Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bag Packer's Chapter 1: Guang Zhou, China

Finally 9 days of travel in GuangZhou, China is done!

At first, I really want to make this trip as a self/independent/everything-done-by-self travel, also put it as a test to test out am I really independent enough to leave this country as well.

In the end, not everything were up to my expectation. Everything started with a woman, a friend of my mum at there, and some issues came up before I leave Guang Zhou. I was depressed for these for few days even after I came back.
So, let just not talk about sad thing first okay?

I don't really remember how my friend Cecilia and I came up with this idea, to travel, just both of us, with the consideration of another 2 friends still in college, not able to join us. Guang Zhou was not our first choice though, it was Taiwan, but then this year is their 100th anniversary so the air ticket to fly to there will be friggin expensive and there will be crowds, which Cecilia and I dislike a lot. Then we also considered Bali. After some comparison andd discussion we choose to go Guang Zhou because of some reasons. Like, my parents have a house there, so our accomodation fee will be free, public transportation there is very efficient, super cheap to shopping there, most importantly (also a headache for us after that), my mum's friend is there, if we need any help we can look for her.

At there, we didnt join any local tour, we travel ALL BY OURSELVES! Well, we joined one, sort of forced by my mum's friend. We signed that up on the first day we arrived, when we are still in blur state. Our RMB600+ and 2 days just gone like that. If we didnt sign up for this we might go places that we really wanted to go. Argh, big regret!

Like I said just now, public transportation is superb! Especially their metro, our KTM really cannot compete with it. LOL. Most of the time we use metro to go to places we wanted to visit, and some places we used bus, also taxi. However, they rest/stop servicing quite early, around 11pm like that. We thought of can pay a visit to their pub or whatever but in the end we didnt manage to go, another regret!

So now, talk about my companion aka my best friend Cecilia. This was her first time been to China, and she was exhilarated for most of the time when being in Guang Zhou. First thing, her appearance. She is a Chindian but speaks superb Mandarin. When China people bumped into her, most of them will go O.o or :O. SUPRISED! China people just so jealous that we Malaysian can speak that many of language, some of them can't even speak good Mandarin instead their own dialect, Malaysians, do you feel proud now? :D Besides that, she is a Chinese cultural lover, unlike me, half-banana(?) LOL. I don't know as much China history as her. So when we visit some historical places like museum or tomb, she feel thrilled, sometimes shout: Oh, I read about this before! With a super big wide smile :D I really feel happy that she enjoys everything there, this also one of the reason I bring she here, to destress. Meanwhile, I slowly influencing her with my blur-ness and sampat-ness, by cracking jokes, taking stupid syok sendiri photos and etc. It was really fun! Hope we can have chance to travel together again.

In a nutshell, I shall rate this trip 8/10. I really enjoyed for the whold process! However, do I achieve my target? Not entirely. Thanks to my mum's friend for being sooooo caring, argh. I failed myself! Ok, don't be so harsh to myself. At least we didn't encounter anything bad, applause to myself! :)

So, which bag packer destination is _________? :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Often times when a course ends, people will come up with a trip.
Like when I was in CPU, the scholars gang went to Pulau Redang.
And when INTI-AUP, I followed scholars to Pulau Perhentian.
So why am I so attached wtih scholars huh, and why they like to go beaches? Coincidence? Haha. YAY JPA scholars like me! LOL

You know, is hard to not compare 2 of these trip, so yeaaaaa.

A group of 44 people!

Kuala Besut Port

Boat which taking us to the island

Omg, look how clear the water is!

Place we stay in. Fauna resort.

Perhentian unlike Redang, Western tourists more like to visit here, haha.

The overpriced shop. 1 ice cream cost like RM5. LOL

Settled some stuffs about room and we went under the tree to wait for lunch.

The guys. While waiting for lunch.


