Thursday, August 28, 2008

my driving life

i started my driving life since last friday
now i no more phone mum to send me here and there
and conversation between us getting less
get driving license and drive car ownself like a adult ritual
now days mum ask me to fetch my brother go here go there
and i can go anywhere by myself
a bit weird weird de
i been 10 years fetch by parents
suddenly without them feel lonely @.@
got a feel like they feel very safe to me and no need cares about me d
i dont want like this lehh
i'm still a little girl
childish, careless girl T^T
i always forget this forget that
sometimes forget to lock the car
sometimes forget to close the light
sometimes forget to scroll up the window
damn it!!
i hate my forgetful!!!
just now go fetch margie
she was sick and mum phone me to fetch she home rest
after fetch she i decide go to add some petrol for this car
when i turn in the petrol station
estimated wrongly
go and bang down the petrol nozzle
workers there see d laugh at there
so embrassing man~~
when i finish my thing saw one of them show good to me
i think he see me so young and know i am newbie


SPM getting near and near
but i done nothing until now
person sit infront me in class who always sleeping at class now he awaken
he started to memorize moral's definitions, practicing math question and many many
his changes can use HORRIBLE to define
something like 180 big changes
everyone is so shock and look unbelievable
i think teachers too
i dont know what made him full of energy and determination
at the first time i thought that is his girlfriend encourage him to do so
but when i asked
he said that his girlfriend dint understand him
then i dont know what had him like that
is a powerful energy man!
transform a lazy piggy people to kinda superman
he memorized 36 nilai moral!!!
i tested him he can answered all
god!~~help me T^T
other people also start their revision d but i'm still playing
i can't concentrate on that table larrr
dad gave me so many pressure
i dont want study form 6 T^T
guan yin maa
popi me can pass my math
other i can pia myself LOL
target 5A and ABOVE
i mean in SPM laa
siao mehh
3A i already kam sia guan yin maa lorrr
but i still will try my best
dont know this is kind of curse or what
i cannot read so much
will over "leakage"
my marks will decrease
hope this not sure man
no read sure die
read more also die
how should i do???? LOL

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Car Driving

today might be a unforgetable day for me
that's i drove alone today without accompany of my parent!
should i be proud of it? LOL
early in the morning
i wake up and prepared everything
but at last i cant find the car key
is with margie *my philipine mate, believe me, she's cute! ha!* there
she looked shock when saw i sitting inside the car
on the way to eng ann
i am quite sleepy honesty
not very concentrate on driving
but dont know why
still will a bit nervous @.@
infront the eng ann round there i nearly bang a car
i stepped the wrong paddle @.@
finally i reached A1
i late for 2 minutes
with non-stoppable and fast heart beat
frighten man!
we had a short break at 10am
teh o ice i have =.=
later back to that prison do some work
i mean BM homework XD
when about 12pm like that
i suddenly remembered that my class end 1.30pm
but i told sueh hooi is 1pm
i quickly sms inform she
finally class finished
meet sueh hooi infron king kong there
then we walk to the red big car there =.=
about 10 minutes later we reached JJ bukit raja
oh man
i'm sucks in parking lehh
except for side parking larr
that's easy for me
but that kind of parking that can usually seen i cant do it
weird right?
people thinks that that kind of parking is the easiest but i am not
beside side parking is easy for me than they think side parking is difficult
what world is this @.@
at parking side there i keep reverse, go straight, reverse, go straight
i repeated this for several time
a uncle which waiting for the parking finally cannot take it anymore
he came down from his car
teach me how to get out from it
finally i reverse it nicely and go straight again
perfect! LOL
that pity uncle thought that i want go out so he so kind came out from his car to lead me
ha~paiseh lorr
newbie is like that de
after paid parking ticket
sueh hooi go take out money from ATM
then buy movie ticket
the movie we watch is "You Dont Mess With The Zohan"
i think everyone was cheated by the advertisment
this show is sensored actually @.@
our goverment is so weird
why they dint strict on this kind of movie but go and kacau other movie like ah long pte
what kind of world is this? =.=
NO OFFENSE!! it's just a girl comment!
back to the topic kay?
Zohan is movie is totally hamsap and keep talking about SEX, male private part and so on
americian style?
oh no for we kids k?
after the movie
we have our lunch? tea break at pizza hut
not much but eat until very full

