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Friday, October 29, 2010

All That Music!

I went to the Friday's one. =P
Feel so good come back to Taylors. ♥

As usual, Miss Lindsay the MC!

Sorry, I forgot the sequence already, and I left the booklet at home. =/
So yea, just briefly describe okay?

My personal choices are Jailbreak - Elvis Presley and Disney Medley.
Because I don't really familiar with others. Hahahaha.
Oh, they performed MJ too!



Er. I forgot the name. =/
But it's nice, I like their face expression. =)

Walt Disney!!

Sebastian the crab from Little Mermaid.
*Under the sea~~wooo~~*

The hilarious Hercules. Keep on showing muscle when singing. XD

Mulan singing Reflection.

Another musical, "America".

Overall is nice, and I was surprised Miss Amy is one of the band, she was playing flute!
Wow, never know she can play music instrument! =D

And and and, I finally know who is Encik Bunga that my friends mentioned on Facebook, is a new teacher! Damn good looking guy, a bit like David Archuleta, and his surname is ROSE! He look very young thou, what he teaching again? Chemistry? Uhhhh.

The booklet.

Thanks thanks thanks my couz Morgan treated me the ticket, I wanna pay him back but he insisted. =/
Bro, I owe you big time, don't escape my treat next time okay? =P

Thursday, October 28, 2010


I suppose to write about what my bro had done, but thinking that blog is too public and family issues should be confidential.

His problems are well-known among my friends so I dont' want more people to know about it, sorry. =/

But still there are something I wanna say.


Okay, my readers and friends, lets pray for him that he will turn into a new leaf, ASAP.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Street Party-W.O.W (We On Wonderland) 2010

If you guys were following my Facebook statuses you might know that I'm BROKE this week. RM50 to sustain for 1 week, tell me how to do.

So yea, I only can spend RM7 for the Street Party as my dinner. =/
I bought a Rootbear float for RM3, China burger for RM1, and ice-cream for RM3 (not normal ice-cream but a nice one!)

From what I heard, Street Party is a semester-ly event, which mean Inti will have Street Party every semester. Basically the setting is like a pasar malam, except they have a stage at the middle. Stalls selling things from hostel Block B to Block H, selling typical things like Char Kueh Tiaw, bubble tea, hotdogs, nuggets, sweets, soya drinks, tau fu fa. And some of the clubs they selling things or games to raise for club fund as well.

The street is decorated with cartoons we familiar with.



This is Keroro right? Not so sure.

On the stage they have quite a lot of activities, one of them is Inti Book of Record. Students compete "how long you can put your hands in the ice water" and "how many sunflower seeds you can open".
I should've participate for the ice water one. =/
Nevermind, next semester! =)

There is Mr. Clown walking around to make balloons for FOC.
Me, Annie and Duffy asked him to do something for us.

Duffy, me, Annie and Shidah.

And we have cheerleaders from IMU!

See the crowd. @.@

The stage.


Basically nothing much to play, beside KarPing spraying fake snow to us. Hahahahaha.
Yeah, besides that I think nothing else in interesting.

3 of us decided to leave and I got BIO121 group discussion on 11pm, so I wanna spend the remaining 30mins over Duffy's place.

On the way, we saw this.

*You can click to enlarge it for better view*

As you know, I'm an obedient girl, so,

*bang* LOL

Someone said Street Party was his best night in Inti, hmmmmm., really?

Okay, something I wanna confess.
That is,
all the photos are not taken by me,
I grabbed it on Facebook!
Hahaha, so thanks to all the photographers! =P

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

JPA? Non-JPA? Is it important to you?

The same guy making jokes again,

"just now , my chem lecturer told to me that most JPA scholars are better than us ...the coming soon chem test 2 ....i will let him know i am non-JPA scholar also can break the record created by JPA chem test 1 14.64% out of 15%....test 2 , i will try my best to get full mark...i (non JPA scholar) also can achieve the the execellent of i want...."

