Sunday, August 29, 2010

More updates coming. =D

I organized most of the photos in my camera and phone yesterday!

So, it's time to have some updates!

Will post about my new house (which happened LONG time ago), more photos for 30 Hours Famine, and many more!

Stay tuned. =)

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Today it's the day! Last hang out with Mr. Edmond Mok.
Know him in my first semester Business Leadership class, Mr. Farshad appointed he as my ISU paper editor.
We didin't talk much that time tho, just simply a hi-bye friend.
Until the second semester in Moral Studies and Malaysian Studies class, we getting closer already.
Especially when the time prom is approaching.
He bought prom tickets from me to his friends, 9 or more tickets I think?
Was kinda like highest record in the prom commitee team? =P
Therefore I decided to treat him a drink at Take Away beverage shop, bought him a green tea mint! =)
Who knows, he treated me back a Starbucks coffee and a strawberry lolipop. Man, I owe you a lot.
We went Redang Island, Klang one-day-trip, and I-city night together. And today, might be the last, before he fly to Canada.
Decided to bate softball/baseball at One U.
I drove to his house after had my lovely bak kut teh breakfast. =)
Waited a while and off we go!
Had lunch at Simply Penang, they served weird soup, sour and spicy, and it's free. LOL.
After the lunch we started to look for the batting cages, referred to the directory several times, walked in the parking lot for 30 mins, sweated a lil bit, and we found it! Hahahahaha.
Was super duper happy when we in the lift that bring us to the place.

It's a Hit! Batting Cages.
Open time:
Mon-Fri: 12noon-10.30pm, Sat-Sun: 10am-10.30pm.
Address :
Upper Roof (via High Street Lift), 1Utama Shopping Centre, No. 1 Persiaran Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

It's pretty cheap though, 1 token costed RM3 (Ramadhan special price), and 1 token can have 15 hits. =D
Person in-charge there instructed us how to swing the bate, how to use the machine bla bla bla, and here we go!


In the cage.

We bought 2 tokens at first, each of us hitted 15 balls and we feel not enough.
Purchased another 4 tokens, tried with a faster speed. Syok.
Later then, feel like wanna try again, we bought 2 more.
I played at speed of 40mph and Edmond tried on 50mph, which is damn fast. @.@
After 4X15 balls, we felt tired already, and our hands were in pain, holded and swang the iron bate for so long. XD

After that, I felt hungry already. Next stop! Chocolate lounge! Whoa whoa whoa. One of my favourite dining place. They serve PURE CHOCOLATE okayy. =D

Ms Coco Frappe.
Both of us kept on poking the dried chocolate on the wall of the plastic cup.
It's very funny when Edmond said only both of us doing this in the whole lounge. Made us looked so childish. Poke poke poke poke. XD
He bought some chocolate for his friend as present then we left One Utama.

Take care yourself in Toronto, all the best to you, update your blog often and please take more photos of Canada! =D
We will meet each other again someday. =)
After left Subang, I straight away drove down to Station One, Meru to celebrate Puan Pang's birthday.
We 5a4 people actually attend as not invited, something like turn out secretly.
I reached there earlier so I went for present hunting.
Seriously don't know how to buy for teacher, totally clueless. LOL
Called Cecilia to ask for some suggestions.
Yea. mooncakes! Why I never thought about it!. LOL.
So, I bought 8 pieces of tiny snowy mooncakes. Looked nice! =3

Beloved Puan Pang. =)
Thanks for enlighten my spirit of love Chinese again. You encouraged us a lot.
And I'm so so sorry I didn't manage to get an A in Chinese. =(

Collect your special ang pow is always one of the highlights of Chinese New Year.
I already have 4 of them, hopefully can get a full set of the 12 Chinese horoscope. Which mean I will visit you in every Chinese New Year. =)

Happy birthday to you Puan Pang.
You will be always 18 in our heart.
Love you.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Why are you still so attractive?
At least for me.
Until now,
I couldn't find anyone who attracts me like how you attracted me.

I should give up this thought right away.
Now! Must!

I must not think of you again.
Wish you enjoy in a relationship with her

SHIT, where is my prince of charming?

Sunday, August 22, 2010

30 Hours Famine 2010

This is the third time I participated in this event, but it's the first time I became the group leader. Fuuuuuuuhhhh. I was camper at the first year and helper at the second year.

