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Friday, March 28, 2008

anger plus fire

still how long i need to accept your scolding?
i know your son is perfect and your daughther is nothing
how much i done is useless
why don't just leave me alone that i can show i know how to take care myself
why everytime you need to use such words to say me
i don't care what you done to me
i cares about how you see me
is that really i am such terrible in your eyes?
why all the thing i do same with your son i can't get a praise? even once?
why i can't get any wishes in any competition or examinations?
i am an odinary girl, i need your attention also
why can't a daughther can share the same love from her mother?
i tried so hard to close with you
but at last still can't reach you
since when you started not pay attention to me anymore?
after he sick?
after he when into hin hwa?
i envy
i admire
my friends can say anything with her mother
just like a friend
why can't it happen between you and me?
you won't cares about me safety
you won't cares about my result
you won't cares about my activities
you won't cares about any of me
maybe i am too happiness and can't feel your little bit of love
is that really?
i also don't know
everytime you all said about your love is same
is that really same?
why you treat he different with me
why can you forgive him from any mistake?
and why can you pick up all of my wrong?
i tried to live without you
without your voices
but i still can't
why don't you tried to accept me?
is that necessary if i become bad then only you pay attention on me?
i think this before
i wanna play truant
i wanna fail all my subjects
at last failed
i still got my responsible to become student
should i changes myself to make you happy?
i waiting for that day you realize i am important to you
but when that day will come?
that day back from taiwan
is already 1 month din't see you
what's your response?
waiting for the coming of NS
i give you 3 months
if still the same i really decide study at overseas and won't come back
last time hear you chat with your friends that other people sons or daughther when study overseas then din't come back, even married people there and treated their parents badly
do you ever think?
these could happen to you
dont say i am heartless
i just give back how you treat me
i still remember that day you keeping want me to go taiwan
1 month
you willing?
are you chasing me out off this house?
why your son go travel for 3 days you said so long?
1 month is more than 3 days you know?
now you made me hate my ownself brother, your son
a family should it be like that?

Thursday, March 20, 2008

dizzy crazy form 5 life

form 5=SPM
form 5 is getting me into crazy
i don't like and lazy to study
but i wanted to get good result to enter a good college to study what i want, what i like!
but is that going to come true?
only hardworking can get nice result..this is always right
hope i can gambateh laa
this year i also joined ping pong and softball
just like last year la
this year is last year d
i must more more more hardworking practice
and also pia for rumah D
although langsung no hope de laa