Monday, July 7, 2008

just a glance

an enrichment day~

today chi shao activity is go KKB a.k.a kuala kubu bharu~ LOL
also known as a centre for those physical and mental disabilities
err hmm
after sign up we seniors have a brief for today
nothing special
i just need to take photo XD
i am in bus B~ LOL
we ate this for our breakfast^^

made from jingshan and hui mei them yesterday
someone said those bread no nice worrr
don't know who larr XD
when we reach there
i saw LI CHIN, WAN LING and POH YEE wor
they also come to volunteer
so touched
especially is li chin
honestly at the first time i thought she was a common girl like those ermm
how to say...
like not everyone is willing to become a volunteer
besides as i know li chin got cleanliness habit =.=
i think that's nice to let me see her another side =)
i went to KKB for twice, include this time
and today is quite different compare with last year
last year under xiu hua shi gu we just visit there and dint do anything for patients there
but this year we did
i washed their cloths
but that is nothing to proud lar
just a little job
who really worked on is those volunteer them
li chin them bath them
i saw them 3 person help a patient take off her shirt
before going back we saw them again

this photo is taken by li chin *LOL
at bus we having our lunch
fried rice+fruit!

but i prefer mi hoon larr
much much better ^^
after eat we share our feelings about today
i thought i said it loudly but hui mei said she can't hear me
sorry >.< aunty molly sent me back before start COPY my homework lets have some teh tarik~~

ok~saw my work?
the empty one is mine
saw the date?
it's JANUARY!! muahahaha
failure student i am lolz
about 10mins
xian da wants me to cook mushroom soup =.=
i do lor

preparing LOLz


the hasil

with me~

i finished!
not very nice this flavour
it is mushroom plus chicken
is the new type not old one
i prefer old one
the new one got vege!! yucks
stomuch full a continue my homework =.=

with accompany of pringles! LOL
and of course i edited some pics of mine ^^

finding a way to get out

silent not gold XD
day ends~

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