Wednesday, July 29, 2009

time fleeeeee

holy moly!
i had been studied for 3 and half week i guess
time flies sooooo fast

feel relieved 2 presentation for this week PASSED!
thankgod yiming done the oral part for Social Scientist Presentation
my job just to click the slide
Mrs Smith-Dale was hoping to see my present
but paiseh la
i really dont dare to talk infront of people
especially using secondary language!
maybe next time XD
English 3U
animal experiment!!
done it nervously
i dint expect Ms Johnson threw me a question suddenly
hope i answer it well although i dont know what i am talking ==
high 5 and well done jenny!
we both such a CAI NIAO in class XD

the thing i gonna do is SLEEP definitely XD

2 assignments due on monday but now i havent touch anything on it!
and also everyday we have some regular homeworks to do
is this going to continue or getting worse?
i need to sleep more than 7 hours per day
if not a corpse will appear in the class =_=

bla bla bla~~
really pek cek sometimes teachers keep ask us to give out our opinion or suggestion
have no idea on those

oh yeah got 1 quiz and 1 test today
i got 8/16 for business leadership quiz
Mr. D pranked us!
the quiz should be tomorrow but not today!
i dint study at alllll
that's why i get marks that low T^T
yeah CNC test~
although i start study from yesterday but i still dont know what i am studying at!
so i got 22/35 for the test

charity market on friday!
and also orientation party *no idea what is that YET*

question: is there any tips to make yourself full with energy? i need it soooo much


Thursday, July 23, 2009




ppt可不可以直接从website copy下来? =_=
很不想管那些什么APA style




slow walking pace

3 weeks already i been studying!
time just flies that fast
kinda amazing

still i facing the same problem
feeling uncomfortable with my english
so i choose to talk less T__T

anyhow thanks for anyone who understand me
and still willing to be my friend
happy that the moment i enter class "WINSHIII!!"
cute Tanzanian XD

3 presentation next week
i still dont have any idea how to do T^T

i am trying to improve everyday
make sure i learn 5 words a day!

lazzzzyyy larrrr

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bon Odori 2009

went Bon Odori 2009^^

this is my 3rd time attend this activity^^

actually sf, nana and me planned to go Bon Odori 1 month ago
who knows
rocket queen! T^T

we took KTM to shah alam station then there got free shuttle ahead to Stadium Mashushita
I would never drive to there because there is hell lots of cars there
difficult to get parking ==

p/s: i think KTM hates me, i cant pass through the gate although i inserted the ticket, this happened TWICE! =___=

i ended pass through with sf, which means 1 insert 2 people get through, got it? LOL

in the shuttle

wow wow~ lots of people there~

firstly we settle our stomuch
those stall was crowded with hungry peopless
which desire to get their foooood ==

RM10 for Ramen
RM5 for Maccha Milk
RM5 for Smooth Ice-cream
wonderful dinner^^

oppss, too bright @.@

i got a BAD HAIR DAY ==

yay~take one

before we were here my son-JK told me he attend this activity too
so after finish our dinner we start our searching journey ==

line connection there was sucks!
i cant reach anyone i wanted to call!

peoples we met before get to JK
we saw Kenneth, ZhongWenn, HongSheng......

JIAVERN!! a long-time-no-see pal

SHIRLEY! but i used to call you suet li~haha~

DUCKY bo qiao~

sf saw JK from far away
she pointed to me
that time i was like "is it he?"
kinda unbelievable!
his hair grew long, and he seems FATTER

JK, me, sf, and what-name-liao-har? ==

yay~mummy and son LOL
dont FFK us again okay??

at the same time
HuaXiang called us and told us they coming~

so we walk around and wait them

monkey pose ==

we saw they dancing there
and i wanted to take photo with them
that time i was thinking that:"just dont disturb they dance first, i can take photo later"
they was so high
even hongsheng also joined them
the music stopped
i walked through them then i heard "Hoi Bin Dou?"
i shocked @.@
which means they're not japanese T^T
so bad
the one right hand side with yellow yukata just looked like a japanese!


