Friday, April 27, 2012





大学一(二)年级搞定了,从宿舍搬了出来,开始自己做饭,再也没有机会讲马来西亚华语,niama 这是什么感觉。一直都找不到适当的形容词来形容我现在的心境。


Thursday, April 12, 2012

You May Say I Am A Dreamer

But I am not the only one.

Took a leadership survey powered by AIESEC. Here is my result:
Your highest value as a leader is adaptability. For you, the best way for young people to make change is being aware about various problems. This means that *drum roll*....You are a dreamer!

For you, understanding and reflecting on problems is the key to making change. You know that it's important to think before you act. If you choose to lead, whether it's locally, nationally, or internationally, your focus on understanding will be important to bring perspective and context to problems. Perhaps you will make brainstorms, or facilitate conversations so that others can develop and understand ideas. Remember, though, that it will be important to collaborate with people who can share your ideas and turn them into actions. In the workplace, perhaps you will use your understanding of ideas to become a product designer, a writer, or a consultant.

Click HERE to find out your leadership style!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I remember a senior in Tzu Chi told me that volunteering is an addiction. This is so true for me now. Plan for next summer is either go to an exchange with AIESEC or to this

The volunteering cells in my body start active again. Ahhhhhhhhh.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Swirl Pool

As time pass by, as age grow older, the purpose of my life getting vaguer. I do not know what home is already, neither what Canada is to me. Maybe I should really go home, to recharge myself.

Pre-finals were never easy, is a painful, dreadful, fulled with boredom journey which can lead to you some dead end that you cannot easily escape from it. No matter how many hours you sleep, how many junk food you eat, how many time you spend in the library, nobody gives a fuck.

I am really looking forward for the coming summer, the killer sun, long-lost sweat, eating bak kut teh or other Malaysian food like nobody business.

Freaking hate this feeling of disconnected to the world that I am belong to. Can someone freaking invent a teleport machine?!


I would totally make a spontaneous travel to somewhere else all by myself, IF I have the money.

Please slap this face once you see it. This person need to wake up.