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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Islam Museum

As I mentioned, I go to bed at 5am yesterday. =.=
I had a hard time to getting off my bed.
Thinking of not going but I want to check it out what/how is the Islam Museum.
So yeah I was there.
Late to school. =.=
Ms. Elisa (the Moral Studies teacher) called my phone when I'm on the way. Embarrassing sia. Hahahaha.
Luckily I'm not the last one.
YiJazz went to pick up Magtum them.
While waiting Ms. Elisa give me something to eat.
*I didn't eat anything before I come. LOL.*
At last, only Debra showed up. Cordelia and Magtum wants to do their assignments.
So, a small group of people hop on the Taylors' van and then proceed to the Islam Museum.
The museum is around KL somewhere.
I didn't pay much attention when in the van but just dreaming.
Tell you I am lack of sleep =.=

See. Pale. =.= Thanks for Visa camera.

Before we enter to the museum part, they having a art gallery there.

The main poster that have Steve McCurry short history. That is Visa. ^^

Steve McCurry is a Muslim photographer. He takes photos everywhere.
Is it because he is a Muslim so his photos were here?

The parts with photo is the place that Steve McCurry been to.

Some photos.

Seriously, I like this the most! The reflection of Taj Mahal. Whoa.

Human in here is so tiny.

Jacket seller.

Cloth dying factory. Nothing special though. I took it because of the dog! XD

Teeth maker? I wonder how. XD

Children soldier.

Cigarette seller.

Children playing with tank.

Housing area under mountain?



A guy praying.

Zoomed in. Focus on his legs. Crossed when praying! Whoa, I don't know that.

Women gathering clover. Shibam, Wadi Hadhramaut, Yemen.

Cityscape at Yemen.

Bird dying in an oil spill off the coast of Saudi Arabia
*Nianyu, this is the photo I'm talking about*

Women carrying things.

Look at the vegetation grow along the mud, looks like will collapse at every time @.@

Other people taking photos too XD

Masterpiece. Familiar right? This is quite famous.

After this we take lift go to the second floor.

The ceiling.

Dome of the Rock. Oldest surviving Islamic monument. Umayyad Dynasty, Jerusalem.

Ibn Tulun Mosque. Also one of the oldest surviving Islamic grand hypostyle mosques in Cairo, Egypt.

Khodja Ahmad Yassaviy Mosque & Mausoleum in Kazakhstan.

Another grand mosque. @.@


Don't know from which country.

Zoomed in.


Praying place?? No idea.

Uhh another mosque.

The Mosque at DaYueXi Lane.
Is in Xi An, China.
Don't know that China has Muslims. Sorry ~.~

The nice looking roof

Forgot the name already. =.=

Uhhh uhhh.

Where I'm looking??

Group pic in front of Taj Mahal!

Another group photo~

Yea, the roof. Unique XD

Uhmmm, basin? Toilet? =.=

Something like toilet bowl. XD

Something like prayer room.

The design of window.

The ceiling of the prayer room.


Uhh Papan Tulis, as you can read there. Haha.

Gold gold~

Ehhhh carpet thing =.=

Guess what is this???

Answer: Pouch for keeping the small size scripture! Cute nehhh

This is even cuter! Super small sized one with a magnifier! Whoa!

From top.

From side.

Hahahaha. I can see inside, but I can't read. XD

Another nice ceiling~

Penbox. LOL


Ms. Elisa. So concentrate on those scissors.

Ms. Elisa said this is a biology book in Arabic. Hahaha.

Clock? Compass?

Okay this is a compass.




Big carpet with words.

Ms. Elisa explaining about Makkah.

Sandal. =.= Wonder how they wear it.

Ermm dont know what is this.


Whoaaa bow. O_O


Orange ceiling. Hahahaha.

Pinggan pinggan mangkuk mangkuk

Big plate.

Another penbox.

Uhhh door?

Chair, for who?

Chop for?


Gold coin.

Debra: I rule this world!! Hahahaha

More coins.

Can see how tiny is this?? Whoa.

Coin tree??


Bla bla bla.

Can see that it thing is heavy. O_O

Golden bangles.


Something like armor. LOL This thing wear on women, but not men, O_O


Battle time!!!


Rifles. O_O

Earrings and bangle.

Head thing.




Roof top.

Sample room?

Weird sandal again. =.=

Rocking bed.


More coin.

Ha, I can see Visa behind! =P

Oh here is Saranyah! XD

Coin again.

Bronze globe.

What is this?? Pineapple??


In the souvenir shop. Glass flower. Nice XD

Another one.
I didn't buy anything there. =(
And straight away back to Taylors.
Tonight have KMT Gathering at Sungei Long
Ughhh have to take KTM go there.