lost kids to adapt~hoho
finally we saw HuaXiang, Loy, ChiauHong and a dont-know-who
we just follow them
then we saw ChihYin and SinYee
dont know why when me and ChihYin met we screamed then hugged together
i just love that feeling somehow XP


siao ah loy XD

Hou Heng Dai aka HeadDepartment

PINK-PAT! opps nope, should be BLUE-PAT
he's getting blue now a days ==
before leave we had taken photo with a CUTE REAL JAPANESE GIRL

RELA team keep on chase as off
said what "mau tutup lampu" LOL
in the shuttle


AloeVera drink which cost me RM3~haha

we waited so long at the Shah Alam KTM station
snapped some photos~
after 25min i think we saw the train coming
we stood up
the train flee infront us
without thinking we chase after the train ==
people opposite platform was looking at us ==
about 10m like that the train stopped
then we waiting the door opens
well the door still closed
but the train started to move backwards!
we started to run again ==
finally get inside ==
i hate KTM!!

have a small limteh at BukitTinggi station 1 with Loy, Huaxiang and his college friend
after huaxiang friend left we 4 chat about our next activity

i finished about 12am
sf follow huaxiang's car back
i went to look for my bros at Sino Net
who knows they just started their game
i need to wait for about 1 hour!

after 30mins like that dad keep calling us
he was totally pissed off
he urge us to come back home IMMEDIATELY
if not he lock the doors *what the...i got key leh ==*
but hang up the phone my bros still like nobody business play the f*king computer
SHIT! really shit!
i got bak kut teh breakfast with dearest cecilia
i cant miss that!

but then that breakfast forced to be CANCELED
thanks to my brothers
i wont bring you guys out AGAIN!
you all just screw up my plans!!

know what
i will pretend you all are invisible for this whole week!
dont mess with me!

and to my dad
dont be ridiculious
please respect my friends and your sons' friends!
dont irritated me

Friday, July 17, 2009



July22nd/23rd(to be confirm, Mrs Dale postponed it! YAY!)-Introducing a Psychologist (CNC)
August 3rd-Newspaper Presentation! (CNC)
August 30th-Newspaper Presentation! (BL)
XXXX(date not confirmed YET)-Media Presentation! (Eng3U)

gosh all subjects got presentation except for DM, but got quiz on tuesday T^T
please Mr Shaun, dont give any presentation T^T

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Chiong Ahhhhh

My Goals for this month:

- get hp number and msn from the person sit beside me in every period!
- chat to the person sit beside me every period!
- finish an english book!
- answer teacher's questions!
- learn a new word everyday!
- talk at least 5 sentence per day in english (less than 3 words not counted =P)

- speak proper english, no bahasa pasar! and also LOUDER!


got a group presentation about introducing a psychologist coming, hope i wont disappointed you YiMing! XD

我要撑下去!! 不然我真的是很很很很很无能了!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


WHAT IF people around you are JPA/MARA scholarship holder?

WHAT IF people around you in SCIENCE STREAM?

WHAT IF people around you want to become an ENGINEER in the future?

WHAT IF people around you ENGLISH EDUCATED?


teachers no more asking for ANSWER but your OPINION




p/s: am i really suitable to ICPU? I cant give up, I cant waste my dad money and his expectation. Really sorry being so useless =( I'm trying to get use with there.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


well i sort all 3 together
gathering with my cousins, ex-classmate and 8 car members
which is different time different venue

actually was Vivian's idea to have a dinner together
which is for me, she and phei only
we just like sisters
after some discussion finally we decide to have our dinner at Island Red, Bukit Tinggi

on the way

i was driving and Vivi fetch Phei along
actually we need to start 7pm
but at last they late 30min
i waited there 30min eh!

after they come we move our seat to upstairs
after we sit we just chattttt
and almost forgot to order
while ordering the waiter flirting with us LOL

gorgeous Vivi

sampat Pheiii

gong dai meee

guess what we 3 used to play together when we still small kid! LOL
Vivi was 20 something, study at UUM currently
Phei still 10something, study at HinHwa
so apparently Vivi was Dajie, i am ErJie, Phei was lil sis
we ordered 3 chicken chop but with different sauce

