Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bon Odori 2008

today with jc and her sis go to bon odori a.k.a japanese festival at mashushita stadium
very hot and crowded there!
before going i attended siva's sejarah and moral class at A1
going by bus
mum going Jugra orchard for durians and dragonfruit! yummy~~
at the first i estimate the bus will reach my house area about 11am
finally show that my estimate is accurate! XD
after reach A1 the door haven't open
that time guan tat also there d
so early huh @.@
in class siva keep talking yellow stuff X.X
his hamsap and yellow sense finally came out
and terrance too
this two hamsap guys =.=
after class wayna sis send me to kp to sit bus go bus station and help she post out her KMT form LOL
meet chiat chee d then we walk to ktm station
quite near XD
there's a free shuttle at shah alam station to send us to stadium there
what a good service!! BRAVO!! ^^
stadium there is FULL of people
japanese, malay, chinese..apa pun ada =.=
first thing we reach there is buy sushi~

this costs me RM 5 T^T

real & cute japanese girls * see how they sit!

guess what is this?
i know you will say is WATERMELON
but not a watermelon
is a ICE-CREAM! cost rm6
gotcha! muahaha

dancing =.=


with bon odori fan

with japanese leng zai~ muahaha

japanese leng lui~

me~captured by jc

thanks wei fu to giving me this drink *kinda 100 plus, not bad!!
there was many many people when at ktm station
back to klang is already 10.30pm
at house mum give me these~

that's muachi i think, kaya and red bean flavored @.@
i think thats all for this day ^^
i know it's quite short
but really nothing to say XD

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