Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Rabbit New Year!

Yo people! My Chinese new year holidays officially started! The sad thing is this holiday just 1 week long. Argghh, I WANNA HAVE MORE! =/

Anyways, in this 1 week, we going to have a family reunion dinner, as usual, a small gathering for my 5a4 fellows, and 3rd day of the Chinese new year is the house warming party of me and my family. =)
See, I don't have much time to do visits! :S damn

Catching 2,15pm INTI bus later, loads of things to do after I go back, have to wrap presents for my darling. Yeah, we have a present exchange thing for Christmas, I know, it like loooooong time ago, but what to do, 4 of all were so busy. :S And I have to decorate my house which have no Chinese new year feeling at all. Is like no one will do except for me. lol. And then, make some purchasing for partys. Night time, meet up with my darlings.

I typed this quite fast and I didnt check grammars or spelling whatever because I'm kind of rush. You know how fast I type when you chat with me via msn, right? If no, lets try one day. Hahahaha.

So yeah, wish everyone of you have a happy chinese new year, good luck, all the best, remain happy and healthy always!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Brain Juices Leakage Month

You knowww, is really a happy thing that you see your creations around the campus, no, I'm not talking about drawings on the tables or washroom or whatever, but real created thing!

So yea, I was busying designing flyers, logos, posters in this week.
Mainly for the Exhibition week. =P

Poster that INTIans can see around the campus. LOL. This is not the completed one, it suppose to have Facebook, Twitter logo and so on. =P

Draft layout of our Marketing Team softboard.

However, it turned out like this.

Bahhhhhh. Not-so-yeng right? The main problem is I estimated wrong. In short, I have no idea how big the wordings should be, how long and blah blah stuff. So yea.

At the very same week, I was asked my dad to design his company name card. However, I only get it done by yesterday 10/2/2011. Procastinate much eh? :S

There are more, but I can't show it out yet because these events going to happen soon, the privacy policy.

Buh-bye! Time to let the brain and eyes have some rest! :D

Monday, January 24, 2011

The song that I remembered the most when I was at Denmark.

Xander - Det burde ikk være sådan her (official video)

I couldn't understand what he is singing about but I like the melody of this song.

This week is a busy week, like VERY BUSY. Argh.
Will update about it after this event is over.

By the way, enjoy the song. =)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

INTI 1.5th Week Report

My second semester just started, today is the Wednesday of the second week. Everyone is okay I guess. Not much problem YET.

Here goes my time table for this semester.
Chemistry and Society CHM107 (Lab) 8am to 10am

Introduction to Philosophy PHI101 8am to 10am
Introduction to Microeconomics ECO151 10am to 12pm
United States History 2 HIS252 12pm to 2pm
Chemistry and Society CHM107 2pm to 4pm

Chemistry and Society CHM107 10am to 12pm

Introduction to Microeconomics ECO151 11am to 12pm
Introduction to Philosophy PHI101 2pm to 4pm

United States History 2 HIS252 10am to 12pm
Hence, I hate TUESDAY the most!!! 8am to 4pm WITHOUT BREAK!
I can't take my lunch on that dayyyyy. ARGHHHH.

Overall lecturers are not bad, Philosophy and History is teach by Dr. Borges AGAIN, I had Sociology with him last semester. I actually like this way of teaching, no assignments but trials at the end of semester. It made me feels like back to CPU again, ISU! Hahahaha. For ECO151 lecturer, I don't really know him yet because the class is quite big, bigger than other 3, last lessons I just sit there and listen to lecture, but basically not bad lah. As for Chemistry, errrr, how should I start. Chemistry is already a tough subject for me and this lecturer makes me feel even harder to take this subject. =/ Chemistry class made up by 90& of first semester students, when the lecturer asked some questions they will just silentttttt. And the lecturer seems like start time teaching AUP and obviously he doesn't know some of us might not from science stream, like me. Whenever he mention NaCl, Fe blah blah blah my mind goes blank. LOL.
I'm so gonna fail CHM107.
Oh something interesing about CHM107 is there are 2 girls intended to speak Chinese to me but I pretend I don't speak Chinese instead I speak English to them! Bwahahahahahaha! Lets see it takes how long for them to find out. LOL.

For extra-curricular activities, I'm the publicity officer for Green Knights. :D Hohohohohoh. This is related to my major-Media arts. I'm happy with that. Lalalalalalala~ Oh don't forget INTIMA Marketing Team too! I'm going to be the publicity officer for the upcoming event-Exhibition Week! This semester INTIMA has lots of things to do, ask for students' opinion to remove the fence for single gender hall blah blah, sports fiesta, INTI ball. Oh yeah, it's gonna be exiciting! XD

And HOMG! An African whom I don't know at all pretend I'm his friend or what, said "we talked in the lift before blah blah blah." I know I'm forgetful but I am sure that I don't know you MR whatever your name is!

