Thursday, September 29, 2011

5 differences between Malaysia and Canada

1. Very less insects.
2. People in Canada are damn friendly, strangers will greet each other.
3. Tax here is effing high, 13%.
4. Food here all are in very big portion, I could not finish them most of the time.
5. All China people behave the same regardless where they are.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


This has freaked out my room mate, pity her. However I am pretty sure is written by a girl because this handwriting looks damn familar.

Don't know why girls here seems like to seduce guys a lot, and vice versa, sex-oriented? Yucks. A girl who hates guy smoking called children, don't drink called immature. Is it because I come from an Islam country or is it because I am not open minded enough? Or, I am so old that spirit of playfulness already gone?
My room mate brought up a very nice topic yesterday. She said most of her friend in ELIP only hang out with their own kind, they don't go out social at all, didn't join clubs, doesn't know what is happening on the campus. What the hell right? They are like so rich enough to waste their time over here. She again said she is lucky because I am her room mate, a Malaysian, who doesn't like to mix with own kind a lot and likes to join activities and events. Hmm, proud? However, this is not the main point of yesterday's topic. She told me that sometimes she will feel guilty for spending so much of money to study here, either do I. Whatever I spending here it has to be times by 3 times, which means that my dad have to work hard triple times. I don't know how to do, I can't ignore the fact that my dad have to work so much to pay for my tuition fee, it makes me feel so pressured and guilty.

German test is coming up on Thursday, bless me.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

1 of the 7 wonders of the world: Niagara Falls

Thanks to University of Windsor's International Student Society so that I have the chance to visit one of the seven wonders in the world. Can't really find a word to describe the feeling of this experience, more like touched, appreciate, amazed, etc.

Took off from Windsor at 7am. Harassed by an Saudi African, go dai. I think he is drunk or something, he told me he didn't sleep yesterday. lol.


Autumn is approaching.

First photo of one of the falls.

Look at the water vapour, magnificent isn't?

Awesome weather.

Fat bird.

Tip of the fall.

Gonna celebrate my first Halloween real soon :)

Behind of the fall. Feel blessed that we able to see rainbows.

Visited the Wax Museum.

Skyscraper :)

Had dinner in Hard Rock Cafe.

Took a ride on sky wheel.

Souvenirs I bought :)

Overall the trip is okay, I am satisfied. However the feeling is totally different to travel with people you are not really familar with. My gang back home is the most compatible travel gang with me, they are crazy enough, playful enough, just perfect for me. My room mate is a typical, very typical, who likes pink stuffs, dresses, high heels, perfumes, flowers, wears make up everyday, take a long time to decide what clothes to wear to the day bla bla bla. So, what's the point of mentioning these. BIG POINT! We spent most of the time in souvenir shops, wtf! And she doesn't want to go for the boat ride because she said she don't wanna get wet, wtf! Not only these, most of our conversation is about "oh hey, that guy looks hot!", "ohmygod, that guy look darn ugly." Childish/immature/shallow bahhhhh. SIEN 7, KER LAN SIEN, opps. :X

So yea, I will definitely visit Niagara Falls again in the future, of course, not with my room mate. LOL

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It's who I am, don't have to try hard.

Exactly 3 weeks in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

Whenever people asked me "do you miss home?" I always replied, "not yet". Is true, I haven't really miss home. I love my family and home a lot but somehow is quite difficult for me to have that kind of miss home feeling, no matter where am I this will just happen.

I am currently stucked. I have no subjects to take as most of them already full, have 2 subjects on waiting list, 1 is 5/5 while another one is 13/13, gosh, I wonder how long I have to wait :/ Now I am taking Foundation of Academic Writing I, Contemporary Visual Culture, and Intensive German for Beginners. I need 1 or 2 more subjects, 3 subjects is just too wrong. Some senior taught me just go to the class even though I am in the waiting list and then ask the lecturer that if he/she can sign me into the class or not however it does not work on me, is a night class and the classroom is so far away, like wtf, your class full? Only like 10 people something :/

#roommie issues
So my roommate is a Chinese from China, come from ShenZhen, does speak Cantonese. Apparently, she is a normal type of girl, not to say I am obnormal, just that I am a little different okay. LOL. My definition for normal girl means, like pink, wear dresses, wear high heels, gossips a lot, bla bla bla. GOT IT? LOL And her friend from Shanghai swears a lot, A LOT. Like 妈,靠,操,操海, goshhhh. But overall is still okay, so far so far, except for I have to be their translator some of the times. LOL On top of that, three of us and some friends on the same building went to the university pub yesterday and last friday. And yesterday both of these girls attracted by 2 Poland guys, and one of them is my classmate in German class omg such a coincidence. My roommie falled in love with the one who has same German class with me, and she even asked me to pass a hand written letter to pass to him tomorrow. Gosh. However the good thing is I have people to sampat with. LOL.

