Sunday, July 20, 2008


today having a BM seminar for SPM
there's 3 three to gives out their speak to teach us the technique to do well our BM paper! XD
early in the morning~
5am reach school
still less people there
but most of them are science class student
they also kia su~~~blehhhh
later that wayna reach d
later on cecilia
chih yin and wen tin also going
in bus
chatting and listening "Bukan Cinta Biasa" by siti norhaliza ^^
addicted to this song d
after 45min
we finally reached UM-Universiti Malaya
oh yeah~
got many people tried till die still cannot study in this school
but we're here!
although we here just for seminar @.,@
kwang hua is the largest number of student at there
should i be proud?
bleh lar
nothing to show off also XD
we queue up to pay our fees -RM88
take our file and tags *dog tag XD
our teacher~
one is teaching the skill to write rumusan and karangan
one teach tatabahasa
one teach komsas and novel
at first break we only have 15 or 20 minutes with teh tarik and bread i think @.@
then go back class again
is lunch time!
at first me, wayna and cecilia decided to have vegetarian set
they follow me because i dint eat spicy
this kind of activity their meal mostly spicy
not curry then sambal
i hate it T-T
and at toilet there's a indian student keep scolding
she complaint about somebody throw the sanitary napkin to the toilet bowl
so disgusting man!!!
we just finish our lunch leh
and she also complain that the rice just now like dint cooked @.@
really? i dint feel that wor
weird sia~
then continue seminar~~
the mc asked a question
if how answer is correctly can get RM10
here's the question
fill in the blank with YES or NO
"..........., i have no brain."
i played this before
no matter how you answer the result is the same
mc asked again the questions
seems nobody dare to admit he/she have no brain
finally a boy answered
"Yes, i have no brain"
he repeated 3 times
then the RM10 belongs to him!!
actually is question is no need any answer but BRAVERY!
before ending the mc step up the table and give us motivation
quite shock
he dint use microphone
his sound is clear and loud @.@
after finish we capture around the faculty

in the hall

me, wayna, cecilia and chu han

me and wayna

only chu han posing LOL


i learnt many things today
rm98 is worth!!
hope is seminar will help in my SPM^^
bless me XD

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