Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Seriously I love ji muis very very very muchie! Okay la, I might sound a bit bimbostic here, but who cares! When I talk about them I will smile automatically! Hahahahaha!

We have so many inside jokes between us, promises, blah blah blah. Our chit chat topic is just endless, no boundaries, whatever! These sounds a bit kiddo-ish but this is what friends are! Right? We 4 promised each other to become each others' bridesmates. HOHOHO! And another one, to travel to Bali after I graduated from Canada and another 2 of them have stable job! So lets just hope that Bali still exist by that time. :D

We laughed a lot, we did a lot stupid things, sampat whenever we can, never quarrel before, can you believe that? This is just how our relationship works. =P


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