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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Game Over

finally it's end
we shouldn't say we 're lost
we gain experience right?
we know more about softball
there's many things we can do to get points XD
when meet telok gadong
we din't do well
because we still in blur
next round- smk meru
last year champion
we beat them till cham cham 6-8
not bad huh
last year champion lehh
boys still not bad
but they can't get into semi-final
just 1 point can reach d
they beat up ACS
can say is revenge for basketball gua =.=
whatever la
sports end
study starts

Monday, April 21, 2008

competition is tomorrow!!

now i am just nervous and excited
we had much improve than last year
last year we really NOOB
don't know many rules
don't know how to get more points
just keeping lost points
and let others win
i still feel not enough
i think is my pitching
is too far to pitch to home
i think only jing cen can do it well
i will only let the beatter free walk
so jing cen cannot happen anything
if not
kim already said we no need to worry too much
because we having a good pitcher
should i be happy or?
if really like that
that means our training wasted?
just let jing cen control the whole game?
should it be like that?
or is my pitching too bad?
i should not say anything at this time
i should know i am really not very good
maybe better than other
but still ain't the best
of the girls team
kwang hua softball girls team

Friday, April 18, 2008

kwang hua softball team GOGOGO!!!

i become black again!!
luckily not like last year terrible
not sun burn ^^
this year more better than last year
last year we still newbie XD
we now know how skills and technics to get marks d
should thanks to kim~~
we girls under 18 must take down telok gadong
at least can enter 8 qiang
practice about 2 weeks d
but me and jing shan only one week
can say now whole team injured
not eye bengkak than is ball hit head or muscle pain
today charistine head hitted by how yee throw out de ball
she straight away feel dizzy somemore cry out
softball really is a dangerous game XD

Thursday, April 10, 2008

we 're the champions~~~

today is for under 18 group
as i expected
we get champion again~~~
damn happy laaa
first round we right hin hwa
luckily the people i fight with is newbie ^^v
second round versus chong hwa psdn~~foo lin li that group lor
siau pei fight with she
foo lin li so pro la
how the ball spin she also can block
at last siau pei lost
then zi ying beat down a leng lui easily ^^
after that is me
don't know is i nervous or what
the first round i win
then keeping dues dues
after it i lose d
so now is 1-2
zi ying fight with foo lin li
so exciting this match
everyone was so concentrate in this match
if zi ying can't beat up foo lin li then we die lor
zi ying win with 3-2
then siau pei win that leng lui lor
final~~~kwang hua psdn
i fight with that debbie tee yesterday match with chong yeng yeng when double de leh
quite happy sia
siau pei win chong yeng yeng worrr
oh yeah~~~
we 're the champion no time for losers~~~
boys there not very good lar
2nd place
first place teknik
kien yoong can't win that zayat (don't know how to spell)
nevermind la
this competition had gaven me a nice secondary school memory
tomorrow is under 15 group
gambateh for lymane, zhi yan, adrian, kien ee them!!
cheers for us!!
kwang hua GO!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

not in situation

today is my day
day for double and single competition
i match with tsien lee
when morning we practice all still fine
then maybe too much hours we din't touch the ball so not so good
and i am out of situatition!!
keeping dreaming laa
and doing mistakes
the first round we fight convent
2 malay girls
they 're so cute
we win them 3-0
we keep fooling them
haha (not good la)
second round-chung hua psdn
two weird girl =.=
first match they find d
but at last we chase back
so is 3-2 or 3-1
next round
kwang hua psdn~~~chong yeng yeng that group
i hate to see she laa
face sooooo white =.=
don't know is i scared of her or i am too tired and keeping dreaming
we lose at last
8-11 3-11 8-11
not bad huh ^^
zi ying them not bad lehh
she get single champion and double champion (match with siau pei)
boys them leh..not so good la
kien yoong like get 3rd in single
double match with jie sen not sure
this year boys single final so exciting lehh
teknik's zaid VS kwang hua psdn's wei san
two also very pro in smash and block smash
then wei san wipping his sweat with his t-shirt
we 4 siao po (me, wen tin, tsien lee, jing shan) saw his stomuch
got "du nan" lehh
we keeping laugh
i think he heard we laugh d
he also laugh
and zaid change shirt there
his body so fit lehh >.<
胸肌 and 六块腹肌
damn nice
saliva almost drop d
tomorrow group GAMBATEH!!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

ping pong mssd first day

today is just for non-chinese player
why got this leh?
don't say i chuan laa
normally malays and indians can't fight us (chinese) de la
if really wanna fight then we will win in a short time lor
today is really very sien
count ball until head dizzy
eyes and head keeping follow the moving of the ball
who won't faint? =.=
jing shan is really leng lui lehh
even malays also keeping see she and say she leng lui worr
power so strong mea
and got 2 chung hwa cameraman don't know is really capturing competition photo or want to capture jing shan
they keeping stand near to jing shan lehh
yerr...chung hwa lots of hamsap lou gehh
and hor that teknik de zayat ( don't know how to spell la)
tsien lee say he got "mei li" wor
got mea
my eyes or her eyes problem?
he just like last year la
play play only
din't concentrate the game before
always give people chance to smash and he just do the blocking
like this fun mea
beh tahan he la
so diao geh
when he want go back somemore bye bye with jing shan worr
her "tao hua yun" so strong~~~~
when about 3.30pm
left me, siau pei, wen tin and jie sen lor
we keep talking about people's rumours XD especially tsien lee's (too bad) XP
siau pei wanted to change place
we like change about 3 or 4 times d
she say many mosquitoes=.=
sua lor
at last we go pondok
wen tin is the most fast go back
then jie sen belanja me and siau pei "jelly ice"
then siau pei go back d
after that have a bit chat with jie sen lor
heard he said he dislike wei sheng wor
cincai lar
i seldom bother other people things
and better don't lor
tomorrow is gan jiong day
specially for wen tin
she can see her kien ee play d
i admit laa
kien ee is good looking k? XD
at least better than his brother laaa ^^

Friday, April 4, 2008

behh soong laa

today is the day to choose double for girls under 18
zi ying and siau pei sure is one pair liao de lor
left i need to choose a partner
either jing shan and tsien lee
we having competition lor
zi ying like no mood fight with us lehh
like we so weak like that
but we really is much weak then she la XD
1st round i match with tsien lee
walao..more fight more die leh
and that tsien lee keeping want me to do this do that
if she said the same thing she said to wen tin i sure i will smack she
"er, you just let it in, i will do the smash..."
P la!! your smash all is lucky de!! TMD
then i match with jing shan
what happen to she suddenly
no om at all
like no mood to play d
after that she say zi ying keeping looking at she then she will scared and no mood d
and when she block zi ying smash keeping out
like this only ma
no need like this lose a chance gua??
i want match with jing shan leaa
don't want with tsien lee anymore
can say is my fault la
i admit
i should not tell she we having training de
she sendiri so 9bu come de lor
even encik tong ask encik chia to find people replace she d
just hope when competition she won't let our team die
if not
she really die liao la
p/s hooyeahhh~~got t-shirt with my name!! can show off d XD