Monday, June 30, 2008

i can drive!!

oh yeah!!
i can drive!!
finally i get my driving license today!
here showing is just L
the later one (P) if i get it i will show too ^^

muahaha~you cant see me LOL

just show-off
today i cant go to school
because sitting driving exam T^T
classmate miss kari chng told me what's happened today in class T^T
it's high, fun and..ermm..what?
in the morning 6.45am
mum called me to wake up
after cleaning and preparing to have my dinner
my teacher called d
he ask: kamu hari ni duduk peperiksaan JPJ ke?
i answer: har?
he repeat
i said: ya
he: har?
i repeat
how stupid me in the early morning XD
when reach kampung jawa there
oh shit
i forgot to bring my IC!!
i quickly phone my mum to bring it
luckily din't get scold if not i sure din't have the confidient to pass the exam
and luckily she know! XD
today just like normal
the only abnormal one is i turn wrong the steering when i do parking
=.= wth
before this i do parking without problem de leh
luckily the parking time is give 5 minutes
so i done it very nice XD XD
finally it's end!
is time to start my driving life! LOL

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