After lunch we went back to our room and prepare to go for our first session of snokerling. Eve was having her G12 with her at that time, so yea. It was fun though, wearing the life jacket and goggle and swim around. There was one time I was enjoying watching clown fishes and I didn't notice that I was actually quite far from the boat that bring us here. Then after I got bored with those fishes I decided to swim back. Swim swim swim, then what the heck, why am I still at the same position?! I used up all my energy and I only moved a little bit. I started to panic, use whatever style to try swim but still cannot. Luckily one of the people in-charge saved me, and told me it was the current in the sea thats why how hard to swim I still cannot reach the boat. WTF SCARE DIE ME. =.= BUT! Still worth it though, I got to see NEMO!!! Hahahahah!

Went back to the island we stay, most of us still don't wanna go back for shower. I soaked myself in the water for a while, bla bla bla, then eve said she never play volleyball before, then I said, joms, go join guys them. Then 2 of us were on each side, 5 players on a side, 4 guys 1 girl. LOL.
The game getting more fun eventually, guys them started to bet, the lose side treat the win side burger! Hahaha! In the end, no winner no loser because the sky started to rain. I ate my dinner with sands and sea water all over my body, I didn't get back to bath. LOL

The dining place.

Up: Priyanta, Jason Tee, Me.
Down: Eve, Josephine, LiAnn, Dheva and Vemala.

Jump high! Woo!

After dinner most of us have nothing to do, we walked to another side of the beach, snapped some photos, basically did nothing much.Then don't know who suggested to play Truth or Dare. And since Eve and I have nothing to do then we joined. That was the most ridiculous Truth or Dare I ever played. With so much restrictions, so much rules like no physical attachment with the opposite sex, there will be exemption for those who kena Dare-ed, bla bla bla. LOL. I can't really say I enjoyed the whole thing because it was a scholar's Truth or Dare, I don't know most of the things they said like their affairs, things happened between specific people or whatever. The whole game I just got 2 times to tell the Truth, meh, better than nothing. After the Truth or Dare session group ended, Eve and I and other guys had a little sharing session about some boys and girls stuffs. About 2AM like that Eve and I went to bed. We decided to wake up on 5am to see sunrise but both of us overslept =.= Almost missed breakfast too. LOL.

Our second session of snokerling is at noon, so after breakfast we people start looking for stuff to do again. Kites, cover sand on people, volleyball, snap photos bla bla blaaaa.


The kite gang.

The chillin' gang.

The volleyball gang.

Then time is almost there, we prepared to suit up!

Hahahaha, this is so cute!

They put us on an island and we gonna have our lunch there. A so-called picnic style lunch, simply eat without a table. And most importantly, the main dish is CURRY. wtf. I literally swallowed everything and almost puke T_T

After the lunch everyone went to the beach and play. Basically just boring, nothing to do, swimmed like 1 hour then only the boat came to pick us to go for snokerling.

Snokerling today was just okay. So I decided to do something to entertain myself. I jump off the boat instead of using the staircase. LOL.

First attempt.

Second attempt.

I hurt my right foot after the second jump, the sea is too shallow, my legs hit the coral when I jumped into the sea, luckily no serious injuries,just small scratch.

Then night time after dinner, scholars had a small sharing session, share their feelings, experiences they had in INTI, also some last words for their friend bla bla things, so we non-scholars were their audience and photograhphers.

After that, most of them went back to sleep already, just left few of us, me, eve, yoongshen, Priyanta, ChanKit, Yeauhoong, Nelson and other guys sit on the beach and drink some beer and play some games. The whole process I think only can use a word-funny to describe. Some people are just so cute, kept on do mistakes when games were going on, is the alcohol effect or what? :P

We girls left earlier, we went back to sleep, until the next morning.

In short, I had fun in Pulau Perhentian with these people, although didn't manage to know and talk to some of them, because is quite a big group, yet, I still feel grafeful that I am invited, and have the chance to visit this beautiful island that I always heard from others. All the best in USA you people, hope we can see each other again, perhaps on the sides of Niagara (inside joke).

So, I shall end this post with this photo.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


And now, is time to PLAY!!!!

So, I have 2 trips to go, 9 books to read, countless of movies to watch, few months of work (?), not-sure-how-many outing sessions! HOHOHO! Damn, I am so happy!