I have this lil thingy to accompany me, I will rub it on my face and smell it whenever I'm thinking of you. Although you're smellier than this thing but I love it, and I'm missing it right now. I really really wish to see you again, in my dream.

Sincerely hope 2011 will be better.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

2011 Resolutions

Well, I actually planned to write this after I done all my Denmark posts, however the situation now doesnt allow me to do that. I'm using dad's office computer, therefore no photos for Denmark posts. Aiks.

I need to post this anyway why dont just write it now, since I'm so darn free now. LOL.

2011 Year, might be a very different year for me I guess, gonna celebrate Chinese New Year, Valentine's day and some other events without him, leaving this country for tertiary studies at the end of this year, first year without spec, and mostly importantly, I'm 20 years old now (wtf).

Before I start, lets review my 2010 resolutions first shall we?

- gain weight *this used to be a must for every year, but this year I don't need anymore! =P*
- drive out of this state
- strive in ICPU
- do something extraordinary
- help out my brother in SPM *although he is a super lazy shit*
- spend more time with my another 三朵金花
- make more friends in ICPU
- learn Japanese
- break my current record, drive 140km/h, target: 150km/h
- do more sports lah, bone becoming stone d

copied from Late Regards!!
First, I did gained weight.
And I drove out of Selangor to Negeri Sembilan, but I think still not enough =P.
Did I strive in CPU? Errrrr I guess so. XD
Do something extraordinary, hmmm, joined prom committee, go Pulau Redang with friends that I knew for less than 1 year, joined student government in INTI, what else? Quite a lot for 2010.
As for English, thanks to Dr. Lim Ho Peng, I improved A LIL BIT, note that, a lil bit. LOL.
Next one, okay, I wonder why I wrote that last year that I said I wanna help out my bro for his SPM, this idea is so ridiculous, because he don't need my help AT ALL, he gone through his SPM very smooth *I said this in a very sarcastic way, to people who know my brother well will get what I mean LOL*.
2010 I did spent a lot time with my darlings, in fact we yamcha-ed a lot, chat a lot, laughed a lot. XD
Next item, make more friends in CPU, well, the result is pretty obvious. =)
I failed to learn Japanese, I don't have time. =/ No lar, the truth is I afraid to attend lesson alone, lol. So this item, FAILED!
Hahahahaha, did I exceeded 150km/h? Seriously I-DONT-REMEMBER-AT-ALL. =____=
I climbed Bukit Tabur, jogged a lil bit while I was at INTI, considered sports eh?
Overall I give myself 75% for 2010, if 29/11 doesnt happen it would be 100%.

I have to move on, therefore I'm coming out with this 2011 resolutions.
1. get over the emo-ness
2. study harder, no more slack
3. learn more than one Malaysian cuisine, to cook at Canada
4. stay fit and healthy
5. spend more time with family and friends.
6. improve PhotoShop skill
7. learn to use other editing softwares
8. study more history about this world
9, go clubbing at least once before I leave M'sia
10. reserved

2011 I'm gonna be 20 therefore I wanna update my goals of life, a revised version compare to few years ago.
1. Own a themed cafe/bakery or restaurant
2. Get a certicifate/diploma in pastry and baking (new!)
3. Get a certificate/diploma in pets grooming (new!)
4. Backpack travelling
5. Learn more languages
6. Own a house, apartment will be enough, and decorate myself! Have some plans in mind already
7. Get my parents imgrate to somewhere after they retire (new!)
8. reserved
9. reserved
10. reserved

That's all about it. 2011 gonna be awesome, I hope, I believe and I will try to make it possible. =)

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Spent around 2 weeks in Denmark I found out that they messed up J and Y. When they say 'Japan', they pronounce it as 'Yapan'. LOL Laugh die me. And this applies on names too, like 'Natasja', and 'Tanja'. Same as when comes to greeting, they said 'Hi', but the spelling is 'Hej'.

And of course I learned some other Danish too, like 'Tak' means thank you, but you see 'Tak' in Malay is 'No'. LOL. And 'No' in Danish is 'Nej', which pronounce as 'Nai'.

There are some similarities between Danish and Malay though, like 'Telefon', 'Butik', and err, I cant remember them right now.

To end this post, guess what 'Ananas' mean!

Godt nytår! *Pronounce as 'God Noodle'*(Happy new year!)