Monday, November 7, 2011

Malaysian Pride

Have never feel so proud as a Malaysian after I come to Canada. Like seriously, I used to complain about Malaysia a lot, those policies, spicy foods, etc. Well I did not complain that much like some people who loves to post things about Malaysia's politics on Facebook, those are very annoying.

Back to the point, I love the feeling when I can communicate well between local people, China Chinese, Hongkee, and Taiwanese, no matter in English, Chinese, Cantonese, bla bla shit :D

I love the feeling when I pwned those China Chinese with my multilingualism, below is one of the examples:

"天啊" (He actually whispered this :P)
"她还会说白话" (the another girl said to him)
”Oh“ with the whoa oh my god expression LOL

Bwahahahah, damn proud! LOL

Honestly, I kinda hate the presence of these Chinese, kinda ruined the quality of University of Windsor. Is like they always speak in their own language, does not hang out with others, apply their bad habits like spit everywhere here. Sometimes I feel like, China so gonna be ______ if all of their teenagers are like this. Or is it because I have not met a China Chinese that can impress me? LOL

Another thing, one of the social club V.I.S.A (Volunteer International Student Assistance) most of it's founders are Malaysian, omg so proud :')

Like really, if I can choose, I want to be a Malaysian again in my second life. :)


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