Friday, January 27, 2012

Winter Semester Week 4 Report

Have not been blogging for about 2 weeks already after the Thirsty Scholar's post, and I am still with a thing with Ryan! :P

A 'good' start!
So yea, I am taking 5 courses this semester, which is 15 credits in total. They are FAW II, Intro to Media and Society, Media Literacy, Studio Practice and Ideas/Space, and Studio Practice and Ideas/Drawing.

Foundations of Academic Writing II is just annoying as FAW I last semester, although it is online but the workload is crazy. Damn. Luckily this time is all about writing, less focus on grammar.

For Intro to Media and Society, to be honest, class have not really started yet. First class was the introduction, class expectation, bla bla stuff then second class supposed to have a presentation by someone from the library and then that person couldn't make it then the class was cancelled. This week in class talked something about media and stuffs. I think the professor is an American tho, the way she speaks is different with my other professors. And she looked too young to have a PhD! *salute* And she is darn skinny and fashionable! Wooooooo~ However, the bad news is, I need to write a research paper for this course #fml But the good thing is, I have so many companion in this class! Thao, Jakob, my RA-A Heidi, the China guy in my sculpture class, Sarah whom I just met today and the list goes on. LOL. So yea, hopefully this course will be easy :X

As for Media Literacy, I have to say. THIS IS MY FAVOURITE CLASS IN CANADA SO FAR! I have the same feeling towards Media Literacy like how I feel towards Computer Science in CPU and Philosophy in AUP! The professor is not the major reason, but the content, it is more like World Issues because we talked about Noam Chomsky, environmental issues, stuffs like that. The main thing about this course is to study those lies that media tell us. And most importantly, we will be going to have a chapter about DISNEY'S! Although is going to reveal the evil side of it but I am looking forward for it! Haha! And I have Thao again with me in this class! Wheeee~

Studio classes are pain in the ass, and purse at well! T.T Which makes me think of am I really suitable to Visual Arts. Studio Practice and Ideas/Space is sculpture class tho, most of us have no idea why is it called 'space'. LOL. Sculpture class is quite fun tho, the lecturer is indeed an artist, as in his characteristic-weird, haha! I kind of enjoyed the first assignment, except for walked 45mins just to get a light bulb. Why light bulb? Because our first assignment is to create an ugly lamp out of a lamp. Got a free lamp from Bethany because I have no idea where to get a lamp, couldn't afford to buy a new one because all of them are damn expensive and those secondhand stores are so far away :/ Don't feel like show you guys my sketch of the original lamp, instead I show the parts of it :P

Parts of the lamp

Sketch for idea.


The light bulb for the lamp is not typical one though, which caused me a lot of trouble. It is a biax, then I blasted it because I removed the ballast from the original, I know shit about those voltage and power stuff. Then paid visit to Zeller and Canadian Tire, zero result for a biax light bulb because Canadian normally use incandescent light bulb, part of the reason is Canadian Tire sell it for friggin $15 just for one. Emo-ed for few days then found a hardware store that sells biax light bulb, and cheaper too!But the place is located at 45mins of walking distance from my residence. Why I decided to walk but take public transportation or cab? First, I am uncertain with the bus route, and bus ticket for back and forth is friggin expensive :/ But still, I took a cab back to school because it is really far! Plus snows on the ground make it unpleasant to walk on it :/ In the end, the light bulb still dies off 1 day after the installation in SoVa Gallery! LOL. Not sure what grade I will get for this, hopefully is not a C because I saw a C on the lecturer's notebook O.o 

One of the lamps, epic right?

Working on the lamp.

Lastly, DRAWING! It is exactly what I expected! Lots of drawing pros in the class and I am the worst! T.T And the first day was suck, I have to carry all these back to my room, and spent $100 for all these shits! 

The cardboard height is until my armpit, and the 2 mill boards is darn heavy, I had hard time carrying them from LeBel Building back to the residence. I was like walked for few steps, stopped to adjust the position of the cardboard because it kept slipping down, and also wind that day was damn strong! It blown the cardboard fold into half, which saved my work because I need to fold it into half and tape the edges to make it a folder. DAMN. For the first month, alll we do is just draw lines, consist of squares, cubes, spheres, bla bla bla, by using pencil, she likes to call it graphite, charcoal and sharpie marker. On Wednesday class, she introduced the first independent project, which is to draw the psychological self. DAMN. I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT TO DRAW. I KNOW SHIT ABOUT MYSELF. AND I AM SO GONNA FAIL THIS FREAKING STUDIO. o0o

Forced to sketch a lot.