"there are not the category btw JPA and NON JPA....if want to cmpare physics, bio , chem , math...i am able to win them...but if language, needless to say,they win"

Stop comparing will ya?
It is pointless.
You don't have to keep on tell the whole world how excellent your chemistry, physics, biology and math. Your marks will do all the talkings ok?

He even willing to call me on phone just to tell me his story of life, lol.
Just 5 minutes, please. He said.
Love himself so much huh?

And it is stupid to compare yourself to JPA scholars,
they got their scholarships is because of efforts they paid, they tried so so hard to get high marks in every subjects and high CPGA is not they want to show off, compare or whatever, their ultimate purpose is to get into a good university/university they desire.
You enroll into AUP I assume that you have the same goal with them, that is to study overseas, right? So they are.

DUDE! YOU'RE 21 YEARS OLD NOW, and you said worked before, you should able to know how the society is, WAKE UP, STOP BEING SO CHILDISH. Grr.

Monday, October 25, 2010






Sunday, October 24, 2010

Your Songs Touched My Heart

I don't know why, I'm more likey to listen to Chinese male singers songs, especially those talented singers whom compose songs themselves. Hahahahaha.

I like Z-Chen(张智成), David Tao(陶喆), TANK(吕建忠), Yen-J(严爵), Lee Hom(王力宏), JJ Lim(林俊杰), and some others.

Their old songs are more listenable I should say, like Z-Chen's new song, 迷魂阵,walaoeh, apa itu, not a song at all. However, his 保佑我,暗恋,爱情树, May I Love You, and others all are awesome. Same goes to JJ Lim, his new songs, lol, I don't even download them. As well as JJ Lim's new songs as well. =.=

While for TANK, I heard he is quite sick recently, his latest song 如果我变成回忆 sort of depicting his current situation, get well soon TANK, I wanna listen more your songs! =)

As for Yen-J, he is the one who let me know what is Jazz, his talent even get praised by Lee Hom in public. Woohoo! FYI, the song playing in my blog is one of Yen-J's song 谢谢你的美好, damn nice right? Somebody might found it uncomfortable to listen at the very first time, but after sometimes, you will get addicted. Hahaha. That's the power of Yen-J.

LeeHom, what should I say? His songs are always nice, impressive, surprising, he always like to add in new genre. Not much to say, his music will do all the talking for him. =P

Wondering why no Jay Chou? LOL I used to dislike him, until his 十一月的萧邦album, haha, not much to say about anyway, he is not my choice for all time. =P

FYI, I don't really so into to Chinese female singers, just a lil bit.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


金牛座的人通常对吃的要求很高,但这并不代表他们就是贪吃。他们喜欢的是精美可口的食物而并非仅仅是填报肚子,对垃圾食物他们一般是不屑一顾的。因 为他们对味觉比常人较敏感,所以他们把吃也当作是一种欣赏品位的过程。另外,美食还可以减轻金牛座常常产生的焦躁不安情绪,以及莫名其妙的低落心情。而这种情绪是常常回在金牛座的身上出现的,也就是所谓的低潮期。

而金牛座对事物的鉴赏能力也是很出名的。金牛座的人喜欢看书, 听音乐,画画,喜欢自然的东西,金牛座在某些方面有着惊人的领悟力,或是数学(WTF?)、或是哲学、更多的是音乐和艺术方面。在这些领域他们可堪称天才。金牛座选衣服不会盲目追求品牌,会选择有质感的衣服。


幽 默是金牛的天赋。金牛座的人确实是寡言少语,不过,这并不代表没有思想、没有见解。恰恰相反,金牛座的人大多都是很有思想和内涵的,只是有时候他们不屑于无谓的争辩或是和无聊的人争辩,他们心里都很蔑视那些喳喳呼呼而又毫无水准的人。 与一般星座书上描写的金牛们相反,其实金牛座非常具有幽默感。他们天生就有搞笑的才能,善于制造轻松的氛围,不要再将牛牛们认为成是一群僵硬腐化的人,相反他们很可爱。还记得在《满城尽带黄金甲》的发布会场上不断耍宝的金牛发哥吗?他的幽默感绝对令资深娱记也大跌眼镜,人缘好不是随便说说的,金牛座有着宽厚的胸怀。