taken by sueh hooi~
after bill we going to back
saw poh ling there
she said that chin se, chen yee and qi feng still here
they watch movie Wall-E
found them at JJ toys side LOL
below is some pic she take at the car

after edit

mission accomplish!!!
nothing happen!!
shall we celebrate??
who is going be my next passenger? LOL

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman

I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman-Britney Spears

I used to think
I had the answers to everything
But now I know
That life doesn't always
Go my way, yeah...
Feels like I'm caught
in the middle
That's when I realize...

[ Chorus ]
I'm not a girl
Not yet a woman
All I need is time
A moment that is mine
While I'm in between
I'm not a girl

[ Verse 2 ]
There is no need to protect me
Its time that I
Learn to face up to
this on my own
I've seen so much more
than you know now
so don't tell me to shut my eyes

I'm not a girl
Not yet a woman
All I need is time
A moment that is mine
While I'm in between
I'm not a girl

[ Verse 3 ]
But if you look at me closely
You will see it my eyes
This girl will always find
Her way

I'm not a girl
(I'm not a girl don't
tell me what to
Not Yet a woman
(I'm just tryin to
find the woman in me,
All I need is time (All
I need is time)
A moment that is mine
(That is mine)
While I'm in between

I'm not a girl(like anyone)
Not yet a woman (no,no)
All I need is time (all
i need is time)
A moment that is mine
While I'm in between

I'm not a girl
Not yet a woman
还有蛮多的 @.@
我要怎么把自己嫁出去叻? XP
没有做一个女生的形象 @.@
我喜欢看女生 @.@

Friday, August 15, 2008

Tanniah! Anda telah dipilih untuk menyertai PLKN Siri 6/2009

oh yeah~i kena NS d
i wanted to go very long time ago
since this program starts few years ^^
maybe i am attracted by the flying fox @.@
i hope i can go either sabah or sarawak
far far away from my house!! LOL
i think i gonna to choose batch 1
i want faster get into my studies LOL
many of my friends dint kena
they tease me that
you go NS get rm300 for 3 month
i work get rm3000 for 3 month
so suan >*<
dont say like that lehh
i hug a big hope on NS de
i dream of i will have a happy memory at there XD
good luck for me!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008


i failed again
i died in the second round
dont blame anyone larr
my lucky not enough good
first round fight with a girl from sri muda
her look like "tak ceh por" but quite good in playing ping pong especially in spin ball T^T
i hate that
i defeat she finally
with a close marks
wen tin more nervous than me
she was my pengadil that time
she lose in the first round
quite waste
same as jing shan too
6 girls from kwang hua got 4 girls defeat by PSDN Chung Hwa KL
that's me, jing shan, wen tin and a form 1 girl
siau pei died when fight with see may yee =.=
that girl siao siao de
dont know why so geng
and lye min defeat by foo lin li
jing shan follow me back home
my last competition in secondary school life just ended like this
舍不得 T^T
8pm we got to go tzu chi to have a camp with chi shao from Kluang

when they're here!


london bridge ^^

fion and me, seeing something funny, capture by 明煌师伯
later those kluang chi shao go to sleep
we senior having a meeting for tomorrow progamme
discuss until 2.30am something and need to wake up at 5.30am
me and some people decide dont sleep
midnight we play uno cards and chat
but we can tahan until 5am only XD
the next day the 师姑 who same room with us complain us very noisy

when breakfast

plant the tree with our wishes

group pic of chi shao kluang^^


the biscuit team! not included me XP