Thursday, June 19, 2008

drive drive drive

today is the third driving lesson
31th of june is the big day
the day to test my driving skills!!
until now i still not very good in driving
keeping forget what is the next step
forget to press clutch until that car 死火
and today song chen and way na said if at first we din't ask them to 包 then when "on the road" will easily failed
don't know my mum got let them 包 or not T^T
i want to pass it lar
don't like undang test like that test 3 times only can pass and wasted RM100
until now i don't know what is my teacher name =.=
i think i am quite lucky jor lor
din't get a malay or indian teacher
din't get a old man XD
my teacher is not bad jor~~~
young and nice LOL
please let me pass lesen P and also AFS
and today puan sally had give a brief to all who apply AFS
many science class de leh
luckily we not the worst one XD
sally had told us about like what kind of question will they ask
i remember a funny one:
what will you do if your foster brother/sister is a GAY/LESBIAN?
how will you answer this question? XD
now the big problem is my language and what if i nervous?
just like last time singing competition
but actually at first i din't gan jiong de
is huey beng keep saying she very nervous
then like that lor
whatever lor

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