Sunday, June 1, 2008

Da Red & White Nightz

yesterday KMT having a gathering dinner for those people who join the taiwan trip before
early in the morning
i wake up at 7am
actually i set my alarm at 6.30am
but yesterday 2am only go to bed
so tired ==
mum fetch me to ktm station
then take train to KL Sentral then take monorail to Time Square then walk to Federal Hotel
received li jun's text when i'm in ktm
she told me that she will arrive SOON
oh gosh gonna meet her up
miss her lots!
we met up at Federal Hotel
and she told me her life at NS
she got the chance to play at M16!!
i want too!!
while we talking princess sms me to wait she =.=
i think i spent whole life to waiting people T^T
when we want to find eat
we saw xiao she~~!!!
nothing changes
except she straighthen her hair
so miss she
afterthat we saw princess d
then we follow 6 car them go timesquare and sungei wang
our stomuch beh tahan d
really need to eat
me, li jun and princess leave xiao she to 6 car
and we go to eat mcdonald
mc chicken again
li jun says last year we also eat mc chicken at 西门町
so miss that time T^T
princess brought a happy meal
free kung fu panda's panda
it sounds "waa-daa!!" =.=
but she forget to bring it when we going back
what a waste T^T
and then meet luo luo, kai fen and xiao ji
kai fen said she saw hui rou d
miss that leng lui laa
then we saw hamsaplou, ahxian and barbie at sungei wang
they're crew for this night ^^
afterthat KLCC~~!!
sit monorail, LRT
xiao she them tried to buy tickets, speak malay
so cute ^^
we about 10 people walk for a long time
when reach there CROWDED =.=
heard somebody says Ferrenhait coming worr
many people get into crazy
xiao sha also one of the 辅导员 not 8 car de XD
she said malaysian so crazy of chasing star
this is never happened at taiwan
of course la
taiwan so easy meet those stars
even at toilet also can
at malaysia want see a star also difficult
if can meet them sure high lo
afterthat saw got a lift the mirror is broke and two women's sandals there
i think is somekind of accident happened
many people take photograph of that =.=
while li jun bring them go skybridge
me, princess and xiao ji go book exhibition
luoluo and kai fen go shopping
now i realise why mum don't allow i go that exhibition d
there's hell many people
hard to move at all
princess brought a 平旦 comic and get the author's autograph
xiao ji keep talkiong phone
somemore use hakka language =.=
din't buy any book at last
after meet li jun them we go the garden there
and taken some picture
but only one with me recently ^^


saw it? KLCC is behind us!
then we go meet princess
she go to buy ticket for go back
she scared if late is hard to buy ticket
when at dang wangi station
really nice view
KLCC and KL tower can be seen!!
but picture not at my side T^T
then ah liang, wen hao and wei jin appear
chats chats chats chats
xiao she brought taiwan's maggie and sweets for us ^^


and then we keep discussing who absent dinner tonight
quite many
almost half leh
some is live too far like sabah sarawak
some is at other country d
like lei lei and ji sao
dinner starts~~~
chats chats
me and princess start hungry again
two of us too tired
nearly sleep d
me, xiao she and princess win the lucky draw
i get a hi-tea coupon
but at last gifted to my dad XD
xiao she get a B.U.M watch
princess get a pen set
and then photo snapping starts






小蛇 ^^






LiJun again


Sarah jie


cute cute de garfield-KaiFen *she wearing purple lens @.@


hamsaplou-KwongChun *he not real hamsaplou, just a name XD


the only guy-looks like郑中基 right?^^

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