To be honest, I had a lot of beef for meal here. If not mistaken is almost every meal. O.o I think I am doomed. Have to set one day as vegetarian day to balance it. And since I am staying in the residence so I am on their meal plan, which is kinda nice. Except I don't wanna have pizza, teriyaki, burger everyday. This is not the major problem, the thing is, food here all come with BIG PORTION, like small size here is large size back in Malaysia. 4 out of 10 times I could not finish my food wtf.

#being Asian
Maybe is cultural differences or what, I seem like can't mingle with local Canadian girls, no problem with guys tho. They like to gossip a lot, uh, speaking in a different tone, I don't know, just different with Asian/Malaysian. Meh, and whenever people heard me and my roommie talking Chinese they will like super excited and some times will greet us with 你好. So jakun =.= I am not gonna care much about this issue because I am more comfortable to hang out with guys, even back in Malaysia. I am not usual girl. LOL. So far no racist issue tho, good thing!

p/s: I walked to downtown with my pair of legs, used up 1 hour plus back and forth. LMAO

That's all for now! :)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

15,000km away from home

Trip from Malaysia to Windsor was not that terrible, but until now I still couldn't find a proper word to describe the entire journey, because is a combination of excitement, nervous, anxious, thrilled, and some bit and pieces. Really grateful for whoever shown up at the airport. Leaving on the morning of Monday is indeed a very awkward time, thank you so much for wake up so early and drive all way long from Klang :) And also my grandmother, she came to my house 2 days before I fly, touched.

Due to time restricted, we didn't have sentimental moment. Missed the chance to hug everyone of them :/ Thank God Ah Xiang called my cellphone after I passed the security check, I saw them on the upper floor, all watching me, then he sang a song, just a few sentences, but carries lots of meaning. Cecilia ended up crying :P I don't know about others, haha.

 From KLIA to Hong Kong is just about 4 hours, easy pissy.

Arrived at Hong Kong on 1PM something
 There is one thing I didn't mention to anyone yet, which kinda ruined my Hong Kong to Toronto flight. The seat I got was perfect, second last window seat and beside me is an empty seat. Then I was too kind to exchange this perfect seat to a couple. Gahhhh, I shouldn't have change it!

 The only playlist I am familiar with. LOL.
 The another reason why I should not change my seat. Grr. Girl from China, go Canada as exchange student. She is like first timer on plane. One word to describe, sua gu. Can't help to be mean because she annoyed me quite a lot.
 Finally got to watch Kung Fu Panda 2! :)
 Mashed potato and beef!
 Down there is suppose to be desert, ahhh. Fascinating.
 Flying across the Pacific Ocean.
 Can you imagine? Air Canada serves instant noodle! =.=
 Coin operated computer. 5 minutes $0.50, I spent there like $2? Because my next flight was like 3 or 4 hours after.

Before I fly I keep telling myself not to mingle with too much of Chinese, however I kinda forced to do at the night I reached Windsor airport. There were a few of students from China took the same flight with me from Toronto to Windsor. My very first plan was to call for designated cab by the school to pick me up at the airport but after I heard the conversation between them I decided to follow them instead of travelling alone to Days Inn, because we will be at the same destination afterall. At first I remain silent all the by, I can hear some girls were saying "她是华人吗?" things like that, I ignored, pretend I didn't hear. However this situation didn't remain too long, because I couldn't bare they were like have something to say to me but don't dare to say. They were like so relieved when they know I can speak Chinese, like wtf? =.=

Got to online in Days Inn! :P

A great applause to U of Windsor International Student Centre for paying our cab and one night stay in Days Inn, everything is well arranged :)

Somehow, I don't have much feelings on leaving or not, can't figured out why.

I haven't miss home YET.