Don't expect me to post my sketches online, I don't want my readers die because of this! Haha! No la, in fact I feel inferior =.= When you have people like Debra, Chantel, Elliot, XiaoYing on Facebook posting their so called 'simply' sketches, you will go 'why in the hell you can't draw?!' then stabbing yourself in mind for a million time. Okay la, I just don't want to embarrass myself  =________= I am a pro in digital arts not fine arts okay? #mukatebal

Finally got a position in AIESEC! As a web manager! Hohohohoho! 

First task of the position-flyer! 

And they have a Business and Technology conference in Toronto soon, not sure if I want to go or not, cost is the thing in mind, secondly, I-don't-know, just feel awkward to step in Toronto again :X But I am looking forward for National Congress tho, but don't know when yet! :P

Attended the residence Winter Formal. Reason why I want to go because I want to experience the high school prom feel, as what they describe it on their posters. LOL.  

Rome theme.

I was wearing Kira's dress, don't even bother to buy dress.

The event was BORING! No entertainment, no performances, NOTHING! But terrific food tho, especially the dessert!
Wearing like this in the weather of -5 degree Celsius. Couldn't feel my toes at all that time, haha!

Also, don't know why I missed all the VISA meeting, LOL, but I am joining their tubing trip at London! LOOKING FORWARD FOR IT! Besides, I applied to become a committee of UNICEF in Windsor, don't know if I should go to the interview or not because I foresee that AIESEC and those studio stuffs gonna kill me soon.

Kinda settled the housing for next semester? Still dealing with the housemates problems and the possibility of might get cheated because the landlord did not pick up his fucking phone since the day he collected our $100 each for deposit. Promised to meet up this Saturday for pay for last month and discuss the remaining problems, hopefully he is not a jerk. #prayhard

346 Askin

The location is perfect! 3 mins away from university, close to shops! But longer time to reach Lebel, sad art student's life. And everything is included, except internet. The best part is, no one has to live in the basement! COOLEST! 


Windsor finally snowed! FINALLY!

Unknown sock and shirt in my laundry bag, creepy. 

And, I NEED MONEY! Went to Eros, BimbimToGo, Seoul Windsor, HingLung, etc to ask if they need  people or not. Apparently only HingLung called back, but my schedule doesn't allow, gahhhh gonna put all the hope on BimbimToGo as the lady said she need people on February! :D Not that I have no money in account, just that I feel bad to withdraw them :/

FINALLY! I AM GOING TO ATLANTA FOR READING WEEK! Jealous? :P I am going with Fantine, a girl I met in AIESEC, migrated to Canada from China since she is 8, wheeeee~


Friday, January 13, 2012

A Night In Thirsty Scholar

Oh my godness, I haven't had this feeling since, 9 years ago? Is like electric shock, it goes all over my body. The smile, although he was a little bit tipsy, he still looked so attractive to me.

I know I shouldn't do this too often, but it just feel so good every time after I stepped out from the pub.

I think, I have a crush on him? I would definitely want to see you again, Ryan.

Sorry for spamming your timeline, my twitter followers. And and and, why guys who called Ryan normally looks cute? WHYYYYYYY

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Okay, to be honest, this was the first time I tried macaroons, and I have no idea why girls so crazy with macaroons. They are just, normal, for me. LOL. 

So, in order to show it's value, I took a picture of me eating one macaroon when I am eating. LOL. Seriously, 6 pieces for 9CDN? Is it a little expensive? Which means 1 macaroon is 1.5CDN, convert it to RM is around RM4.5 for 1 macaroon. Cheaper eh? Well, my roommate always buy macaroon from Starbucks, and it has a special name called Red Velvet Whoopie Pie. The price? 1.50CDN for one. Yea, my roommate is friggin rich. 

And, did some research on Google, I found out macaroon is actually pretty easy to make, and it's ingredient is kinda simply. So tell me, why are they so expensive? WHY?

I will never buy myself macaroons anymore next time, I will rather spend my money on poutine! Haha!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

This is LOVE?

Talked too many about relationships these days, these days as in during final periods and days after I come back from Toronto and Montreal.

Often times I confused what is love, what is it different with like, and what exactly is like? I am sure that I like that guy for 9 years, freaking 9 years. How about after that? Got in touch with so many guys, in Facebook chatbox, message, MSN, Skype, text messages. Does these mean anything? Is it chat too much with a guy you will fall in love with him? Or is it because you already used of his existence then it explains why if he reply you late you will feel anxious? If it does mean something, then I have to admit that I used to like two of the guys that I always get in touch with.

