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Saturday, June 23, 2012


Finally got the chance to experience a foreign country's summer. Bright sunlight and heat are definitely something that I missed. However, summer in Canada is totally different with what we have in Malaysia. Why? Because is so friggin dry here! Imagine the warm wind, imagine the sunlight can actually hurt your skin. Therefore I would say summer in the North America is not friendly, however I am glad that I am able to stand it, some people just could not. Haha.

I think I did not mention it before, I just done with my summer term, took an art history class for intersession during the first month of summer. Intersession is like short sem in Malaysia, which is to finish 4 months study materials in 1 month. Very very intense, especially when you are taking course like art history. I need to memorize 70 paintings and architecture for final exam, as well as it's artist, period, culture, locations and 3 facts. But, I had fun! 

Got Cameron Macdonell as my Renaissance to Modern art history professor. He is like a walking art history encyclopedia, he can answer almost every student's question, just way too awesome. After this course, I am finally can say that, I HATE MODERN ART. LOL. Before modern art, paintings are created upon request or for sale, right now, paintings are more like an expression of the artist itself, only the artist himself/herself understand what he/she is trying to convey. Which is, they do not give a fuck of the audience, and most importantly they are not aesthetically enjoyable. To be honest, I almost puke when I was reading Claude Monet's and Pablo Piccasso. *Great fans of art please don't kill me*

What art history changed me is that, I can now recognize paintings and some parts of architecture! Like while I was watching Monte Carlo yesterday night, when Selena Gomez and her friends visiting The Louvre, I almost shout out the name of the paintings I saw, like Raft of Medusa and Liberty Leading the People, omg. Insane. But, I love this feeling, haha.

However, I am glad that I am done, and I will not take Modern Art in the coming semester instead, Early Medieval or Northern Renaissance, yay.

On the other hand, I got an on-campus job, finally! Applied it through WISE, the job list for international students. LOL. Submitted the resume and went for the interview, the employers were quite impressed with the number of languages I am able to speak, yay for being Malaysian. So yea, right now I am working at the front desk of the International Student Centre. Answer questions to whoever comes in, assign them to see the right person for specific questions.

Besides that, I have been quite busy with AIESEC Windsor as well. Since the vice president of my portfolio, communications is in Toronto, another guy Kevin and me has been assigned as directors to look over the portfolio during the summer.

Therefore my title now is the Director of Public Awareness of AIESEC Windsor. LOL. But I am still doing the old stuff like social media and IT since I am not that leader-ish in anyway. LOL. And after the BoA meeting, I am started to think should I apply to be the vice president of communications or not. Because I have serious stage fright, nothing to do with language, just pure stage fright, I cannot talk to public, especially I know there are some high position people there.

I thought I got rid of this problem when I was in INTI because I do talked a lot, asked questions when having meetings or classes. Just weird though. However, back to the topic. I do not see anyone in communications will apply to be the vice president though except Kevin and me, or maybe Chantelle. Well, I  still need to figure out which to go, either VP COM or go to an exchange in Italy to Turkey.

And right now we are doing a video project, it is going to be a general knowledge about AIESEC, for training purpose. Sometimes I just wish we have more serious members in AIESEC though. It feel sucks when you know you are working alone. It's like a solo cheerleader, cheer alone like a sohai. LOL.

So, what's up for the rest of summer? I don't really have plans yet. Will be going to Texas for 1 week though, few days trip and 3 days Tzu Chi Conference. Then parents are coming at the end of August, which I will be busy working and moving out from this room at that time. WHAT A GREAT TIMING. Hopefully everything will be fine at that time. :/

Especially the housing, it has been a fucking pain in the ass since January. Oh God, please help me this time, I just want to end this suffer.

Until now, I still not sure whether if staying in Windsor for the summer is a right decision or not. Yes I took a course, I got a job, and most importantly, I met you. But home is home, where people who truly loves me belong, where only good food exist! LOL.

I am still in the swirl pool, save me.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012



请好好珍惜金牛对你的好 当金牛对你好时会好得没有底
但如果你不懂得珍惜 一次又一次的伤害金牛
总有一天你在他的心里就不再那么重要 那时即使你挽回也没有用了
总有一些东西是变了 每当你说出:"关你什么事?"时请想清楚
不然你下次找他的时候得到的回复可能是 "关我什么事?"



金牛喜欢人与人之间淡淡地相处 不会太累 也没那么多顾及
金牛喜欢淡淡的文字 流淌着飘逸纯真 有如潺潺清泉洗濯着疲惫的心灵
金牛喜欢淡淡的生活 静悄悄地走过每一天 不要留下什么印痕









Thursday, June 14, 2012

Imma Pro

So I just bought this $2 mini fan from Dollarama, thought of maybe it can help cool down my steamy room a little bit. It is a battery operated fan. With so much of expectation, after I put in 2 AA size batteries, this thing won't effing work! I was like wtf, I just wasted $2 + tax on this piece of useless shit. Then, I looked to my left, my green bag full of hardware tools I bought for sculpture class. An thought came to my mind, "why don't I try fix it, I have all the tools I need."

After 10 mins, guess what? IT WORKED! It wouldn't work just now because the red wire detached from the generator, so I just cut a little and pluck it back. I felt so proud, LOL. Is it my first time fixing stuff? I don't really remember, but I have a feeling I fixed quite a lot of stuff back home.

So, say hi to my new yellow friend whom will accompany me for the rest of the summer.

Don't mess with the daughter of hardware guy,
or I should totally change my major to something related to this. LOL

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Love at the first sight?

I always thought this is some kind of bullshit that only appears in movie. In fact, it is not, because it just happened to me recently.

For the first time in my life, the feelings just strike me like that. It frightens me, I never have this feeling before, it is like a mixture of happy, excited, worried, anxious, etc.

He is the guy I ever wanted, the personality, a food lover, a movie lover, do not talk much, and others. I thought I will never had the chance to meet this kind of guy ever in my life *sounds hyperbole but it's true okay lol*, whom fits my criteria, like score a full mark in an exam. I even prepared to be single forever. It just shocked me.

I advised friends about their relationship problems however myself is a total newbie, ironic eh?

Hopefully both of us can work out something. If not, I will not whine or whatever, at least I got to know that my kind of guy do exist.

This is the first time I fall for someone.

Did not expect me to post something like this eh? 
Me neither. 
But, meh.