I only attended 2 meetings for the whole event. However, I managed to do my job. =)
Woh Sheng, leader of Programme asked me to lead English speaking group, I didnt reject, I really have to push up my English level since I don't speak in Inti.
*Inti people don't speak English, except lecturers, foreigners, malays, indians, and others.*

Reached HICT at 7am, after some briefing and campers are coming in groups.
I don't know why they make it this way, they allocate people who come together in a group, like 10 people come in the same time they automatically grouped into one group.
I thought camps supposed to be a-new-friends-place?
LOL Whatever.
English groups were 9 and 10.
Angelica took 9 therefore I take 10.

After some waiting, campers who speaks English didn't turn up.
As a result, I got 3 teachers and 8 girls in my group, they speak Chinese.
Some activities conducted based on schedule, some are boring and some are fun and exciting. =D

Famine Challenge 1, the boring one. =P

Famine Challenge 2.
Lost kids rushing to get stuffs.

Group leaders have to start off some topic like "how do you feel while you playing the game just now" something like that.
Theys suppose to give answer like what message they got throughout those activities.
Only the 3 teachers respond, those girls, sien la, even those teachers said students nowadays study until no personal opinion already.
Yea, forgot to mention some of the girls are students of the 3 teachers.
Speaking of teachers, THEY ARE YOUNG. Average age is 25. =)
Glad to have them in my group.

Night performance was a blast, especially TsienLee and her band. Had totally rock the whole hall. Literally everyone jumped up down and screamed like hell. The atmosphere was damn HIGH, HIGH KAO KAO. =)
Click to here how high we were. =P


A guy who can be as flexible as Jolin. OMG!

Belly dance by kids.

Band performance.

Sharing session.


Writing under the candle lights.

Writing feedback form.

Every volunteers slept later than campers, done some feedbacks and job distribution of the second day.
Sleep on the floor is definitely not comfortable, sleeping bag didn't helped a lot. =/
And the hall we slept in was FREAKING COLD! Colder than Genting Highland I guess.

Woke up at 6am, prepared myself and danced Waka Waka for morning exercise. LOL
Then continued with some photo shooting.

Woot, one people missing. @.@
And yea, noticed the camper who is not in the same group age with us?
Sorry, I don't want to address her aunty or other name that made her sounds old. =.=
She was a teacher too, SinyYee's standard 3 teacher! =)
I think she's studying now, I stalked her facebook. =.=


Lee Kien! =)

JiaLing. =P

I brought my camera go but no baterry and the charge I left at Nilai. LOL.
So no photos for this time. =(

After that all of us went to Bukit Jalil to countdown for the last 4 hours.
This year is different with past year.
HICT people this year all like dead fish, no cheer, no shout, no clap hands. LOL
Is it Nicholas Teo is the artist for this year? I guess so.
Last year was damn high because we got A-Mei! Hahahahahaha.
I think the only high part is when Fish Leong singing 没有如果, other than that I was fishing.
Too tired!! And hungry. =/

Something really inspired me.
The organizer World Vision put strings and beads until everyone seat, and not everyone can get the same thing. Someone got 2 strings, someone got no bead, and there are people got nothing too.
Do you know this indicates what?
They are trying to tell people that resources are distributed unequally in this world. Some countries got many foods and they can simply waste it, while some other countries don't have enough food.
Don't know why, this touched me a lot. And luckily I got the full package! =)

Ugly? Ok ok la. =)

After didn't consume anything for 30 hours,
*Okay, I must confess here, I ate 2 breads and 1 nasi lemak. =.=*
Actually volunteers are allowed to eat, but we have to eat secretly. =P
On 4pm sharp, we got our break fast. Soya bean and bread! Ha~
We cannot eat too many after fasting for so long, will vomit straight away.
I tried this on my first year, I ate KFC right after the event finished, it turned out I puke like hell. LOL.

This time volunteering I gained a lot, especially I got the chance to communicate with people who I don't know. =)
And I felt grateful that I can be the centre person who delivered message to others to help childrens who are in hunger in this world, make more people alert with this. =)


Tuesday, August 17, 2010


If you're my blog reader you might realize that I didn't update that often as before.
I am not very sure too.
I was kind of tired dealing with stuffs at Inti here.
People here are complicated and they make things complicated.
There is a lot to say though, but I don't know where to start.
Yea, of course, there are perverts here too, and it is quite a lot.
Chinese, Indian, African, etc.
Oh my gosh, please go get a life. I just want to study here and don't make any troubles.
Thank you so much.

And people here really like "boys and girls" topic which I don't very concerned about.
Rumors everywhere, scandals all the place, and so on.
Something that made me feel ridiculous is that someone saw I holding some guy hand yesterday.
After some explanation and I got evidence that I was in class when the incident is happening.
Gosh! This is really really funny. And I don't like it at all.