But really, they chat with you is because they are just bored, or they really interested with you? That's the thing I never know, and I don't want to know now, it will only ruin our relationships now, it good to remain everything.

As for now, I am going to leave everything behind, forget about him, forget about that two, and move on. Most probably not going to be in a relationship in these years, Caucasian are too heavy for me, Malaysia is too far, long distance relationship is too hard, Windsor doesn't have Malaysian, not interested with China Chinese and Indians. #foreveralone

LOVE. I will never know how to define you.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 Resolutions

 Bye 2011.

Hello 2012.

2011 wasn't that bad for me, had my time in INTI, Winko, got to spend time with best friends before I leave, then to the place where my dreams come true-Canada. 

Looked back at my 2011 resolutions, what had I done so far? Did I fulfill most of them? I would say, I do :) But the clubbing part I failed to do so. LOL. 

So, this year will the first whole year I spend outside my home, resolutions should be very different compared with last year.There you go:
1. Stop being racist
2. Get a job/save money
3. Make more friends
4. Become less shy
5. Stop being anti-social
6. Read more. Should really sit down one day, just read, nothing else.
7. Less Facebook
8. Learn how to draw. Eventho will be teach in class but I really need to learn some basics.
9. Find myself
10. Don't let anyone influence me
11. Travel in the United States of America
12. Exercise more

While goals for life basically the same: 
1. Own a themed cafe/bakery or restaurant
2. Get a certicifate/diploma in pastry and baking 
3. Get a certificate/diploma in pets grooming 
4. Backpack travelling (New Zealand first)
5. Learn more languages
6. Own a house, apartment will be enough, and decorate myself! Have some plans in mind already
7. Get my parents imgrate to somewhere after they retire 
8. Own a company (new!)
9. Visit Italy (new!)
10. Do something extreme (i.e Bungee jumping, CN Tower edge walking) 

I am 21 years old now! That means I am an adult now no matter in what country. HOW SCARY IS THIS?   I don't want to grow up, I don't want to feel old, I don't like the feeling of having many responsibilities on my shoulder, I don't want everything I do is related to money. WA AI ZHO GINNA!

And darn, I am single for 20 years already, and possibly for this year as well #foreveralone Ceh, don't care la, you will get what is yours in the end.

Not really in a mood of writing tho, uploading massive of photos to Facebook is very tiring. 

Monday, January 2, 2012

Je t'aime Montreal

Spent 9 days in Montreal, Quebec. I have no words to describe my feeling towards Montreal, it is just breathe taking. Love the peacefulness, love the old buildings, love their friendliness.

Depart from Toronto right after the Disney's On Ice. It was a 5 hours trip by bus, since my camera and phone already die out of battery, the only thing I can do is sleep! Arrived at Ottawa Central Station at 4am, took the opportunity to charge both of the camera and phone. LOL. Pathetic eh?


Ottawa Central Station.

Then took a transfer from Ottawa to Montreal, whole trip is about 2 hours and 30 minutes. Did the same thing on bus as well, sleep. Then one of our host in Montreal, Keat Yang picked us up at the Montreal bus station then brought us to our hostel. 

Berri Uqam station. Bought a 3 days subway ticket here since we will be going to take subway to travel around Montreal. 

After put our luggage in Auberge Alternative, the name of our hostel in Montreal, we headed to Chinatown for breakfast. It was cold in Montreal, like the day we arrived, temperature was like -12°C, and thin snow on the ground. And I was wearing my red Converse sneakers, with 1 pair of socks only. It-was-freezing! My toes got paralyzed for most of the time! Crazy! 

On our way for food!

We had dim sum! It has been 4 months I never had dim sum :/

After eating, we walked around to kill some time because we can only check into our room at afternoon. 

Snow everywhere!

Went to visit McGill University, where KeatYang and another host, HuiJing studying.

The main entrance of McGill.

Arts buidling.

Back to our hotel. They have common room with kitchen and serves free flow of coffee and milk. Love it!

Warm and homestyle feel.


Dinner we had it in a Chinese restaurant with Andrew, Victor and Wawa together.
Next morning, it was Christmas day, so most of the shops are closed. We had no choice but to have our meal in McDonald's.

McChicken, always. LOL.

Then walked around in one of their shopping malls, Eaton Centre. As predicted, it was quiet, with all shops closed, well prepared for tomorrow's Boxing Day's sale.
Empty mall.


Then took a local bus to visit St. Joseph Oratory. 

