Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturday Life~

today is saturday but still need to go to school
is to replace the holiday for hari raya
our class just 21 peoeple present
only 4 boys
zheng hao, hong yee, wei hong and khai chwin
last 3 person i dint expect they will come lor
quite shock when saw them @.@
the reason i attend to school because later got tuition at A1
today wayna finally give those teachers the comment paper to write
puan saroja, puan thulasi and encik romeeza had receive
encik romeeza turn back the paper to us which filled with chinese words
is chih yin them write de
when wayna ask him to write in malay and serious he refuse to do
say what special mar
i am so GERAM
chih yin that gang keep talking laughing around him
while we this gang-siew foong, wayna, me and 4 boys playing phone, chatting....
quite bored but i dint sleep! LOL
after school me and wayna sit her bus go to eng ann
today we eat 你家炸鸡
when i finding place to sit there's 2 people are smoking and the smell is so so so uncomfortable
i hate smokers!
2pm to 5pm tuition-ing
yesterday mum told me she decided to celebrate my dad birthday with show out his old photo LOL
ask me to make video and do cheese cake
walaoeh auntie ar
i never do video before de leh
cheese cake mou man tai lor of course~
before going back i go bakers mall buy cream cheese and some ingredient
later walk to kp sit bus go home
parents go JB XD

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