Saturday, December 17, 2011


Okay, I have a confession to make.This thing have been haunting me since I registered my winter term course. This problem is one of the reasons that I can't sleep well every night.

I am taking Introduction to Drawing next semester. Look carefully, DRAWING. The truth is, I-can't-fringgin-draw. Just can't, I can paint, but drawing is really out of my league. My mentor said we will learn to draw things like perspective, portraits and etc. I am so scared that my poor skill will lead me to fail this course, I even had nightmares about I turn insane because I can't draw what the lecturer asked, I also dreamed that I failed this course too =.= I can write stuff artistically, make crafts, design stuffs, but drawing is really a no no. This is how I usually draw things--by using a ruler. =.=

How I wish I don't need to take this course, but I am in Visual Arts, no choice :/ Grrr. Anyhow, we can't know anything yet before the class, maybe I have talent in drawing but just need some enlightenment? LOL

Okay Wong Win Shi, stop thinking, please give yourself some good sleep, your face looks terrible.

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  1. Don't will get through fine!!


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