其实他们有着叛逆的灵魂。金 牛基本上看起来都是乖孩子,仿佛脚踏实地,固执老实,但是,谁曾想到,其实他们的内心都有着一个小邪魔在作祟?他们虽然是一板一 眼的生活,但是在他们的内心里却喜欢着调皮的恶作剧。不要金牛们想象的太沉闷,他们其实内心五彩斑斓,而且特别钟意制造出各种人生的小小乐趣。也正是这样 叛逆的灵魂,让有些金牛让人吃惊。所以,一般的容貌姣好的乖乖女,或者一般人理想中的文静男,其实,都不属于金牛的鉴赏范围,他们总会奇异的喜欢些标新立异的人。这点在金牛男上表现的较为突出,也因此而衍生出不少水瓶女和金牛男的佳话吧。

思考是金牛的具象。高傲和自卑这对双生姐妹在金牛座身上体现得特别明显。在贪图享乐的外表下,金牛有一颗哲学家的心。他们看问题的方法与众不同,他们有着唯物主义的思考逻辑,不会轻易人云 亦云,也正因为如此,他们让人觉得固执非常。金牛座的人大多是很有主见的,当然这一点有时候过分了就成了固执了。


务实的人生不需要浪漫武装。跟牛牛生活是一件比较乏味的事情,如果你钟爱浪漫的仪式。因为牛牛无论金钱或者生活,他们都踏着务实的步伐。他们不会轻易说我爱你,他们不会随便送花,他们甚至不记得你的生日,更别提情人节等什么形而上的各种纪念日,这让人大为光火。因为没有了形式的爱情,又怎么能证明是爱情呢? 但是,金牛们会告诉你,其实有时候真正的帮助其实好过鲜花香水,有时候挺身而出的担当其实胜过所有的甜言蜜语。所以金牛们的爱情,也许让人闷到感觉不出火 花,但是,在贫乏的爱的表象下,却藏着他们深刻的滴水不漏而且日久弥坚的关怀。

金牛座的人遇到喜欢的人反而有种疏远感,他们会害羞.有时很霸道,强烈的占有欲, 金牛座的人懒,怕麻烦,所以不喜欢和人搞暧昧。

享乐人生的信仰。金牛们懂得生活。他们虽然很执著,但是该放弃的时候,他们并没有太多犹豫。从利益出发考量的方式,让他们在现实生活中相当的如鱼得水,而懂 得平衡自己的贪念,而追求物质的享受和一心的宁静,是金牛座中的极品。这样的金牛能够在逆境中坦然,在顺境中懂得顺应。他们有着预见性的智慧,使人生得到 完整的规划。在适当的时候寻求闲适,所以金牛座很少有面临困境无法自拔的困兽,他们相当的懂得自我调节和生活。他们有着自己的节奏。他们的行为不完全消 极,反而给人一种积极向上的感觉,他们对名利、金钱虽然看的很透彻,但仍怀有或强或弱的欲望,这就是为什么金牛座的人喜欢拼命赚钱但是绝不拜金,爱钱但是 并不贪钱,他们是不屑于做金钱的奴隶的。






金 牛座的人直率但不过火。虽然他们表面温温吞吞的,但其行事乖张不下于双子,而平常人根本猜不透他们毫无表情的外表下到底在想些什么,他们也不会喜欢跟人粘 得腻腻歪歪的,保持距离是他们的处世哲学,虽然这并不代表冷漠。 所以爱上金牛座的人是很折磨人的一件事。,真诚但不是什么话都跟人说,他们很会替他人着 想,他们很能体会人间疾苦,即使是那些从小在温室中长大的牛儿们也极具同情心。 但是当金牛座的人受到严重打击时,他们是会比任何人都更加冷酷无情和不择 手段的。他们懂得如何善良,同时也懂得如何邪恶。

Copied from

Hahaha, the size of the characters represent how accurate I think. =P

Friday, October 22, 2010




Every time I got angry and cooled down, I believe it takes longer time until the next emotion explosion.
This is what I'm trying to do all the time.