Study, study and study is slowly turning me into madness. And I usually take sampat photos when I am bored. One of the examples of my sampatness:


So, I gonna enjoy my break kao kao, and at the same time pray kao kao for the offer letter to come! :D


Okayy, should talk a lil bit about paper today. It was okay, just that I forgot what is Just War Theory, crap along the way O.O and also the phenomenal world and noumenal world, GG, forgot the meaning of them, but still able to crap la, hahaha. And for the essay part I write until very song, the question, does God exist? I answered with no, with the theory of atheism and existentialist, wheeee~ Had fun writing it though, just a perfect question for an atheist like me! :P

Lalalalala, is this my last post for INTI?
Nope, 13th will be the last! :)


Monday, May 9, 2011

Buddha Day, Tzu Chi Day and Mother's Day



Lazy to write about this YET, I will write it when I feel like to. *hopefully*
Still waiting for my friend to upload the remaining photos.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Hot! Introduction of 5 Five's!

After 20 hours of sleep, I feel so energized!

Especially after the torturing and tiring incident yesterday. What happened was, I forgot to press some button of the washing machine then I went out straight away. I expect my cloths are ready to be hang when I finished my papers at 1pm, but when I came back, the washing machine does not move, since I left the house. WTF. Have to start everything and wait for 33minutes, and I have a bus to catch on 2.15pm. Mum does not want to wait until 6.15pm if I take the second bus because Subang would be effing jam at that time. So, everything is done I took public bus to KTM, Nilai and took KTM back to Klang.

The whole journey approximately took me about 3 hours plus. 1.5 hours from Nilai to KL Sentral and my pose of sitting remained for 1.5 hours, can barely move with so much things on me. At the same time I listening to songs that I have on my phone, 20 songs only, haha. Have nothing but this to kill boredom, meanwhile I was spamming my twitter timeline with rants about KTM. Haha.

Reached KL Sentral, stood for 25mins for the train to reach. Stood in the train for about 35mins because inside there was so packed and no seats at all. Oh btw, I took the ladies coach for both trains, simply comfortable than the ordinary one. The long time standing made my left shoulder very pain with my laptop bag hanging on it. Urgh, that feeling sucks. My shoulder still pain now.

After touched down Klang station, I needa wait for my mum to pick me up. And I ended up waited her for 30mins, and I was standing for the friggin 30mins. WTH. Because of she texted me "on the way" so I doesn't plan to sit down and wait. Who knowsssss. ARGH. After she picked me up, didnt straight away go back home though, instead go to Klang Parade to settle her phone. Reached home on 8.30pm? Grr. Skipped dinner straight away head to bed!

I woke up on 11pm something, couldn't sleep fall into sleep though. Was thinking lots of stuff. CHAPALANG=simply whatever were spinning in my head. ARGH! What the hell is this, I was lack of sleep but insomia? GOSH!

HAHA, the outcome for yesterday's insomia is quite awesome. I came up with something like a project. Will run it after I've done with my paper, and I decided to call it "5 Five's". Is a project need of collaboration of Facebook and Blogger, and of course you people! :) Wanna know what's it about? STAY TUNED! Woohoo! So proud of myself. LOL.


and Imma watch THOR tonight!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

3 down, 1 more to go!

YOYOYOYO! Finally, finished the 2 subjects I feared the most! Chemistry and Microeconomics!
Stress straight away reduced 80%! WOOHOO! WOOHOO!!!

Last paper on next Tuesday, the 10th of May, philosophy!
Imma love you kao kao for these 5 days my philo text book! ;)

Happy la happy laaaaa.
Hopefully midnight oil burnt yesterday will pay off la.

