Thursday, May 24, 2012




Being alone, no promises, no heart broken.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Winter Term 2012

I wanted to blog this once I got all my marks, apparently McCabe is as usual, SLOW. So, this post will be conclusion only as I covered most of the parts in HERE.

Finally got rid of FAW, although I did not get a decent grade but it's okay. I don't have to deal with English again. LOL What I am talking about, I have tons of research papers to write after this okay. WTF.

As for Introduction to Media and Society, I don't know is the professor problem or what, I got 50/50 for my finals. Therefore, I think I got A+ for this course but she haven't posted the marks yet so, WTF. However, to be honest I don't think I learned anything from this course, probably is the professor's problem. She is always not in situation and not prepared. Urgh. But thankfully I had her this term because I heard professor last semester is tough. So, good and bad? LOL

Media Literacy is still my favourite subject in Winter term, therefore I got an A- for this! Woohoo! I really hope there is an advanced class for it though because I think it is crucial to be media literate. People nowadays believe whatever they see. Like Facebook is an example, a picture of an incident happened few years ago can be told happened just second ago although is a totally different case happened in a very different location.

Not to forget studio classes! Got B+ for drawing but C for sculpture, WTF. I thought will be another way round since I don't do drawings :X I guess Zeke don't satisfied with my last metal project though. Hahahaha, so, this is my metal "dragon" with mustache, I know, should be whiskers, not mustache, I forgot why I told him mustache. FAIL. lol.

 On the good side, he loved my cardbox camera though, everyone in the class loves it :P It is the only project in the class that can be moved. LOL. So proud :P

However, marks like these made me think of maybe I should really take drawing instead of sculpture again since I got marks like this. But but but drawing is so hard :( Or I should just drop Visual Arts instead. I don't know :|

In communication classes like Intro to Media and Society and Media Literacy most of the time I just stick with Thao. Haha. Uhmm, got to know Sarah as well. While in studio classes, I met Yi Ru and Shallen in drawing, but still closer with Yi Ru. In sculpture, although most of the time I am solo but the 3 Chinese will automatically come close to me. And one of them happened to be one of my housemates, a total coincidence, no joke. And most importantly he speak Hokkien too! Haha.

I am officially the IT Director of AIESEC Windsor and Associate Publication of V.I.S.A. Potentially graphic designer/webmaster for UNICEF, not sure yet. Might wanna sign up for Advice Guru as well, still thinking. LOL Sounds like I wanna kill myself with busy stuffs next semester huh. Did quite a lot stuff in AIESEC though, create posters, flyers, maintain websites, Facebook, Twitter, and just came back from a 5 days conference in Toronto. Will write a separate post about it :)

Didn't get to know many angmohs though in this semester. But got some long lasting friendships instead :) Like Fantine, YiRu, WeiHaoTian and his engineering gang, AIESEC people and etc :)

Didn't complain as much as before already, got used to it already perhaps, But definitely still miss Malaysian food!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I am officially 21 years old, have been on this planet earth for 21 years. Long eh? Yea I found it is a little too long as well.

Not sure if staying in Windsor for the summer is a right choice or not. But if just for birthday's sake, I should totally go back home. However, AIESEC has really done a great job in their National Leadership Development Conference in Toronto. And luckily AIESEC Windsor has me occupied if not I am going to death because of boredom in Windsor.

Thanks to these adorable AIESECers of Windsor, they sung me birthday song in a Subway in Toronto :)

Got almost 300 birthday wishes on Facebook, several text messages, and 1 birthday song from Cecilia, my best friend. Oh I got presents from my Japanese host family as well, my parents mailed it to me :)

So, what is it feel like to be 21?

I think my experience is kind of special compare to my fellow friends where they have big big party, shinny clothing, numerous of people attend, awesome looking cake, presents and etc.

Oh wait, I sound like I am complaining. Actually no. I like the way how I became 21, low profile, sometimes I do not like to be treated like the main focus, just do not like it. However, I did not have any cake though, that is the only thing I have concerned. 

I am grateful for what I am having right now. Thank you mum and dad for everything, thank you for trusting me so much, thank you for supporting whatever I am doing. I am trying my best not to let you guys down.

Birthday wishes?
1. Teng lang and Kelinga please get out from my life.
2. VP Comm hopefully.
3. Get the house settled.