*Stop yelling at me, check with others before you start bitching. BITCH.*


I need strength to get through this. =(

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Anger Management

I have emotions okay?! ROAR!

This is a group work! Do you think it is unfair to blame all the thing on me? WTF!
Like you done so wonderfully and I screwed up everything?!
Hello missy, who was in-charged of that part huh? YOU!
Damn, do you think you are the only who is busy??
Me too okay?
It is unfair you just point the arrow to me ONLY!
Your A flew away and you're blaming me?
I actually get myself cooled down by doing CSC101 exercise, phew.
This girl is ridiculous, seriously.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Getting Busy =)

Like I predicted, life in Inti getting busier and busier after I joined clubs.
AUP club having a Halloween event next Monday, they need helpers on Saturday and Sunday for preparation. I signed up as a helper and staying back at Nilai on weekend for the very first time. =)

Volleyball club have a 2 days training this weekend as well, for coming tournaments, yeah I know, crashed. Damn. What to do? *Am dui lorh*

Green Knights (Environmental club) next event on next Tuesday. Someone from the club looking for helpers to decorate the board, so yea. here I am again. =)

What else I joined? IMPAC? STACT? LEO CLUB?
I missed STACT'S and LEO's gathering night last/last last week because of Intima Marketing Team =/
Who I'm blaming, sheeshhh.

In fact, I like being busy, otherwise I gonna bored to death in my room playing facebook, ha!
Oh yea yea. =)

Still feel down because cannot play Table Tennis.
I planned to strike kao kao de lohhh!

Finals in 32days! AHHHHhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Playing with colours.

Maroon one look nice. =P
But still, natural is the best right? =D

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'm Gonna Spend My Semester Break At BELGIUM! Woo!!

Notification to Successful Applicants
We are please to notify you that your application as our Youth Exchange e to Belgium has been successful : Congratulations!

The tentative date of departure to Belgium should be on XX or XX Dec 2010 depending on the flight schedule. You shall return from Belgium tentatively on XXth January 2011.

Oh yeah!
Thanks for Lion Club once again for giving me this precious chance.
FYI, I was sponsored by Lion Club to go to Okinawa, Japan last year under the Youth Exchange Program. =)
So yea, the duration is same like last year, 3 weeks, gonna celebrate Christmas and New Year over there. Sorry my darlings, have to dump you guys this year celebrations again. =/

Originally I wasn't apply for Belgium, but Canada. =D
Sounds silly right, I already going to Canada next year but I still apply to go, lol.
However, it's okay for me to get Belgium, seriously I won't mind if I get anywhere, as long as I can go. =)
Youth Exchange is totally different with travelling.
In this program you able to participate in the local life, experience how they speak, eat, even bath, hahaha.
Of course you have to chance to travel around the country.

Nontheless, my dad seems not really happy I got to Belgium, he said Belgium is kinda like Canada, peaceful, beautiful blah blah. He ask why don't I choose to go Denmark or Germany since both of these countries are options too. LOL. I 've no idea. Like I said, I don't mind to go anywhere as long as I can have the chance to go. =D

So yea, Belgium, I don't really know about this country, the only thing I know about Belgium is CHOCOLATE! Hahahahaha. Hence research needed. =P

Location: Western Europe, bordering France 620 km, Germany 167 km, Luxembourg 148 km,
Netherlands 450 km

Capital: Brussels

Climate: temperate; mild winters, cool summers; rainy, humid, cloudy

Population: 10,348,276 (July 2004 est.)