Blue coloured drink
not bad la ha

our drinks~~
mine was yellow one

start eating

between on enjoying our chicken chop we dont forget to talk talk talk talk
our topic have a wiiiiideeee range
could be boy-girl relationship, school, interest, idols, drama, computers, bla bla bla bla

first time
we talked about our experience on boy-girl relationship
Phei's kinda complicated
hope she wont kill me when she saw this ==
Vivi still waiting for her charming prince
anyone volunteer? XD
well me
nothing to say XD

snapped! XD

we planned to go to JJ, Bukit Tinggi
after paid the bill i saw JiaKai and TingSong

at JJ still we talked a lot
Phei bought a pair of slippers with different colour on left and right
then we go Popular
moving around laugh around
even just stand there watching MJ's MV
we saw some cute small eraser with cup noodles, sushi, drinks look
Phei so wanted to buy it and she dont know how to decide
somehow she started to laugh NON-STOP
then we got affected
just keep laughing

the main purpose why we have this gathering is because they wanna eat with me before i'm going to study and Vivi going back to Kedah next week

so girls
gambateh in your studies lorr
dont forget to hunt for the charming one XD

Phei, Me, Vivian!

another 5A4 gathering which unofficially organized by EmoGroup-Activity Department
but this is the first time organized by EmoGroup
stop crapping la
Activity Department incharge by me =)
the gathering actually start at 10.30pm
before this me, sf and nana go WenTin's Sis Wedding Buffet
when we saw her sis
extremely absolutely totally different compare with last time we saw her
that time she was so boyish
she in the photo was so so charming!!

and this was attracted me too!! XD
so obedient~~

we forgot to take pic of her before we leave
so sad T^T

station one
that time i stepped in
is ailian yenling them!!
what a long long long time never meet them d
too bad that mayyee dint come
she was like missing d since she come back from NS

me, sf and nana like nerd just sit there wait others coming
chinse them was the first~~
miss my se se a lot!! XD

me, Se Se, QiFeng and ChenYee

FoongFoong, SheeWan and me

really really happy most of them turn up
except that 3 put a big aeroplane to us
walaueh JK ar why you treat your mum like this??

i talked to most of them
get at least some information of them like what they study now, how was it and so on

many of them changed their appearance
like SheeWan
the most obvious one
HueyBeng too
not get used with her long hair

wonder why HongYee getting fair
fairer than most of us!
jealous laa

oh gosh
i failed to ask what course that songchen take!
how forgetful i am

eh Nana really successfully get slim ar?
i cant see =.=

something i really need to apologize here
station one really not a nice place to have gathering
situation today not 100% like a gathering
we just talk to the one beside us
but not all
and also blame to the bloody speaker
why they turn SO LOUD?
i need to shout for every single word i want to say
sore throat liao la
sorry for the CAI NIAO activity department XD

everyone left except 6 of us
playing poker ==
i dont know what the game called
but need fast motion
i'm always the loser ==
i just hate anything related to MATH!

see how high are they? LOL
by the way the time for this photo was 1.30am

i send weihong home
he stay at ShahAlam ==
i never been there before LOL
such a commmpllliiicatttteeedd place
load of roundabout
confusing people? ==

luckily sf all along with me
if not i really will lost my way
i still have difficulty to differenciate left and right la
dont laugh
is true ==
weihong dont believe at the beginning
at last he knew it

reached home 3am!
thank god mum and dad slept
sf stay my house XD
before sleep we talked a lot
mostly FUTURE PLAN which is TOP SECRET for now
will reveal soon!

more activity coming up
really need 100% ness of support from you guys
next time please response our SMS and DONT FKK ANYMORE
seriously I HATE THAT okay?

sorry for being late about 2 hours
KTM just SUCKS to the max!!
have my lunch at KimGary, MidValley

ji sao!!


bo qiao!!

bo qiao!! lao ren!! sarah!!

cute laoren!

2 real man and 1 skeleton!



monsters everywhere in MidValley!

cute! ^^
thanks hamsap lou fetch me back

sorry for very short post!