It was really cold that day. I put on 2 pairs of socks. Forgot to bring my boots sial. LOL.

Main attraction of the oratory. The heart of Saint Brother André, the founder of St. Joseph oratory. 

This is the place where bunch of us had crazy times, played the song game, snow fight, etc.

Third day in Montreal. It's Boxing Day!

Quiet street, shinny sun, lovely buildings.


13 of us split into 3 groups, I guess. I was with KahWai, CheeWeng and Thien. Then later KahWai left us to look for his Lego set. We shopped around, got myself a purple sweater and 3 pairs of socks from Garage, and a Montreal shirt.

In order to save cost, tonight's dinner we decided to cook ourselves! Montreal's tax really can kill people :X 

We had spaghetti! :D 

The only thing is, the gang I go with loves onion and garlic very much. But the good thing is, I found my mates! Odd people like me who dislikes onion and garlic! Woohoo! This kind of people is like 1/10 of the world. LOL. Ok, well, exaggerated a little. Haha. However, we had fun picking out onions for dinners days after.

The next day. One of the best days of mine in Montreal. POUTINE DAY! I had Poutine couple of times back in Windsor, at first it was introduced by Soham in CAW. Then tried some in Croc's, but they make it too salty so I wasn't really like it that time. CAW's was good tho. People said that if you go to Montreal you must try their Poutine and Bagel. Here we are for this day, La Banquise, famous for it's Poutine! Good thing about this shop is, they open for 24 hours! Geeeee, Y U NO OPEN IN WINDSOR?!

Look at the line!

My Poutine Mart, consist of french fries, cheese, gravy, mushrooms and sausages! OMG YUMS!

So, after I had this Poutine, I am craving for Poutine for most of the time. Even the meal I had after I came back to Windsor is Poutine, and I just had a Poutine today. F-M-L. I have control myself to have only 1 Poutine per week. Is not about the fatness, it is really unhealthy, no nutrients at all :/ OMG POUTINE I LOVE YOU LAAAAAA! Every time I type the Poutine, Poutine will just pop in my mind, then, my stomach start to make noises, geeeeeeee, dengggg. STOP IT! STOP ITTTTT! 

Okay, as for dinner. We bought stuff from a China marketplace in Chinatown. Saw lots of weird things, for example, ginger ice cream, ewwwww.

Before dinner, we headed to one of the tourist attractions of Montreal, Notre Dame Basilica! 

Inside. We were sort of forced to watch the stupid sound and audio show, which is darn stupid and wasted my $20. Basically the show is about the history of this basilica, they made it in a very cheesy way. LOL. 

The real WHOA is after the show, which is after they remove the screens and open up the lights.


And they have the biggest organ in North America! Take that!

It is built in Gothic style, which I should have learn it in my Ancient to Medieval class, but the lecturer didn't manage to get there. The feeling of reading the textbook itself is just not that impactful like how when I was in ROM. But still, I whoa-ed a little inside when they opened the lights, it is just...erm...whoa. Love how they use the blue colour in everything. Love how they put the gold stars on the ceiling. Wooooohooooo. It makes me want to go to visit the Pantheon even more!

Dinner we had rice with bean sprouts, crab sticks, taufu and many many garlic and onion =.=

Next day, first spot we visit was the Biosphere. We only went there for photo shot because it is not open for winter.


Then headed to Bio Dome and Olympic Park.

Montreal Tower. Couldn't get up to this on this day because the weather was too foggy, if we go up we couldn't see a thing.
BioDome is basically like an indoor zoo, with 4 seasons, spring, summer, fall and, winter.
Saw monkeys, fishes, birds. penguins, beaver, porcupines, starfishes, ducks, seagulls, and etc.

They also exhibits things like eggs, nests, bones, fossils, amber and bla bla bla.
Tiny eggs.

Dugong's bones.

Visited the Olympic sized swimming pool as well.
My lucky day? :P

Then  we had fried rice for dinner, as usual, with garlic. Meh, that night I really suffered a little bit, almost throw up. Blame my stomach for rejecting garlic. LOL.
It really taste good, I could finish all if without garlic seriously, sorry chefs T.T

Luckily we had awesome egg tarts for dessert! It's so delicious! Reminds me of the bakery in Bekerley T.T

6th day in Montreal is the coldest day, most of the guys were reluctant to go out hence KeatYang, Edmond, SuPing and me decided to go somewhere else rather than staying in the dorm do nothing. Introduced by KeatYang, we went to Juliette et Chocolat in St. Laurent. This place is totally a heaven for chocolate lovers,omgggg.

Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolateeeee!

Got myself banana chocolate crêpe and The Liegese Chocolate. With dark hot chocolate, melted milk chocolate, and topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. 

LOVEITLOVEITLOVEITLOVEITTTTTT! Their chocolate tastes soooo niceeee, so pureeeee, so chocolatelyyyyy. OMGGGGG. Sorry you guys have to bear with my this food lover, lol.

It's kinda small inside tho, very home-style feel :P

XiaoYing and HuiJing made us cornflakes cookie! It was so yummy, with peanut butterrrr, wooooo!

Had Nasi Briyani for dinner. Which I didn't eat, I eat white rice instead :P


Glad we had decent dessert tho. Fruits with yogurt!
Thien, SuPing, KahWai and me was high on these, I don't know why. Haha.

Next day, we went to one of the Montreal's specialty-smoked meat!

My smoked meat. 

For me I think is just so-so. Nothing special. LOL. 

But this shop is really famous. A looooong queue outside right after we are done.

Then, took subway to hunt for Orange Julep. A drink consist of orange juice, vanilla, and egg. 

This is how the shop looks like, super cute right.

Then, headed back to the Montreal Tower that we been to that day. It is the tallest inclined tower in the world, in Guinness World Record somemore, fuyoh! 

Up up here we go!

Snowy Montreal :)

One of the best shot I ever got! Switch on your flash light when snow falling, that simple :P

Dinner, woots!

Fried rice, I think. 

Finally, our last day in Montreal. First thing of the day was Beaver tail hunt. Is a must-eat-food in Montreal as well. Not really beaver's tail tho, it is like a fried flat bread, they make it look like beaver's tail :D 

I had a chocolate flavour one, a little too sweet. LOL.

Then, paid a visit to Gay Village in Papineau.

 I see muscles, woowoo! 


Had bagel on the street was kinda a new experience for me :D Eating while cold wind blows, wooooo~

Sesame bagel with cream cheese, heaven!

People said if you never tried Montreal's bagel then you are considered never been to Montreal before. Indeed, Montreal bagel, somehow, taste better, more bread-ish, I don't know how to describe in details, it is just way better than other bagel I had! You must try it yourself if you have the chance.

Next stop, Point G, famous for their macaroons.

Colourfullllll. 6 pieces for $9, memang gila. LOL.

And this night's dinner was the best! Sushi all-you-can-eat! Woohoooo!

That restaurant is located somewhere here.

Sashimiiii. Omg their salmon is darn awesome, tastiest salmon I ever had, even in Malaysia!

I was kinda lucky to sit with those big eaters, hmmm, or it is just Thien and me? Anyways, I really enjoyed! Didn't really pay attention to all the conversations, just eat eat eat and eat. LOL.

 Had the last hour of 2011 at Old Port, Montreal. 

 People mountain people sea.

And with a gang of Mexican shouting here and there like crazy people. Most importantly, there was no count down, just fireworks, and the whole fireworks performance lasted for 30 minutes, damn weird. LOL. 

One of the shots.


Although this is not the first time I celebrated New Year Eve in snow, but this is the first time I celebrated in snow with a bunch of friends! The group hug was awesome, I never had it back in Malaysia :'D Thank you people of UofT! 

The entire Montreal was fun! Love their buildings, love the poutine, Chinatown, French-style. Oh did I mentioned above? Quebec is a French speaking province, so road signs, buildings, even the people all speak in French, even Chinese in Chinatown! It feels damn weird to hear French from a Asian face. LOL. The only bad thing in Montreal is I didn't wear boots while walking on the snow, I forgot to bring, just sneakers with 2 pairs of socks inside, which is not sufficient at all. When the weather gets colder, my toes cramped like hell, walked like a puppet, dammit. And uh, remind myself next time try to avoid travelling with gamers or those who only like to play with their computer when travelling. Because, is kinda waste of time tho, and money as well, also is quite unfair for people who doesn't bring their laptop. Therefore most of the night those who didn't bring laptop played Chor Dai Dee to kill the time :/ My personal policy is never bring laptop when traveling, even when travelling in Malaysia. Other than that, they are pretty awesome travelling gang tho, definitely would love to travel with them some other day. Haha. And something I need to confess, I am in love with...
And the crave has been started from the day I back in Windsor, the first meal I had in Windsor is poutine as well. GG. Need to control myself for only can have 1 poutine per week, if not I will die from heart attack one day, too much fats. LOL. 

Nyeeeee, whatever, Montreal, I will visit you again, no matter what! :)