Ethnic Make-up: Fleming 58%, Walloon 31%, mixed or other 11%

Religions: Roman Catholic 75%, Protestant or other 25%

Government: federal parliamentary democracy under a constitutional monarch

Places to visit (top 3)

Considered by some to be the "Venice of the North", Bruges has a well-preserved Old Town that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Once the leading trading center of Europe and the world's richest city, today's slow-paced Bruges is a tourist's delight. Bruges is compact and made for walking, boating, wandering, and relaxing. Be sure to see the canals at night and make time to visit the Belfry and the Memling Museum.

Although its history covers over a thousand years of activity, Brussels is a contemporary, cosmopolitan and cultured city. A good place to start you tour of Brussels is the Grand Place (Grote Markt), which will lead you to notice the Gothic and Classical architectures of the city's churches and palaces (Palais des Nation, Royal Palace, and House of Parliament). Art is prominent in Brussels and a visit to the Royal Museum of Fine Art is a must. If you are a "chocoholic" prepare for a taste treat. Finally, remember the saying, "if you are in Brussels, you must try the Mussels".

So, this is mussels. *ew*

Ghent is a historic, industrial city with an interesting, compact, medieval core. The Old Town is one that is worth your time and the historic center is a fun place to wander for an afternoon. Be sure to visit the Castle of the Counts of Flanders, the Belfry, and the Cloth Hall. See the Cathedral of Saint Bavo for its beauty and the art that it contains.

Food and drinks
Speculoos-A typical cookie!
Belgian fries Even in US they know "frites" shouldn't be called french fries...
and from there, the usual :
- Steak - Belgian fries - Salad
- Mussels and belgian fries
Stoemp (say stoomp): mashed potatoes with vegetable
Beer stew Carbonades Flamandes - Vlaamse Stovery
Waterzooi- is a classic stew of Flanders.
Belgian Endives - Chicons - Witloof
Brussels Sprouts - Choux de Bruxelles - Spruitjes

Belgium has two Santa Claus figures known as St. Nicholas and Pere Noel. (Must visit! =P)
December 6th is celebrated as the feast of St Nicholas and is the main festival here. It is a religious occasion and services in churches and quiet family gatherings at homes abound. Special cakes are baked and served as treats during the holiday season. On the eve of Christmas in Belgian homes ( le réveillion de Noël ), a festive buffet is prepared and served. It begins with a drink (aperitif) and snacks , followed by a first course comprising sea-food, which is followed by stuffed turkey. The dessert is usually typical Belgian 'la bûche de Noël ', (meaning 'Christmas log') – which is a rich creamy cake. Another traditional Belgian Christmas food; ' cougnou' or ' cougnolle ' – is sweetened bread (shaped like infant Jesus).

New Year
Sumptuous food, foot tapping at the dance floor, classy wines teamed with the smell of cakes, pastries and candies idealizes the Belgian New Year as one of the most happening festival of the country. As the clock ticks at 12 the new time kisses Belgium with all its glamour and the populace welcomes the Belgian New Year with immense glee and cheer. Exchanging of gifts, offering good luck greetings to other symbolizes the Belgian New Year as the occasion of immense verve where joy plays the significant role.

Woohoo! Look nice right overall? =P

According to my mum, me and another person were the first batch to be send to Belgium.
Walaoeh, damn big responsibilties lor. Must have good image infront of Belgian. Since they have no idea about us and we have no idea about them, hahahaha, don't know what I'm talking. =.=
Proud sial, thanks Lion Irene for chosen me and trusted me so much. =)

Die die, I think I gonna gain weight after coming back from Belgium,
it happened when I came back from Japan as well.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Most Arrogant People I Ever Met.