Teachers are pretty fine, I learn something new everyday, which sounds good for me.
Most of the time I rather sit at the first row and concentrate with the lesson, than talking or dreaming at the back.
I can say that classes everyday is the moment that makes me feel lively in Inti.
Other than that, urgh.

I felt so helpless here.
And I miss CPU so so much.

Hopefully the coming up 30 Hours Famine will spice me a lil bit up. =)

Friday, August 13, 2010

世上最全的星座排名 O_O

Most of them are accurate. Hahahaha

I only will show mine here. =P
最贪吃: 1.金牛
最佳厨师 :金牛座
最容易嫉妒: 1.金牛座
最佳组合:2. 金牛 + 巨蟹
金牛座 — 最怕改变、怕饿
情绪EQ: 金牛很能控制自己的情绪
爱情考验: 金牛的爱就像是温暖的毛衣好看又有用
失恋时期: 金牛座说真是没良心好在我绝不吃亏先把帐算一算
生气时: 金牛座是大吃一顿懒得理
定情大观: 金牛座:很自然,但一垒和二垒的界线如此分明,再看看吧
单恋时候: 金牛座说我真的比不上别人吗?冷静想想後,算了,不想了 *My god, this is so true! XD*
隐藏个性: 诚实的金牛座也会骗人而且不觉得有罪恶感
伤透脑筋: 对钱财满在乎的金牛座,眼看著朋友借钱不还 *Nod nod*
情话绵绵: 金牛座说没有你,我的世界将无法运转,濒临末日了
会签婚前协议书的人: 第二名 金牛座(细节谈清楚再享受)
会找爸爸型情人的女生: 第二名 金牛座(男人老成好) *Whatdaa???*
十二星座老婆最让老公头疼的地方: 金牛座 死都说不通
管另一半最有一套的人女生: 第二名 金牛座(硬性确定 直接讲清楚)
谈恋爱最强悍的女生: 第一名 金牛座(认真面对真相)
恋爱神经最大条的人: 第二名 金牛座(活在自己的世界里)
跟另一半吵架最会撂狠话的人: 第四名 金牛座(怒极反笑 揶揄伤人)
十二星座男会想娶回家的老婆类型: 金牛座 能和家人朋友相处融洽的女生
无怨无悔帮另一半的女生: 第五名 金牛座(认定了就咬牙撑)
容易与真爱擦身而过的人: 第四名 金牛座(想太多又太坚持步调) *It's real. =(*
十二星座女生散发的独特魅力: 金牛座 个性稳重气质高雅
会背叛海誓山盟的人: 第四名 金牛座女(现实有自己的标准)
取悦老公花招最多的女生: 第三名 金牛座(用心经营花招)
喜欢挑战高难度情人的星座: 第三名 金牛座(很有自信锲而不舍)
谈感情最低调的人: 第三名 金牛座(本性就很低调)
会以结婚为前提交往的女生: 第三名 金牛座(一心一意要结婚)
不做情人也做不了朋友的人: 第一名 金牛座(没必要面对)
对感情最死心眼的女生: 第二名 金牛座(不到黄河不死心)
对另一半疑心病最重的人: 第二名 金牛座(不能容忍一粒沙)
分手最不干脆的女生: 第一名 金牛座(执著放不下)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Nescafe Ice

I messed up my sleeping time lately.
Sleep at 4am on the Sunday because some ghost movie and some truth or dare game.
Didn't really sleep well on Monday night because of the Marketing Team training.

I have been fishing all the time on Tuesday classes.
Although I get on the bed early yesterday,
but I still feel tired and cannot concentrate!

Thank Godness today I only have computer lab class.

To stop this, I think I should use back the solution that I always used in CPU.
That is drink NESCAFE ICE, in a can one.

This thing really can make me awake and focus *for short term*.
With one side effect,
if you drink it on morning,
be prepared to suffer diarrhea.

This method is kinda extreme though,
and not good for the health.
But, what can I do?

I wanna sleep more lahhhhhh.

A bit psycho look. =_____=

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I'm In the Student Council! O_O

OMG that fast? I'm still so fresh to here and I can join the student council?
Inti here called their student government as INTIMA.
What does INTIMA stands for?

