pm something
after meet up wentin we go have KFC then go back
i was so lost i dont know the way to back
wayna keep sms with cecilia and forgot to show direction
i get into the highway which go to KL
walau that time i really panic
say lots lots of scolding words
but finally can get out from there lar
if not i will scared and cry T^T
halfway go to suehhooi's house
heavy rain man
so so big
can't see the road properly
so scared T^T
at last we safe back to wayna house and straight away sleep
So Tired Man~~~