Saturday, March 21, 2009

GuangZhou And Macau

13-17 March
this post wont have many words but pics enjoy =)


before depart


gosh this cost me RM12++!!

they exhausted @.@

finally we reached! at night

some story to share here
my dad asked to scan his bag when pass by the custom
and my 2 bro bag with him too
they scanned all bag and found that there's gun in my bro bag ==
my dad and the officer shocked
after checking that guns is my 2 bro slipper XD

next on
after we get in our car
my dad found that he lost the most important bag
our passport is inside!! my god!!
my dad thought my mum carry and my mum thought my dad taken
so they quarrel and dad get back to airport to find
luckily the bag still there
if not you all will see me at china d

for your information
this trip included 2 family
mine and uncle ben's family
total up we got 10 people
that time my dad rush back to airport
me, my 2 bro and uncle ben was in the car
while my mum, aunty molly, fion, celine and mike in the another car

later settle our luggage we have 砂锅粥 for our supper which opposite our apartment
i tell you
GuangZhou at that time is SIBEH COLD!
and i dint bring any jackets!!
my mum somemore tell me guangzhou is not so cold for this time
crapp laa!!
i gonna become ice tube liao wehh

our "hotel" is an apartment, belongs to my mum
kinda nice and comfortable
but only got one toilet!
10 people use 1 toilet???

k, continue de photos!

NEXT DAY 14/03/09

view from our apartment

so GAY look

haha~i LOVE this so much

dad go settle his job this morning
and we kids sleep until very late
then we have our breakfast/lunch at 四海一品
major DIM SUM
overall not bad la
this day we going to SHOPPING!!
a street called 上下九步行街
bit like 西门町 at taiwan
we sit public bus to go there
i hate china bus!!
and their driver
they so mean and rude!!
dint give us the correct information!!
when we reached the street
we late than the time we estimated
so the time we shop lesser lor T^T
so far brought so less thing nia
2 shirts, 1 watch and 1 boots
so kolian T^T
my bros brought A LOT
around 10 something shirts!!
the fatty somemore buy shirts and boots for his gf
night we having steamboat
comes with mutton!!
take as many as you can!!!
woahh i like it!!
"that night my parents seems a bit quarrel =="

today we going to a THEME PARK-called CHIME LONG
chinese is 长隆
stop doubting
i dint type wrong ==
their english name really is CHIME LONG

we walk from our apartment to railway station
on the way

cutie doggie!

Aunty Molly, Aunty Xiao Yu, And my mum (Aunty Lisa)

i like this~ got feel nehh~

while walking

lame ==

china subway a bit like taiwan style
using tokens as tickets
not like malaysia
still using paper!!
duuhh!! waste laa

after reach the station there is shuttle to the theme park
they have Zoo and Play Park
for teen sure we choose play ma
our members got me, 2 bro, fion and celine
4 adults and mike go to zoo

our first station
i like this SO SO much
so syok~~
first time play 90 degree go down de


motor coaster LOL

we call this "washing machine"

Milk Advertisment LOL

this also kinda fun
we need to turn for 10 round when sitting inside LOL

we all start dizzy d ==

ermm.."funny" show LOL

white tiger

i want this la weiii~~


hehe~scorpio de~

night there have a circus
heard that very famous de wor~
and our ticket include this circus d

paiseh not so clear ==

5 people in 5 rings --amazing
they wont fall down even close their eyes and hopping on top!!

the end

quite nice leh this show
those animal fully trained lehh~~
bears, monkeys, dogs, ducks, birds, chimpanzee...walauehh
NICE lor

we sit taxi back

town area
lastly we decide to have KFC for our dinner
their mashed potato--eeeewwww...tasteless
their fried chicken--too oily
they dont even have salad!! T^T
what the ==
dint have snack plate or others sets
i have no idea how to order!! >.<
i wont eat KFC at china anymore ==

tomorrow only continue my vacation at Macau ba
too late d now ==
midnight liao you know?
tomorrow still need to work de lorr

now wanna become 宅女 d
somemore OUTDATED de
so kolian
no boys no gossips no hitz song
i want become auntie liao wehh ==

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