Saturday, June 14, 2008

stupid result

finally mr. potato had finish marking bm paper~~
let's take a look my overall result XD

B.M 50-passed!
B.I 64-passed!
B.C 65-passed!
Maths 40-passed! thanks for puan puah helping XD
Science 60-passed!
P.Moral 36-FAILED
Sejarah 22-FAILED
Ekonomi Asas 58-passed!
P.Akaun 46-passed!
K.Cina 60-passed!

should i say i'm improved?
no A's
but many subject is better than last year
Bm Bi and Sejarah i get the highest marks in class
this is a suprise
but then not the one i expected
i should get A in my chinese T^T
my essay write too many and not enough time to finish
and the big problem is the thing i write not so suitable to get high marks
whatever laa
so my purata ngam ngam 50
improved MANY
don't know my brothers how leh
i want get that prize leh XD

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