Goshhh, this guy, I really cannot stand with him. So damn arrogant.
He posted at his Facebook wall that he wants to study pharmacy but his dad force him to study acturial science, he ask us to comment on his post so that he can convince his dad.
I helped him with a great long post, which I kinda proud of myself because of this, and I know more about actuarial science now. =D

Let's look it what he replied, shall we.
pls dropping comments whether should i study actuaril science or pharmacy (my favorite course)...bcs i still have a chance change to it...(just 3 month only)..i dont want to waste my talent for bio, chem , phy and math...actually, acturial science just math as major subject(boring and easy) make me bcm lazy...only math is easy not challenging at all...i like chem , math , bio and phy will make me feel changlleging

..chem 107i dont know study for what...not point...i regret to take it..better take chem 151(hard and challenging)

pharmacy..i like bio , phy , chem ,math.,,they all are my wives...i will die without having them

dont care..with my ability, i believe that i can master them (science) for me ...not very challenging..acturil science only math will make me wake up..micro=commn sense ..chem 107= ridiculous

Is like this is my very first time I heard someone said that he is effing good in something, Mr, modest a lil bit can kill you is it? Math is boring and easy for you? Business not challenging? Micro economics is common sense? WTH. If you really so damn good why don't you apply for scholarships? I'm just trying to help out you don't have to keep emphasize you have talent in biology, physic, bla bla bla okay??
And can you see, his English. =.=

Inti is full of weidos! Included me maybe =P

别爱上金牛座 =P

金牛座是个不用对别人放电却可以将人电到的唯一星座 (this is what I said to my brothers always: eletrical leakage =.=)







金牛座的人遇到喜欢的人反而有种疏远感,他们会害羞. (TRUE, so damn true =.=)





金牛座的人似乎都看起来傻傻的,这是一种自我保护方式. (I'm sohai indeed XD)






金牛座选衣服不会盲目追求品牌,会选择有质感的衣服. (I love pasar malam cloths =D)

金牛座很冷 ,一定要對方先流露出对他有好感,他才会散發出她的熱情

金牛座低調: 默默無聞。他一向是高調做事,低調做人 ,其實他要的不多,他要的只是一個避风港,避风港对金牛座來說太重要了,一個知心的朋友,一個他愛的并且也深愛他的人。金钱,名利,地位這些他看的很淡泊,唯一具备殺傷力的就是感情,感情如果受到傷害那就全毁了(yes, everything.)


金牛座哭泣 :他受傷后會躲在被子里獨自哭泣,請相信這不是在博取你的同情,這是他這樣一个内心骄傲的人不得已時的場景

金牛座脆弱 :很傷感的他雖然習慣在人们面前偽裝得很坚强,其實很脆弱,也很傷感地聽著傷感的音樂,看著悲傷的电影,他的眼中会渗出淚花 (cheh, this is inaccurate =.=)



金牛座孤獨 寂寞的他从不轻言說愛, 他的愛很沉默, 那并非他缺少那份勇氣,是因為在他的心里有一道護欄--那就是自尊,他看的比生命更尊貴的自尊,如果有一天,金牛對你說:l love you 那么希望你好好的珍惜他 因為他對你說了。。。。。。 那就代表你在他心中的地位超过了他的自尊

别愛上金牛座,金牛座愛不起,更怕受傷害 别愛上金牛座,金牛座喜歡自欺欺人,一直以為以後都會好的
别愛上金牛座,金牛座很傻,很天真 金牛座堅強,淡然.他的心時常會痛,就象那些輾轉在自尊下的愛痛了,疼了。

Wahahahahahahahaha, SIBEH ACCURATE LOR!

Sunday, October 17, 2010







聚会的前一晚,我看着我的手机几乎快要发疯了,真的受不了我们班同学不积极的态度!12个人的出席率算什么聚会?你们都把聚会当成了什么?为什么我们4个那么拼命的要弄聚会?因为我们想念你们!我们想念5A4的一切!毕业了就拍拍屁股就走人,难道你们不想知道老同学们的近况吗? 越想越气,在这时候,我接到Cecilia的号码。听起来她好像也在生气,她告诉了我她的想法--取消今年的聚会,马上!这点子真好,可以让他们知道我们真的很不爽了。放了一个大飞机给他们,势必要让他们知道我们不是好欺负的!



