Wednesday, June 25, 2008


你干吗说“有些板主很bo ji
要知道A4 forum的版主只有一个--我!
反正上来forum都不用钱 我还可以用文字攻击
如果你不爽 关掉forum啦
that was my reply to the owner of a blog
i burst up totally when i saw what he had wrote
please ever don't try to challenge my patience
jokes and play fool is okay for me
implicate me falsely is the only one i most HATE in the world
is it wrong for create a forum for A4?
is it wrong to having rules and regulation in forum?
is it wrong to gives out demerit to the person who is against a law?
is it wrong???
i create a paradise for our A4 student just to share their life or anything
not just for giving vent!
it is not wrong but if you try to hurt someone that is very very wrong
your reason write those out is means like encouraging those pupils who din't concentrate on their studies
but had you ever think about those innocent person's feeling?
who is did not done anything wrong but you had placed them into that category!
you being supercilious, just cares about your feeling and always thinks you're the only right one
or maybe you not that kind of person
but you're not hero or caunsellor
you might change friend's mind but not in this way!

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