Thursday, July 3, 2008

5a4 end year trip

5a4 end year trip

i hope i could join that without any quarrel and argue
please give full co-operation
just follow what's the leader tell
don't just keep giving opinion but dint have any action on this
like today miss OCY
she keep telling us not to go GENTING because there's bored and everyone can go there anytime
and she also said she is not going to our trip
after that SYL agree with she
i thinks she just trying to broke up our class's friendship
i not very like that girl but she dint treat me badly sometimes even gave me chocolate
today just quite angry in class
when starting
we had asked about the opinion of the trip
everyone had agree about the price
but today all of them changed their mind and said that they not going
WTH is this?
is 5a4 a class like to breaking word?
i don't think so
we not such bad k?
c'mon 5a4
i really wanted to end my high school life happily and peaceful with this trip
you all too right?
gambateh for you all!!
after graduate believe that we won't have many chance to meet others
so please please don't give out any problem to us again
we still trying our best to manage our class's activities nicely ok?

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