Tuesday, March 30, 2010

CPU Move Into TBS Building

Today is officially the second day CPU in TBS buidling.
Ugghhh seriously I don't really like there.

Few couple reasons:
1) Chairs in the classrooms were so tall and the tables were so short. For people like me is a suffer. I mean, my knees hurt. LOL

2) Cacat-ed projectors. I saw a projector projects everything in blue on the first day in World Issue class. Not all blue though, is like a layer of blue covered on it. LOL

3) Lifts are too slow. I climbed like 8 out of 10 times of stairs instead of taking lifts. LOL

4) Like only one place have printer here? Printer here is without a "s". Is it enough? @.@

5) Student lounge closed at 2.30pm. Where should we hang out during free time? Oh my god.

6) No library!!! Grrrrr.

7) Stupid relief point aka toilet. Stupid heavy door knocked my left arm many times. Zzzzz.

8) Everywhere is so aircon-ish. Unlike when we at main campus, once come out from classes we can breath fresh air, but now here everywhere is aircon-ed. LOL

Awww Main Campus I miss you =3=

p/s: I just found out CPU had a lot of amazing people, read me. AMAZING. O_O

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Who Am I?

Sometimes, I confused.
Which is me?
What I'm really dream of?
Who am I?

I have double personalities perhaps.
Shh, is a secret.

p/s: gold hair kind of suit me right??? Hahahahaha


你们这些乌龟王八蛋的成年人,凭什么决定一个人的寿命?你们“呸”吗?什么叫减轻她的痛苦?假惺惺!F*ck, i cant deal with this emotional decision!

My Future Room!

Somehow I love this kind of room/bed since I was around kindergarten age =.=
The first time I saw this kind bed is in the Courts catalog
From that time onwards I keep on hoping I can have this kind of bed someday
Until now

Yea, I'm moving soon.
After few weeks or few months I guess?
All the procedure already done just left we move in, how awesome =P

Oh dear,
I can't imagine that I finally can own this bed! Woohoo!

What if my friends stay a night in my house?
Oh don't worry about that,
we have a guest room! XD

I can't wait I can't wait to move in XD
Club House here I come!
Swimming pool here I come!
Jacuzzi here I come!
Table tennis courts here I come!
Lake here I come!
Mah Bed here I come!!!! XD

Monday, March 22, 2010

Half semester report

Well well, here comes the academic holiday which last for one week only. Could you believe it? I dont have internet access during this holiday! First time ever! How could a normal teenager like me having her holiday without internet? Must be kidding. =.= right now announce again my p1 wimax borrowed to my parents new office because settings there not stable yet. So yeah, i'm rotting here. Half semester passed and i'm doing pretty well.
My mid term result:

World issue: 73

English 4U: 79

Computer science: 93

I'm doing not bad right? XD and i'm so proud of my computer science marks! Haha. Perhaps i should take programming after CPU? Uh i dont know. Speaking of world issue, argh stressful, heavy workload, troublesome bla bla bla. Conference? I dont think we can do it. Look at us, my poster already hand in to them like already 2 weeks but they still haven't paste it in the campus! And tie charity pizza, book the tent, buy the pizza and whatever just me and marcus doing! Argh, i dont wanna talk about this anymore. Before this i thought English 4U would be my burden of my second semester but who knows world issue is the one =.= fine, bear with it. Oh ya did i mentioned i'm in the prom committee? Haha yeah i'm in there, and i'm surprised too XD and we runoff our first fund raising event few days ago :) so far this semester not bad, hope i will graduate with a flying colour XD

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pizza hut-heavy loaded

Believe me. Dont try this. You will definitely regret. Not only the price is expensive and it taste not nice at all. The advertisement said that is har 10 layers of ingredient inside but when it served it was like thinner than regular pizza. What is this? Wasting people money. Ew.

Monday, March 15, 2010

New warehouse, new hope!

Recently my parents were freaking busy with the new warehouse. Moved in on this saturday. It was pretty big. I helped them some when sunday, doing some computer stuffs and carrying this that and sweep the floor. The floor is so so dusty. Lol. Yeah, i spent 5 hours at here just now, doing my life of pi essay and other stuffs. They sort of stole the p1 wimax of our house because the operation here not so stable yet. I like the air-con here. Cool~~~next month, our chance to move to new house! Yeah~~~


I just banged by a Gardenia bread lorry. Yes. Just. And this dude in that pic is the driver. He said he was sleepy then he banged me. Oh my god. Please, want sleep go home la. That time i was so enjoying singing along with the radio and this guy bang me at a sudden. Walao, so potong steam lo. Recorded his number and capture a pic of his company address. No more Gardenia bread for me. ZZzzz. The good news is my car not seriously injured. Haha.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

2010 is not my year

Currently i'm in a table tennis competition at setia alam. Yea i participated and lost. You ask why? Because i dint get a nice draw so i got my old past time enemy, know her at mssd few years ago. If i get a good draw i can sure that i can get a runner-up or whatever. Others participants seriously...i can defeat them easily. Sigh. Who should i blame to? Yea the bad luck. This year i still haven't get any benefits from draw either for presentation or others. I was a very lucky person before this, usually i can get whatever i want or satisfy. But this year NAH i get the first or the worst. Perhaps my lucky already empty? Dont know. Sigh. Heard that competition for colleges is coming soon. Stil thinking of joining. Lol. WATAFAK~~~我不甘心啦啦啦啦~~~

Friday, March 12, 2010

Driving with nicky

My recent hobby is bring nicky along when fetching my bros. Haha. Can see that we both really enjoyed. XD and i just realized nicky doesnt like Lady Gaga. Lol. When the hitz fm is playing Bad Romance, nicky started barking. Then i changed to another channel, he stopped. Lol. Funny eh. XD

Monday, March 8, 2010

Interesting Conversation.

This would probably the funniest conversation I had ever heard.

Today I walked out from the Computer Lab 5 after I finished my Computer Science class. I was heading to Lecture Theathre 6 at B Floor. 2 SAM girls walking behind me, they was talking something interesting, lets make them Girl A and Girl B below.

Girl A: Oh I don't know Taylor's have computer labs.
Girl B: Yea, it is for IB students.
Girl A: Why don't they go to "The Web"?
Girl B: Because they have more privacy.

Oh my god. Saw that?? What to do with privacy? And we don't have IB students here. Hahahahahaha. Funny.

*IB = International Baccalaureate, is a Switzerland program, but only available at Sri Hartamas Campus, not Subang Jaya one.
*The Web = I used to call this Cyber Cafe in Taylor's lol

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Congratulations!!!! Omedetou!!!!

Finally I received Nobuko's from Okinawa email today. Is like she forever to reply. Finally!!!
She bring a good news for me, that is Hiroshi is ENGAGED!!!! Whoaaaa!!!
With the social worker girl!!! Congratulations!!!
I wish I can fly over to attend his wedding, but I can't =(

Another good news is Ryu is going to have a sister, the hospital predicted the baby will born on 11th.
Can't wait can't wait, started to guess the name for baby now. Lalalalala~~~

Woohoo! This email had made my day!!!