Friday, July 10, 2009

i screwed up the short presentation!
how failure i am!
sorry for my group members which put high expectation on it T^T
so so sorry
i'll try to do my best next time

getting more assignment to do but my brain was like stuck
i cant figure any single answer!
i often forget words when i want to write or say
like today Mrs. Dale want us to watch a movie at the same time we write some notes of what we saw
i thinking of 种族歧视
but i forgot the english word for that
one thing for sure is i know that word
i use it before!!

going ex-classmate gathering later
so excited
i cant wait!

bla bla bla bla

i think i got some bad habits on speaking

i like to add
-hey uh

before i start talking =_=

i really need some time to get used to fast speed english
or else i can learn nothing in the class!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


already got some assignments to do

but i found that my english was damn damn poor
i have no idea what the question asked on the paper!

maybe it's because my brain dead for so long?
wake up wake up!!!

finally purchased all my text books ^^
gonna meet those sellers tomorrow
nervous nervous XD

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Meet My Classmate and Lecturers

planned to have breakfast with Chee Sze
but i was late! T^T
and she was like misunderstand what i text-ed yesterday
she already have her breakfast!! ==

no choice
bought sandwiches at cafeteria
cost me rm2.20
so expensive T^T

classes start 09.15am
first period was Data Management
something like mathematics
my lecturer was Mr Shaun Le Conte
at first i thought he was a female when he is sitting inside the classroom
because of he have long hair until shoulder and his physical looking ==
so so sorry
overall not bad laa
but the next 5 month i need to stick with statistics and probability ==
like hell
i hate maths laaaaa
introduce session
we asked to interview partner sit beside us for 5 min
ask everything about she/he
well the person beside me was nian yu
she speaks chinese too LOL
but somehow we like nothing much to talk ==

2nd period is the business leadership
the lecturer was Mr Farshad aka Mr D
funny guy
he said his hobby was T-A-L-K ==
he also showed photos of his ride, his wife and his kid by powerpoint
sweet ^^
in this class most of them are foreigner
guess what?
we got mongolian, vietnamese, somewhere africa bla bla bla
overall just like a little world
nothing special with self intorducing session
except i claimed myself to Mr D that before this i dont have much chance to speak chinese and my english is weak so on
luckily i'm not the only one face this problem~
halleluyeah!! XD

Break Time 11.45am till 1pm
dont have any plan
walk everywhere
bought some pens and milo outside then walk to the library
when i reached there i found that i still dont have ID card yet
how i gonna get inside? ==
forget about it
ohyea met seowchuieng
long-time-no-see-face LOL
hair getting longer @.@
i ended up kill time at The Web
which is a place like Cyber Cafe
full of computersssss

next on English 3U
teach by Mrs Amy Johnson
i guess she's our mentor too right?
not sure
after take attendence she bring us for library orientation
which is teach us how to use the browser to search anything we need
books la information la whatever
which is a unexpected face!!
i dont know she study here at all LOL
she's newbie there too
today just her 2nd week
wonder what she took

Change and Challenge of Society *is it correct? @.@*
Mrs Smith Dale is our lec
she's new to Malaysia
just came here about 2 weeks if i dint guess wrong
she use a special way to done our introduce session ==
separate into 2 group with 8 people each
then group 1 1st person meet group 2 1st person
i was group 1 7th person
my partner was Shu'Aib
i forgot where he came from
certainly not a local ==
then we called ourselve A and B
Shu'Aib was B I was A
then Mrs Smith asked A to talk about themselve for 5 min non-stop
B record down what A said and cannot ask question
hard task for me
how i gonna talk non-stop for 5 min ==
talk a lot of crap
like brothers, nicky, table tennis, softball, i even told him i dont know what to do yet after ICPU@.@
and of course i added a lot of "errm errmm" "ahhh, i dont know what to say!!" " what else? what else?" "oh my god~"
i know he's trying to laugh ==
after that all B asked to tell everyone what B listened just now
everything was fine except he told all of them i represented my school in SOCCER! ==

3.30pm class finished
all the way home!

+oh my god oh my god, i really dont have enough confident to speak english T^T+
+most of them came from other countries, might a big gap between them T^T+

from now on
ANG MO LANG keep on stepped into my life!!
super duper duper not get used!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Orientation Day

boy oh boy
i still cant believe it
it is JULY already!! =__=

i still cant believe that i'm going to college!
i still cant believe that i'm driving to college!!

all just like a dream
feel so so unreal
the moment i driving was like i'm floating ==

omg omg omg
how i gonna survive in this big community??

