Monday, October 29, 2007


going school today (again)
just a common day
others said that today teacher will give out the report card
who knows din't have
puan bavani says next week only give out
duhh..whatever laa..
i don't care and i have someone to help me LOL
thanks shee wan although you can't see XP
keeping doing puan yong's rumusan today
finished 2 at last
left 3 ...muaahaha
today Vitagen come our school and give us one vitagen each
LOL i drink 1 (natural favoured) and 3/4 from chun weng (grape favoured)
then online at home
when night mum and i fetch little bro for art lesson
and then we go take a look at Rozel
mum wanna choose new sofa for dad's new office
Rozel damn cold ><
and i registered for the POP lesson
and then
day ends~~~

Sunday, October 28, 2007

DriVing LesSon

what a great day i go to listen undang-undang ceramah
wake up 6.30am
while still raining but our journey can't stop ;p
meet shi qi and kelmin there (sorry don't know how to spell their name)
they elder than me
one is 18 and one is 20
but they look young
before introduce i thought they was same with me
actually not~~haha
a bored 5 hours ceramah
and it is quite unecessary
all things is in the book why should talk again?
between that 5 hours i think i got 1 hour napping xP
the learning center fetch all of students home
including me, of course
when i reached home
i found a terrible problem
i forgot to bring the key out
but brother still sleeping
i thought he can wake up and open the door for me
but he not, still sleeping, just like a pig
need to climb the gate (again)
luckily nicky is outside
if not i will really bored to death
the time waiting for mum i also self-photosnapping
because of nothing to do lolz
finally mum's back~
at night
we have sushi and others japanese for dinner
all costs about rm200 something
the most important is
i spent my whole family and also jia yi
she's my brother roommate, and friends too
she's quite nice
if let me choose i would like she to become my brother gf but not his gf now
that's not my problem
when home
small brother, mum and dad watching korean movie
Lee Jun-ki was inside
but i am not very interested on korean movie
so i am at upstair online-ing
chating with hanson till 4am
and they finish their movie that time too
a bunch of crazy people >_<
my day just end like that

Friday, October 26, 2007

CoMmOn dAY

not going school today
wake up 10am something
on my computer and then straight away do puan yong's homework
actually got 4 rumusan 4 tatabahasa 4 kertas 2 tatabahasa
but i done 2 rumusan 2 tatabahasa only
so regret din't use my time wisely
luckily puan yong din't scold me
wakakaka~~i know she won't LOL
pin shien &pui yee--my primary school's friend
but that time not very close with them
now we in the different school different enviroment
make different friends
so many differences
they changed a lot
so do i~~~muahahaha
regret din't manage my friendship carefully
if not we can gang out together
organize gathering or something else
some treat me like strangers
some even forget about me!!!
what a failure primary school life
i haven't eat anything after i wake up and went tuition
straving during whole afternoon
stomuch keeping make noise >_<
finally lesson end
went to book valley have a tea time~~~
mini cheese and ham sanwiches plus honey dew milk shake~~!
oh yes~! what a wonderfull tea time~~
mum fetch me about 7pm
she din't keep her promise
she promise she will come about 5.45pm
duhh...whatever..most important is i have a nice meal~~costs rm12.92~~~yeepee~~!
finally reaches home
and sitting infront computer typing this entry~~

Thursday, October 25, 2007

taiwan~~ here i am~~~!!!

first day of KMT~~~
so excited
can't wait for that day~~
i will be at taiwan for 20 days
and won't online for those days~
but if got chance sure i will xD
i am in group 8
i added all KMT members from the KMT forum
i get 42 people's msn
just few people answer me
and little people same group with me
and also some irritating person
we just chat for few minutes he started want my contact number already
what a terrible person is he!!!
forget about it
hope i will enjoy this trip and left a very special memory in my life

BoRed ScHooL Life

I go to school this two days (finally!)
Last time ah ma(hui yee) got told me better don't go back to school
if not will bored to death
that's true
do nothing in the class
everyday the same person come
everyday the same activities
wanna ask those who never absent
don't you feel boring and wasting time?
i do
i prefer working than go to school
i can earn rm4 for standing an hour
but gain nothing wasting 7 hours at school
why we still go to school after exam?
just get the attendence?
wanna receive the "full attendence certificate"?
what is the usage of that paper?
it just a paper
nothing else
i used up all my time in class reading novels
if not really nothing to do at all
why those teachers din't give us some activities?
just like puan pang
she won't let us play cards, play phone in class
but IQ test
my group lose at last >_<
still thinking should i go tomorrow =.=