I'm not very sure though, INTIMA actually is a Latin word, or Italian something like that.
Will update it when I know. =D

So yea, what I'm actually doing in the student council while I'm just been here for 2 weeks plus?
Basically, I was belong to me INTIMA Marketing Team which is the base of INTIMA, the job of the team is to promote INTIMA, protect the image of INTIMA and stuffs like that.

To be honest, I'm not suppose to be in this team because i didnt really get invited into it. I just followed my gang and then I'm in.
Lucky no? =D

The boss of the team is kar Ping aka Director, a degree student who is majoring in Psychology.
He used all the stuffs he learnt in Psychology on us, I guess.
For example, he can know our creativity or some other skill by playing some games.
As he said, he can know what is in our mind by looking our expression.
My my, scary shit.
And, he is very psycho person, however, he will be a good leader I guess. =.=

As one of the members of INTIMA Marketing Team, we are required to join Handball club, and it is mandatory. =/

The seniors and the juniors.
According to Kar Ping, the Handball club is formed by previous Marketing Team people, so yea, they are our ancestors. =P

The newbies.

Handball is kinda fun, that's something I never seen or touched before. =P

And last night, the first training of the Marketing Team, that is to
test our ability to stay up late. =.=
Because we have some projects coming soon and we might have to work for it until midnight. @.@
At the same time he divided us into 3 groups, Audio/Video, Board and IT, by some games. LOL
I've been allocate into the IT group, I like IT, but I like Board too. How ahhhh.

We slept at 3am something and woke up at 6am.
I have class at 8am lorhhhhh.

Spot me, heh!

As a result, I 've been fishing for the whole day and I got anything.
No fishes for dinner tonight! Blarghhh.

My life here pretty good I guess, and I have a feeling that it's gonna be exciting, oh clubs!!! I wanna join all of youuuuuuu!

Monday, August 9, 2010

What You Got?

Apparently, I found out that I usually surrounded by people who are much better than me, no matter academically, or they have special talents.

I haven been asked lately
"What are your talent(s)?"
Man, seriously, I had stunned for few seconds just to think of the answer.

What I am good at?
To be honest, I don't really know.

Some said I am good in writing,
while you reading my blog do you think that I have the writing skills?
But, tell you something,
one of my articles been published when I was in primary school,
I got rm3.50 as allowance. =D
Chinese essay lah of course!

Some said I am creative.
You know, design thingy.
This is one of my interests,
but I don't dare to say I am good at this,
my creations are just so so.
But hey, my mum said I'm sensitive with colours!
And that's why she asked me to choose paint colour for the new house. =)

And music,
Ish, now everyone around me knows how to play at least one instrument!
However, I didn't regret that I gave up piano at Grade 2,
because I have no interest on it at all. =/
Anyhow, people who can play instruments are always attractive than people who don't know. =P

What else ahhhhh.
See! Told you I don't have any!
Blerghhh, I'm just emo here.

Fine la, I'm joker okay?
I can make you laugh! Blehhh.
Well, it depends on my mood lah.
I can be very psycho at sometimes. =)

Okay, the point of the post is appreciate what you got la,
don't like me apa pun tak tau. XD

Ehhh, I just remembered there is one more!
My driving skill and I can speed! Whoooooshhhhhh~
The fastest record: 160km/h at Kesas Highway.
Really, the fastest can only be 160km/h, for the Honda.
More than that, the Honda can produce bubble milk tea if I placed a milk tea inside. =D

I wanted to learn MORE!!
I want to learn how to speak and write Japanese or other foreign laguages.

Oppsie! I forgot that I can bake! Woot!
Anyone wants to order my cheese cake?
It's pretty famous among my friends and my family.

Damn, I felt much relieved now.
I'm useful okay?
It doesn't matter if I cannot score well in exams or I can't play instruments or what-so-ever,
I am me! I am the one who control myself!

I admit,
I am jealous at people who can play instruments. =.=

Wednesday, August 4, 2010







This is his first song that he composed. *Clap clap!* =D

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Youth Exchange + Second day of class + "he"

All of a sudden I thought,
I got over the test and interview again,
I can go Canada, finally.
Or some other places for the exchange programme
Until, I saw, "farewell".
It still made my day though.
Opps, night. =D

Classes today.
Okay, I'm totally speechless.
I woke up at 7am this morning,
prepared everything for the 8am class.
Biology. Man, I still cannot believe that I'm taking Biology.
Waited for 30mins, the lecture still haven't turn up.
WTF. =.=
Don't care, walk back to my place directly.
Stonned infront of the comp for 4 hours plus.
2pm, it's Biology class AGAIN.
Finally I saw the lecture.
Chinese guy, kinda fun, he likes to play soft music while teaching. O_O
As he said, this biology is simple, basically just revise what they had learn in secondary school,
For them science students la, but not me. =(

Dinner time!
Had dinner with Carlson, Matt from USA, and Azmi at mamak.
After that joined a big gang I know from Orientation program.