leave my house about 9am something
accelerating the speed
120km/h feel like 60km/h
weird ==
reached there about 9.15am
turned ss15 about 5 times
no parking at all ==

finally recall what Mr. Fishy told me before
a parking side behind Asia Cafe
RM0.50 per hour
considered okay

heading towards the Multi-Purpose-Hall
why guys more than girls?
why black more than white?
kinda shocking
found a empty chair then sat down
bla bla bla bla

knew a girl from KL called Chee Sze
thank god she speaks chinese ^^
glad to know you
accompanied me all the times ^^

got my timetable
9.15am till 3.30pm
11.45am till 2pm break time
it's EVERYDAY!! ==

the worst thing was Chee Sze and me was separated to different class!!
need to get know more friends
good luck for me

unfortunately i dint open my mouth much today
which means i dint talk many ==
silent all the wayy

nahh saw me dont bully me lor ==
i'm new to ss15 ==

tomorrow gonna meet up my classmate and lectures!
gosh gosh so nervous
what will happen tomorrow?
who knows? ==

bless me ^^

Sunday, July 5, 2009


hereby i announce that
after 2 hours I'm a student of ICPU, Taylors
no more staff of Winko

huge conversion
good luck for me

oh by the way
Vincy here LOL

but old friend call me winshi or shishi better ^^

i cant sleep tonight!!!

shishi went shopping XD

finally bought a handbag for myself
first ever ==

at Centro
last day for the wholesale XD

what to put inside?
beside purse and handphone
what else?

i never use bag laaa ==
sincerely need comment/suggestion!



Friday, July 3, 2009

ByeBye Winko

yes oh yes
today was my last day working with my parents

as usual
after drop my bro at kwanghua i went to supplier place pick up goods

1st place -Mesah-
ohhh ah beng uncle with big eyes
gonna miss you XD

2nd place -BoonSeng-
ahhh~not often come here~hahaha~but okok lor~service quite fast XD

3rd place -Advance-
awwww...dont know how to describe here, since i started pick up goods everyday i will come here, until boys there recognize me d LOL everyday "ahmoi ahmoi" or "already have your breakfast/lunch?"anyway not bad lar although their motion kind of slow ==

others nothing special

today mum on leave
she went Centro for Tzu Chi activity
dad went Brunei
so i'm the boss today

afternoon i went to bank in and hunt for my lunch
on the way i saw this
how cool if i got this? XD

at last i bought 3 breads from Baker's Cottage
cost me rm5++

while waiting the traffic light i saw this
this is not my first time saw this cute car
but i really curious

back to office

apple bread-rated 6/10

apple paste inside~hehe

Mr. Emo-rated-8/10 *seeyin i bought one too!! XP*

chocolate inside! XD


turtle~~all my colleague shouted:"ahhhh so cute~~where you bought??"

not so nice lar this one
nothing inside ==

what if a turtle bread met a yellow mug?
answer: a perfect lunch!! XD

i worked here about half year d
but the time i really get into job was 2 months
in this 2 months i really learn a lot which very useful in the future

The Boss aka my dad
your judgment on making deal really impress me
somehow you can calculate the profit and gross in a short time
really impressive!
and you got the unlimited patience through your staff
that's not every boss can make it

LaoBanNiang aka my mum =____=
nyahahahah~the part time accountant~
her hobby was check email in office @.@
but still need to thank you although you're so hot tempered ==

DaiKaJie aka FannyLee
a staff which over 10 years with us
full of hardware and lubricants knowledge
her speed on working
oh man
so fast and efficient @.@
thanks a lot that teaches me so many things ^^

AhMah aka Madam Ng
also a founding member of Winko XD
but not longer as DaiKaJie ^^
likes to nag a lot but is the only one like to praise me T^T
she likes to say :"so good hor got this kind of daughter help papa to work" and so on
gam dong T^T

Uncle Tan aka Ahpek
uncle oh uncle
likes to sing english song and eat cheese cake
cute one! ^^

Kamal aka AhBang
responsible driver
like to joke and siao girls LOL~
anyway nice to work with~

Fairul aka AhDik
new coming store keeper with a funny hairstyle
but his calculating very fast @.@
nice one for a malay
*no offense*

Yanti aka KaKak
newbie in Winko
the one who replace my position
keep on jiayou!!

i can have rest d~
no more collect goods
no more printing invoice and delivery order
no more doing fillings!!