Monday, October 22, 2007

Simple Day

today waked up about 10am
yesterday had promised way na and sueh hooi go jj help them grace tay's homework and buy shirts
actually i am not helping...
just say out and let them copy...hahahaha
between that time we went to buy our lunch
i brought :one honey green tea and 4 salmon sushi without wasabi~~
finally finished their work about 2.30pm
woohoo~~got 30minutes to shop!! LOL
i chosen 1 chocolate coloured, white coloured shirt and one blue colour singlet
way na choose all t-shirts
well then we go and change in the fitting room
way na taken two same type but different colour shirt with me
then we asked sueh hooi to put on that shirt and then take photo
me and way na buy those shirt
mine costs rm30.00 (my money T^T)
time reaches 3.10pm
they got to go for tuition
and then left me one at jj T^T
lonely me go to popular read books
about 4pm
mum called
she said that she want come and fetch me d...haha..
first time so early ^^
we go and buy some cream puff at bekerley there
all of them now in my stomuch
i ate all 10...hahahaha
today not much special

bored work...

Pictures Says: 1)taken before go to work at pesta indah
2)my place less people
3)still 3.09pm...still got 8 hours to go~~~
4)my pass...
5)fireworks tonight~~
this is such a bored job i ever do
just sit and do nothing
all malays there
got one thing i must say
i very very very beh song that "la yeng "people opposite my stall there
so "la yeng" and very very sombong
he thinks his design very nice arrr
no one will buy de laa
all my time used to chat with my cousin
we had talked about our plan when sunway and KL
muahahaha~~~even far than that
so happy talking with she
i am so not a good cousin
she breaked up with her boyfriend last month but don't know anything about this
forgive me
oh ya
and jacklyn victor come tonight
she and her assistant walk by our place
muahahaha~~~so happy although not her fans ^^

Saturday, October 20, 2007

19/10/2007 Complicated Day

Well, today can say is a complicated day.
Where should i start?
Lets talk about this morning.
I attended Puan Yong's class,
I din't do her homework,
very luckily she din't ask anything about those annoying homework...haha
Not only that, i got my test paper from shee wan.
Oh My God!
Such a terrible result, Failed 4 subjects, included maths, can you believe it??
Dearest Puan Yong gave us a "perbahsan"
I had never wrote this kind of essay before
So just take the risk,
Don't know how she feel when she marked my paper "pray for me xD"
Times goes as well
Finally its over~
Follow the procedure in my mind
I should walk to JJ
Don't ask shee wan for help again
But God seems don't help me so
It's raining outside!
Sueh Hooi somemore sms me tell that ask shee wan to fetch me
This not that problem
The problem is---I got to sit in a same with she!!!
Wth luck i have...duh
But...something made me quite happy
She changed her mind
At first she wanna go Kp
I think she don't want to trouble shee wan's mum
So she also go down when i reach JJ
I straight away go inside JJ's cheetah counter find Wayna
Unfortunately, she not there...
Well, gotta use my cellphone again
I got a feel i will get a scold next month just before of my phone bills!
Nana work starts 2pm
Sueh Hooi haven't reach there that time
So i walk around JJ
Bukit raja's JJ was so so small
Can't wait for the Bukit Tinggi Jusco open!
I end my journey at popular
Very interested but my pocket don't do so
I am out of money!
I only can get my salary in the end of the month!
Just have a look on those cake recipes
Actually those are similar
Only you can do is use your imagination~~~Yummy~~
Sueh Hooi finally come
Then Way Na after that
We three just wait for the time pass
Talks, photo-snapping
We all done in that few hours
Quite unbelievable right? Same as me~~LOL
Way Na's working time almost there~
She going to punch the card by using the side door (that's why i won't work as JJ's worker anymore! That is such a stupid rule!)
While Sueh Hooi and me wait she at her counter there
Then, chit-chats and photo=snapping happened here again.
Time passed quickly.
There's almost 2.30pm
Sueh Hooi and me having a tea time in Old Town.
After that,
We reached cinema
The room5 haven't open
So we had ate about 1/4 of the popcorn that we brought
We entered the room,
Found our seat J12, and J13
Wait for the advertisment
At last
The show started
Hey wait a second
Why "The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising" is showed as 18PL??
Why there is a naked women lying there?
Had I entered the wrong room?
Luckily not only me had this feel
Girls behind us keeping use their handphone checking their tickets
Somemore use dictionary check the words on the cute >_<
After couples of minutes, TGV found that's a problem
They tried to fix d But they tried the second time only back to the normal Ha~
Do some advertisment here
Go and take a look the movie: The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising
Well I won't tell what it's about, Just watch it! =P
Muahaha~ Green Box is going to open at Bukit Tinggi Jusco What a good news!
Bbk jusco will be my favourite in the future~~i think so...hahaha
Well, umm Night Parents quarelling
I am not a busybody but i can heard what they say
Mum cried for two times
They quarell for the house in china and our grandmother
I know we as a child should not be so Kepo
But as a child we will afraid of quarel between parents
Just hope them can solve theis problem as soon as possible!