我在此郑重宣布,我们4人,WinShi, Cecilia, Foong和WayNa不在办5A4聚会了,我们只参加聚会。

Friday, October 15, 2010

I am majoring Media Arts! =)

Quite a lot of people seems not really know what Media Arts is, I often just said it as "design", or something like mass commnunication.

So yea, what is Media Arts actually?

New media art is a genre that encompasses artworks created with new media technologies, including digital art, computer graphics, computer animation, virtual art, Internet art, interactive art technologies, computer robotics, and art as biotechnology.

In short, media artist design by using computer or technologies! =))

I like design, and I am now in charge in designing t-shirt, and posters to Intima. Hahahaha, damn proud. =P

Banana Wannabe? LOL

You know,
sometimes I just wanna prank on some random people, like waiters, book sellers, general clerks.
tell them I don't speak Chinese. XD

But most of the time failed.
Example like today.
I went into a photocopy shop to photocopy something for BIO121.
I handed in the book and said "one copy please".
After done the photocopy, the guy told me "一毛", which mean 10 sen for one paper. LOL

Am I really look so Chinese-ish? =/

Another case happened when I was walking back to my apartment.
2 Africans and 1 guy don't know from where, but he seems like oriental, they walked infront of me, speaking in their language.
One of the guys saw me behind of them, he talked loudly in English, to dont know who, "nevermind, if you want we can talk in English, or even Mandarin."
I just ignored him.
And then I heard the girl said "...should learn Mandarin...", I don't really listen all, cabut straight away.
Weird people. =/

I don't have many chance to speak English in Inti, really.
Friends around me were from Chinese speaking family, Chinese school and blahhh.
Therefore I only speak English with international students and lectures. Gahhhhhhh.

Oh btw, I think I did pretty well in ENL101 today.
I was "fortunate" enough to get picked to do a class presentation.
Besides that Adi, GaLi and Esther was chosen too.
We have to talk about "Teenagers should be taught to handle peer relationship".
A little time was gaven to discuss points, each of us have to talk for 5 minutes.
Adi was the first to present, all of us was so amazed by his spontaneous.
I don't know how can he just spill out everything he had in mind in that few second,
his talking is like non-stop, with his Indian accent.
I did not bad as well, I didn't "errr, ermmmm, ahhh" or just stunt there.
I talked non-stop too! Happy me sial. XD
Somehow Esther and GaLi had some problems. O_O
Both of them are good in English, in writing, way better than me, don't know why they cannot present the points we discussed properly. @.@
Well, I felt proud today. Wahahahahahaha.

Few days ago was the "Student Forum" organized by Service Cell.
The main purpose is to let the students can meet the body management of the school to tell them how should the school improve, what should change, and also complaints.
Internet speed definitely is an issue, and also the racist security guard, hahahaha.
And someone brought up the language used in Inti too, glad that somebody actually is concern about it. =D
INTIMA played kinda important role though, which means we Intima Marketing Team have to practice it too.
However, seems like our director prefer to speak in Mandarin more, lol.

But still, I really hope I can have more chance to speak English in INTI, seriously need to improve. No necessary have to have accent, I just wanna make it fluent.

I had a dream when I was young, I want to be a banana, no joke. =.=

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New friends!

Wahahahahahaha I ended up hang with JPA scholars, again.
Good thing or bad thing? =P
Somehow they are way more interesting than private students. =/

And on the same day, 5 people thought I am a scholars and 6 people thinks I'm smaller than my age!
Whhhheeeeeee~ =)

Sunday, October 10, 2010



Saturday, October 9, 2010

House warming partay!

Was fun, and kinda awkward. Can't balance between Form 5 friends and CPU friends, so sorry if you feel neglected. =S

It begin with me and my bro drive a car each to pick up lil bro friends at SMJK Kwang Hua, I was told that he have 12 friends coming. So I decided to pick up Foong and Kari after I picked my bro friends up. Who knows when I reach there, 5 boys awaiting me, one of them has a big body size. Gosh, how Foong and Kari gonna fit inside my car? Dialled my lil bro phone and screw him kao kao, phew, relieved. Hence, what I have to do is, drop those fellow down to my house and then drive back to the another side of Klang again. WHOA.