Both papers today kinda smooth though. Didn't face any stucks.
Okay, for Chemistry paper yes, spent quite some time to recall, just couldn't recall functional group for ester, ketone, and others, hopefully I tembak-ed accurately. And also oxidation and reduction. TMD. I confused once again although I already memorized last night. Whuaaa. Dont care already la.
And for Microecon, OMG NO TIME CAN STUCK AT ALL. Keep on write, write, write, write. My hand writing gets messier till the end of the answer sheet.
Write non-stop though, although I spend more time on Section B Question 1, pfft, wasted a lot of time on that. And OPPS, I FORGOT TO INCLUDE REAL LIFE EXAMPLES LAH! NONE! FML!

don't care already la, not necessary to cry over spilt milk! HOHO.

Oh btw, and I am going back Klang later :P
Tzu Chi have Buddha Bathing ceremony this Sunday at Kompleks Sukan Pandamaran, 6.30pm starts yo!
PLEASE COME, and you will see me there! :D

Tauhu Bakar! Not bad eh!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


The Domo shirt I purchased from dear dear Annie finally is here! Thank you dear dear. :)
Happy happy happy.
Please jealous me, hohohohoh.

Today is just plain happy day.

Should I wear this for exam tomorrow?
Or wear it on PHI01 paper since Dr. Borges likes my pattern banyak-banyak shirt?

Okay, back to study.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Thanks Momma

My mum likes to send random things for me, this is what she sent just now:

You born on: Thursday
Age in year: 20
Age in month: 240
Age in week: 51110
Age in day: 7301
Age in hour: 175235
Age in minute: 10514106
Age in second: 630846351

Not sure if she calculated herself or what, anyway, tak mor (Thanks mum in Danish).

SFU + HIS252

RELIEVED a lil bit.
So now, just need to wait the circle become a tick.
Patient patient.
"Thank you" so much CAE and IDP pulling the whole process for so long!

And for HIS252 paper just now, eff-ed up, I studied Franklin D. Roosevelt, but Theodore Rooselvelt came out, I focused on New Deal but Cold War and Watergate came out. WTFFF.
For the entire paper I tembak-ed 80%, die die? I want a B or above eh please!
Imma spend whole day tomorrow in the library for CHM107 and ECO151.
Awesome mood is back I suppose, thank you SFU!!!
Hahahahahaha. Sleep first.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me.

Finally, 20 years old is here, although I want it to come slower, but hey, who can control the speed of time?

So yea, like back to elementary and high school, my birthday always stuck with exams, and this year birthday so coincidentally falls on exam too, hell yeah. screw INTI.

Received several wishes from friends via texts, and bbm, guess they are the only people who really read my Facebook status? Haha. Man, really wonder how is my Facebook wall look like now. Arghh, don't tempt me to log in Facebook!

How I celebrated my big day? With movies "You Again" and "The Lost Future", with my lil bro and his noisy but adorable friends. I just like to hang out with them, sarcasm much, swears a lot, no fake, let me feel so relax infront of them. LOL.

Early morning, I received the best present from my lil bro and one of his friend--drive my Honda go around our place. DAMN. Not sure who is the driver, but pretty sure is my bro's friend, because I know my bro well and his friend is a car freak. =.=

Ahh well, mum gave me a present too--an order to pick her up at Eng Ann. She just came back from Ipoh for some Lion Club thingy. Ok fine, she treated me and my bro Japanese cuisine, without dad, he still outstationing. On the whole eating process and atmosphereis just weird, Japanese food without dad? WTF WEIRD! Anywho, thanks mum, although just now I am not in a Japanese food mood, sorry. =/ And thanks for sending back me to Nilai.

So yea, due to exam, me and my besties decided to postpone the birthday celebrations for another day, the day after I came back from Pulau Perhentian. Gosh, gonna party kao kao that night. Opps, when I mean party doesn't mean alcohol and dancing bla bla shit, just plain food and laughs! Our style of partay!

And also, I thought SFU would give me something special as well, meh, I better off stick my butt on the chair and wait looooonger.

Last but not least, I didn't get wish from 2 person I thought they might wish :(
Oh well, I will just make it this way, either they forgot, they busy, or, they just don't want to. Kthxbai, close case.



I FORGOT TO MAKE MY WISHES LAH! *although without candles*

1. I want to go Canada
2. I want to go SFU
3. My family and friends happy and healthy forever

Ok, bye.