The girls, Esther, Annie, PeiTeng, Duffy from China, and GaLi!

The guys, Liu, Razin, IDK, Sean, JinJun.
In fact there is more people but my phone cant capture that far.
Majority of them are 17 and 18.
But I'm not the oldest there.
Wakakakakaka. XD
Joining young peoples made me feels young! =P

Wow, he got girlfriend already.
They just get together recently.
Why should I care?
After 8 years, the thing I only get is AIR.
Thank you for being the first person that I admired. =)
8 years is worth.
Treat her well okay?
And, congratulations.
p/s: Is time for me to hunt some boys. Wakakakakaka. XD

Monday, August 2, 2010

First day of Classes in Inti-UC

So yea, first class I had today was ENL101 (English Composition), started from 10am to 12pm.
Lecture was a Chinese old man, not very old, just 66.
He was kinda fierce and funny at the same time.
He is not like Canadian teachers in CPU *d'oh*, but in a more American style.
Serious, a lil bit psycho, bla bla bla.
He said he got his Masters in 6 months in University of California, Los Angeles. Believe it or not? OMG
And he finished his 2 PhD"S" in 3.5 years at the same uni. 2 PhD"S" mind you.
Scary kao kao. And on the first day he already given us assignmentS, take note of that "S".
Not only one assignment!!! But quite a few, journals for every lesson, something like that.
I have to seriously brush up my english!!! Must get an A!!! =)

Next up, SOC103 (Sociological Perspective), I was late to class because of the group discussion after ENL101 for the group project.
Screw ENL101!
The lecture is an American, he was kinda looked like Mr. Jim Leonard though, and Mr. KFC at the same time! Hahaha.
He talked a lot, like non-stop. LOL
His class sounds kinda fun, hopefully.
I guess I have no problem with Sociology since I already taken Challenge and Change in Society while in CPU.
But I heard this subject is hard to score!
Oh my god, how should I do? =.=

Then break from 2pm to 6pm.
Can you imagine? Well, it's INTI. Super weird timetable.
Dropped by counselling centre to ask for the sport scholarship.
Because I heard that they are giving out scholarship to those who represent their school/state/nation to play sport.
So I go there to give a try.
Who knows, it only allow fresh graduate to apply.
Go back to my place.
On computer, eat potato, and drink chocolate milk.
Until 5pm, to go to group discussion for ENL101.

Then, 6pm to 8pm, is time for CSC101 (Introduction to Computers & Information Processing)
Was taught by an Indian lady. LOL
Yea, she's not bad. Nothing much about her.
Speaking of this subject, it looked quite easy, hopefully it is really easy.
Woi, I got 92 for Computer Science in CPU okay?
Should be no problem!!
*Encouraging myself XD*

So, tomorrow 8am, is time for Biology!
Man, arts student taking Biology?
Inti, you might be crazy or what-so-ever. =.=

Oh gosh, is time to do laundry. =.=

Sunday, August 1, 2010

My first laptop. =)

Like can you believe it, I'm 19 and I already been to college for 1 year plus and now I only got my laptop?
Meh, I asked my dad not to buy for me. =)
Since I already got a desktop at house, and my dad has 2 laptops, he can give one to me anytime.
I thought I still can remain the same way here at INTI while I was in Taylors.
But who knows, computers here so inconvenient here.
Even printing papers from printers, have to print it on some floor and get the paper at another floor, and then they charged RM0.20 for per piece of paper!
Next on, one of my dad's laptops broke down suddenly, some problem with the battery.
Oh well, it's time to buy a laptop for me.
And my dad seems happier than me. LOL.
I let my dad make all the decisions, model, functions, price, and colour, *as long as not pink, any colour will do =)*

Finally, he got me Compaq Presario CQ42, at the price of RM2K+. =)

So yea, the laptop look like this, silver-ish.
And my dad love it so much and he wanna exchange his with me.
His laptop was Compaq too, a black colour one.
Seriously, I willing to change though, I don't mind. =)
But afterall, he said he is just kidding. LOL

So, I have the responsible to take care this baby right now.
Last word, I am still not used to this laptop, the keyboard, and it is windows 7!
Oh my god, gile ni. =.=

And now I can laptopwhore! =P