On the way back to my house, Chih Yin called, she just arrived, woo, nice timing.
We saw her in her dance competition attire, thick make up, gel-ed hair and etc.

Usual, people come late to events, no matter wedding, party, class, bla bla shit.

So now, let's the photos do the talking shall we?

Is a must to have BBQ in every house party of mine! =P
Because the BBQ stove is custom made! Hahahahaha.

5a4 buddies! ♥
Taken in my room. =)

The girls. =)

Kari, me and Mr. Snake. XD

Group photo!

Girl gang and my dad.

The boys with my dad.

So yea, for those who came, now you know how "cute" my dad is. LOL.

Thanks for coming guys!! =))
And thanks mum and dad for the preparation. =P

Friday, October 8, 2010

CLUBS!!!! =D

Nyehh, don't get me wrong, not night clubs, but INTEREST CLUBS! LOL
So yea, I joined 6 clubs in total for this sem, hohohohoho, but still quite depressed because can't join clubs I really wanted to join which are Table Tennis Club and Hand Craft Club. =(
Table Tennis Club is closed for this semester because the sport hall is under renovation and most of the commitees are doing intenship, so yea. =( While Hand Craft Club is inactive, aka dead.

Soooooo, what clubs I joined?
AUP Club - American University Program Club.
Leo Club - Community service club
Green Knights - Environmental club
STACT Club- Student Action Club, community service based.
IMPAC - Instrument, Music and Performance Arts Club.

I was struggling between Badminton and Volleyball.
My bro said I can play Badminton very well therefore I don't need to sign up for Badminton lorhh, so I took up Volleyball. =P

Woots, busy busy busy.

Just done with Sociology Mid-term this afternoon, quite satisfy with it until I saw my classmates used up 2 piece of papers while I only used one. =.=
One assignment due on next Thursday! WOOOAHHHH!!!

Nicely blend with my Marketing Team fellows, hmmm good sign, hope can keep going on and on and on and on~~~~ LOL

Thursday, October 7, 2010


I have double personalites, you make the judge. =P

Monday, October 4, 2010

Random Update from Nilai.

So yea, busy life continues.
And my headache is getting serious everyday I don't know why.
Sometimes even cannot balance even I'm walking. LOL.

This week is exhibition week whereas every clubs will promote themselves and recruit new members at the same time.
So this exhibition week is one of the events organized by Intima Marketing Team, hence, I have work to do. DUTY! LOL.
Sit on the information desk, waiting people come forward to ask questions etc. The leader told us we must speak English for the whole event, but seems like he himself didn't follow. Blegh.

I think I mentioned before I want to join Table Tennis Club, and Art Craft Club, apparently both of these club were in inactive status, which no one is standing on the booth and promote, wth =.=

So, I think I will join Leo Club, Green Knights, Social Board, and some others which I haven't discover yet. There are 60+ clubs here. LOL. Still quite a small amount if compare to universities at US/Canada. Hahahahaha.

Just done with CSC101 test few hours ago, relieved A BIT because Sociology mid-term is on this Friday! Arghhhh, 4 Chapters to go~
Headache headache headache. =/
Can someone please knock my head with a hammer. =/

Seriously, I hate life like this.
I can feel like all my skills are regressing, especially English speaking.
I am lost. Headache non-stop.

Saturday, October 2, 2010


My life moved into another stage in this October.

Seriously I never stay with non-family members for long period under one roof.
Eh youth exchange doesn't count la.

My housemates are 3 males. LOL
I don't know how should I do to bond with them. lol
Can you imagine that. =.=

Wokay, have to ciao d.
Wanna know more ask me on Facebook or Msn. =P