Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mr. Popper's Penguin

Oh wow, it has been a while I wrote movie review O.O such a procrastinator.

So the movie I would like to write for this post you can see at the title there, haha.
Ever since I watched the trailer of this movie I decided "I MUST WATCH THIS MOVIE", I kept on nag nag nag with my friends then ended up I watched with my parents. LOL

And somehow my mum were obsessed to this movie too, her reaction was quite similar to me, everyday ask me to check the screening time, regardless my brother is in exam week =.=

Last night, both of us, my mum and me sort of tricked my dad, he thought we wanna buy groceries at Aeon JJ, when he drove us there then he realized he got cheated. LOLOLOL

Jim Carrey is my all time favourite comedian, first ever movie of him I watched is Bruce Almighty, classic! Love the broadcasting part.

I don't wanna talk much about the plot, go cinema and watch yourself! You will like it!

I love the message of this movie. Whatever you do, don't ever abandon your love ones, no matter they are family, friends, spouse, even pets. So my dear ones, hope I am doing the right thing, I will try my best not to forget any of you people :)

Popper has 6 Gentoo penguins, I have only...1?!

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