Tuesday, July 12, 2011

5 Habits of Mine that Make Me Boy-ish

1. I don't like to wear dresses.
You can only see me wearing dress when prom or officially dinner, other than that, shorts.

2. I don't like to shopping.
I spend almost all of my money on FOOD, yes FOOD. Whatever discount clearance sales just won't lead me high. And I only have little knowledge of those branded stuffs, Burberry, Coach, LV whatever, I am not interested.

3. I don't like to put on make ups.
Used to apply make up when I was in primary school, moments that I have to perform on stage. Nevertheless, the latest make up was on WTF Prom 2011, thanks for make up artist Enthel Tan, although just eye shadow. For me personally, wearing make ups makes me feel fake, doesn't bring any beauty at all, and what for dying hard to achieve beautiness?

4. I never put nail polish on my nails.
Yes, never, not even 1 finger. They just doesn't attracts my attention. I always prefer natural, no chemical stuffs on my body.

5. Phobia
Rats and cockroaches wouldn't freaks me out, but something else, an ugly creature that girls will like. Feel free to take a guess, it start with a letter M, sometimes B.

Don't ever tell me something like "You are a girl, you should bla bla bla", if you wanna input things like this into my mind, IMPRESS ME, tell me why a girl SHOULD wear dress, does it make any difference? If you answer me with "is a girl's nature to wear dress", you're totally out. Please go find out how did the design of dress came of.

Yay, me rock! ;)

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