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With These Friends Farewell Night 2011

So yea, there goes my third prom in my life, well, first one was informal, so this is the second formal prom in my life. =P

This prom have a unique name, called WTF! Means "with these friends", cool huh. Can let people remember it easily, and also when someone scold WTF you can recall like "oh, I attend a prom called WTF where all my friends were there, spending our precious time in M'sia, or bla bla bla something like that." Bravo for whoever creates this awesome name! ;D

Basically this is a farewell dinner for JPA scholars in AUP, INTI as this is their final semester here. So, you might ask, "Why you were there? You not scholar also." Ok la, I kepo okay? LOL In fact I wanna go to this prom at the very first time after the OC sent the event invitation to me via Facebook, however after I think twice, no one can accompany me go eh, in addtion I don't know most of the scholar, so I drop the thought to go. Why I feel like going eh? This semester also my last semester here, and also, like I said, I'm kepo/busybody. LOL Ok la, just feel like wanna leave a pretty memory in AUP, okayyyy? Later then, think third, wanna wear dress, high heels bla bla bla, so problematic, then I give up of thinking to go already.

Not until the OC sent me message personally asked me to go. O.o Then I told him my reason (no one to accompany). Who knows he said he can accompany me, or will put me with people I'm comfortable/familiar with. :O Okay, I'm sorta convinced. Then he said, go lar, make this also your farewell dinner as this is your last semester here. Walao. Straight to the bulleye! LOL. And also, joined in their organizing team, well, part time lar, just helped a little, bought them for the crew. =P

Speaking of my outfit for that day, was EPIC how that dress came from. =.= SUPER! It was a usual yamcha session with my lovely friends, at Witchery Idea, Meru. In some part of the conversations I was sort of complaining I have no dress to wear, or I don't know what to wear, something like that. Guess what, these 3 little missy straight away dragged me to go dress hunt. =.= You know, I'm not a so-girl girl, so I just stoned in the shop and let them pick. =.= And I'm not a picky person though, as long as I feel comfortable with it and my girls like it then I will just wear it. Didn't care much about it. LOL. So yea, spent about Rm230+ on that dress, for me a lil over because I usually don't spend these much on beautifying myself, especially on buying dress. =.= Next mission, buy heels! WTF. I kept on emphasized to them that the heels cannot over 3 inch, bla bla bla. In the end, they gave up finding it because most of the heels don't have my size! Voila! I decided to wear my mum's like when I wear to CPU's prom. =P BUT THEN after I searched in the entire home, I couldn't find that shoe! WTF. Instead I found a 3 inchs red heels, which doesn't suit the colour of my dress at all. Walaoeh, don't care d lar. This is only what I got for now. Don't-ever-ask-me-purposely-go-buy, kill-you-ah.

So yea, this is the pic when I was testing on the dress in my INTI room, after captured it then post to Facebook for my friends to criticize. LOL

So yea, this. LOL
*You may laugh if you want*
The first thing they said is the bag, doesn't suitable. But what can I do? I already Nilai, I can't purposely drive back to Klang and grab something right? =.=

Morning of the day, I've got my first task, to fetch 2 of the event decoraters of the event to the town to buy some decorative stuffs. 2 malay girls though, Anna and her friend. Know Anna since last semester and we have a common subject this semester however ironically, we didn't talk much during the whole ride. Silent much. Eek.

After that back to INTI campus then wait all the committees to gather up, move everything they need on to the bus, heads count, bla bla bla, then the OC sent 3 helpers to sit my car, so that I won't feel bored when driving alone. :D So yea, the 3 helpers are Enthel, Shawntel and Nina. Cool name they have huh! :D Well, I already sort of know Enthel because she also study in AUP, but before this we never speak to each other, or very few. So, my little red Honda was following INTI bus that full of committee all the way to The Legend Water Chalet, Port Dickson. Whole journey around 1 hour like that. 3 of us talked a lot in the car but the end of 15mins like that Enthel falled asleep, not sure about the 2 behind me, can't see, concentrate in driving.

After parked my car nicely then carry all the stuffs to the rest room bla bla bla. Set ups, rehersals, decorations, drove out with Shawntel and Aizat to buy lunch for the people, bathe, dress up, lilttle make up by Enthel, waiting guests to come, redcarpet, get into seat, FINALLY!

While waiting for guests, we already start snapping photos like nobody business.

This is how the ball room looks like.

Enthel, me, and Shawntel.

Me and Nina.

One of the attractions of the night, LAMB LEG!!! With herb sauce. Droolssssss.

The event starts off with the National Anthem, very scholar-ish ey. XD
Then the video message from students already at USA clashed with Muslims' prayer time, so yea, they can't see the videos. Technical problem and some miscommunication.

Next on,1 minute Silence/Prayer Moment for Tsunami Victims in Japan + 1 minute Earth Hour.

And the performance comes up. First, 你那么爱他by James Lim and Chin Chai.

Next, singing Performance by Kah Wai & Michael, they sang 浪花一朵朵 if I'm not mistaken.

Chin Chai sings 你是我的眼,seriously, I never thought of someone will sing this song on this ocassion, because this song is effing hard to sing, bravo dude!

Kah Wai, Michael, and Wee Boon performed a remix Chinese song.

And the most important program of the night,


While enjoying the food, we've got Sin Ruow to perform Avirl Lavigne's song, and played by 2PTG band.

Cool cool cool. :D

Then, we had a toasting ceremony, everyone should "yamseng" like hell! P/s: no alcohol. =P

Next on, Q&A session for Prom King and Prom Queen nominees.

Prom Queen nominees: LiAnn, SinRuow and HueyHuey.
Prom King nominees: James Lim, WeeBoon and Danial(not in the photo)

The nominees will be asked questions like if you given a wish, what would you wish for, or is there anything you dislike about Malaysia and etc.

I like LiAnn's answer for the wish question. =P No armpit hair for girls! lol.

Then then, time for best dress (male and female) and best couple.
I didnt manage to snap a pic for male best dress, I was in the wash room. :S
So here goes, the best dress for female.

Don't know her name, sorry. =/

And best couple of the night!

Symone and Rizal! Woots! :D

And at last,

Danial! The Prom King! :D

Prom Queen HueyHuey! =)

The dance floor starts off with a dance by some of the girls in the organizing team.

Nobody, nobody but you! :D

And the party is on! But not much people wanna go high, most of the people in the dance floor are committees, lol. Then the crowd become lesser and lesser and lesser until the remaining of us move to a side of the floor. LOL. Until the DJ start playing soft music for couple then the floor is flooded again. Haha. After few songs then we're done! Huh, so fast?! O.o Potong steam eyy!

LiAnn's peformance. at last. =)

Malaysiaku Gemilang

Next on, photo time! :D



The OC and his 2 partners. LOL. Vemala, Yoong Shen and me.

Enthel, me and Symone.

Chris Yong.


Overall for the night, heels killed me so badly. legs painnnnn. As for the enitre program, was good, I enjoyed, had fun. =) Bye bye my AUP friends, all the best and good luck in US, hope we can see each other again.

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