Sunday, June 22, 2008


i cried today
it's terrible cry
i think it took a long time
the argue between me and my dad had burst up
just because i hate that he had made a wrong decision on choosing my class stream
kesusasteraan china he choose
that's not my choice at the first time
i was wanted to get into science class
although that's quite behind class
but as long it is SCIENCE STREAM
5A4 2008 known as the first kesusasteraan china in SMJK Kwang Hua
should i be proud of it?
my final answer: NO
5a4 with a name of kesusasteraan china so they get behind of 5a3 a.k.a account plus add math class
the position of our class show others that we're much better than 5a5-the account plus art class
but the truth is
we're worst than 5a6
not only our result and our disiplin too
our class had made many teachers disappointed on us
i think student of 5A4 mostly not interested in that china's literature
i think that is just a excuse not to take add math and art
is it right?
this class is out of my expectation much much more
i thought peoples who chosen this class might love literature and have lots of knowledge about china
i told my dad that he shouldn't ask me to get in that class
it's sucks
i think i got the ability to handle those physics, chemistry biology and so on
and i can drop add maths in SPM
so not much problem i in science class
but my father don't think so
with his experience
i thinks that those subject will beat me flat
it was a stress for who being in science stream
he this my class is that bad i need to work more hard to show teacher i am different from that
maybe i had feel comfortable at that class and get into their "cultural" like sleep in class, not handing up homeworks and etc.
i thinks that's quite difficult to get me back to normal
a hardworking, determine girl
i found that my memory become worse and worse
Oh My God
i can't fight with my dad
just cry
cries out all my sadness
cries out all stupid thinkings
the next day
everything back to normal

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